3 Effective Exercises To Train Your Lower Belly And Lose Fat


Lower belly fat can be one of the most challenging areas to target to lose weight and tone up. Fortunately, with the right exercises, you can quickly train your lower belly and eliminate that excess fat.

Here are three practical exercises that will help you do just that. The one exercise is lying leg raises or “bicycles.” Lie flat on your back with both hands behind your head and feet lifted off the ground.

The Other one is a plank hold. Start by getting into a push-up position with your arms slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Your toes should be on the ground, and your body should be in a straight line from head to toe.

List Of 3 Effective Exercises To Train Your Lower Belly And Lose Fat

  • Cycling
  • Vertical leg exercises
  • Plank Hold

  • Cycling

How Cycling Is Important To Train Your Lower Belly And Lose Fat?

Cycling is a great way to lose belly fat and strengthen your lower abdominal muscles. It’s an efficient, low-impact exercise that burns calories quickly while providing a cardiovascular workout. Cycling can help you achieve the toned abs you desire by engaging your core muscles and trimming away excess fat. 

One of the main benefits of cycling is that it activates the muscles in your lower abdominal area, which helps shape these muscles.

It not only makes them more defined but also gives them greater strength and helps to burn off any unwanted belly fat.

Additionally, cycling uses all major muscle groups and forces your body to work harder while burning more calories than other forms of cardio, like walking or jogging. It makes it practical for weight loss and toning up those hard-to-target areas such as the lower abdomen.

How To Do Cycling To Train Your Lower Belly And Lose Fat?

Cycling is an excellent way to train your lower belly and burn fat. It helps you lose weight by burning calories, increases your endurance, and strengthens the muscles in your lower abdomen. With cycling, you can reduce belly fat without having to do a crunch or sit-up!

3 Effective Exercises To Train Your Lower Belly And Lose Fat

To use cycling as an effective workout for targeting your lower belly and burning fat:

  • Start with a warm-up of 5-10 minutes at a low intensity.
  • Focus on getting your heart rate up so that it’s at least 70% of its maximum level.
  • Increase the intensity for 10 minutes before reducing it for another 5 minutes for recovery.
  • Repeat this cycle at least three times over 30 minutes. If more time is available, increase the intensity and repeat the process six times over an hour.

Vertical leg exercises

How Vertical leg exercises Are Important To Train Your Lower Belly And Lose Fat?

Vertical leg exercises are essential for anyone looking to tone their lower belly and lose fat. These exercises improve muscular strength, help with coordination and balance, increase flexibility, and activate your core muscles to support better posture. Vertical leg exercises can be incredibly beneficial for those struggling to get rid of stubborn belly fat. 

The primary purpose of vertical leg exercises is to target the deep abdominal muscles beneath the surface layer of abdominal fat.

These deep ab muscles allow us to maintain good posture when we stand upright and are also responsible for stabilizing our spine during physical activities.

When these muscles are worked out regularly, they help tone your lower belly area while helping you burn calories simultaneously.

How To Do Vertical leg exercises To Train Your Lower Belly And Lose Fat?

Vertical leg exercises are great for targeting the muscles in your lower belly and getting rid of stubborn fat. These exercises have become increasingly popular among those looking to get a more toned stomach and burn extra calories. In this article, we’ll show you how to do vertical leg exercises properly so that you can train your lower belly and lose fat.

3 Effective Exercises To Train Your Lower Belly And Lose Fat

To do vertical leg exercises:

  • Start by lying on your back with your legs straight up.
  • Keep your core tight as you slowly bend your knees towards your chest while controlling the movement.
  • Engage the lower abdominal muscles before returning to starting position.
  • Repeat this process 10-15 times for best results.

It is important to remember not to use momentum when performing these exercises – make sure each rep is done in a slow and controlled manner for maximum effectiveness.

Plank Holds

How Plank Holds Are Important To Train Your Lower Belly And Lose Fat?

Plank holds are essential for anyone looking to train their lower belly and lose fat. Plank holds primarily target the core, comprised the rectus and transverse abdominal muscles.

These muscles help stabilize and support your body, helping with balance and posture and reducing the risk of injury. 

When performing a plank hold, you should keep your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart or directly underneath your shoulders on the floor. Your body should be in a straight line from head to toe as you hold this position for 10-30 seconds.

It can help strengthen your abdomen muscles and burn fat in that area. Additionally, it will help improve overall core strength and balance, which is essential for any exercise program.

How To Do Plank Holds To Train Your Lower Belly And Lose Fat?

Plank holds are an effective way to train your lower belly and lose fat. Plank holds involve having your body in a straight line while resting on your forearms and toes.

This exercise is beneficial because it helps strengthen the core muscles of the abdomen, back, chest, and shoulders while engaging your hips, glutes, arms, and legs. Additionally, plank holds can help improve posture and balance while helping you burn more calories throughout the day.

To perform a plank hold properly:

  • Begin by lying face down on the ground with your feet hip-width apart and come up onto your forearms.
  • Keep your elbows under your shoulders for maximum stability as you press through the balls of both feet firmly into the floor.
  • Keep a neutral spine as you squeeze through all the muscles from head to toe, pulling from the navel towards the spine to engage abdominal muscles further.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, training your lower belly and losing fat is essential by doing exercises that target the area. A few effective practices include bicycle crunches, reverse crunches, and leg raises.

These will help you strengthen your core, engage your abs, and shed extra weight on your lower belly. With dedication and consistency in performing these exercises, you will surely get the results you want in no time. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Other important exercise to train your belly

Train abs muscles, lose belly with these tips and exercise guide that will keep your body fit.

Achieve your fitness goals at home hasn’t been so easy like these one, there are many ways you can go about to keep your body fit and lose more belly fat quickly without going to the gym at all.

It might not be compulsory to hit gym all the time to stay fit, don’t get me wrong, i am not saying that going to the gym is bad or not good for you; the fact is that sometimes one might not have enough time and the opportunity.

So, as keeping body fit is very important to carry on in our day-to-day life, if you are not having chances to go to the gym or you couldn’t be able to afford it, it all good just make sure that you are keeping your body feet at your home or where ever your, .. yes , there are ways to do that, i bet you.

I am going to be showing you how to easily keep your body fit, training exercise that you can do even on top of your bed, you will lose out some belly fat, and get your body back to fitness with these guide, follow these trick tips wholeheartedly, do your best, get rid of bad fat on your body while still at home, take good care of your body, focus and be motivated,  here are the exercises to try out at home :

 Lying abdominal legs raise

Start with the lying abdominal leg raise, is one of the best classical and traditional abdominal exercises that you can perform to train and straighten your abdominal muscles.

This exercise can really help to target and train the entire abdominal muscles, it is performed lying with your back on the floor, your leg straight and raising it up and down slowly.

The lying abdominal leg raise can also be performed on the flat bench or on your fitness

mat, there are many ways you can use to do this exercise to target each part of your abdominal muscles , for example,  lying on your back down on an incline bench, that means

you are training the upper part of your abdominal while the decline position, permit you to train the lower abs.

What really makes me love this exercise is the fact you can perform it even on top of your bed, sometime in the morning when I wake up my first morning exercise is the

lying abdominal leg raise, to worm and stretch myself  up early in the morning.. so let look into how to perfectly do this exercise here :

 How to perform the lying abdominal leg raise

It is very easy to get started, follow this guide whenever you want to perform it.

Find a correct position and lie down with your back on your fitness mat, floor,  bench or on top of your bed,  just lie down on it, let your legs be straight , hold tight the side of the bench.

Raise your legs up slowly from the ground till your lower back is off from the bench,

floor, mat or your bed.

So hold that position for  1 or  2 more second, the reason for this is that you want to make sure that your abdominal muscles are fully contracted .

Lower your legs back down to the starting position.

Then you can repeat the same process again to prior your reps,

What you should take into considerations

Let your legs be straight throughout

Hold the side of the off the bench or bed tight

Down rush yourself, move slowly when you go up and down

Let your fully contract when you go up lock briefly for a second or 2

Seated jackknife

Once you are done with the lying abdominal leg raise , take a  3 or  4 minutes rest and continue with the seated jackknife, this is another great abdominal exercise that will help you train your abdominal effectively,  seated jackknife is also refers to as “V-up”

It is an efficient exercise that will help you target , train and straighten the upper and the lower part of the abdominal muscles.

Seated jackknife also can be performed in many ways but, let’s go on with it while still on top of bench or bed, following this guide here:

Seated jackknife exercise guide

while still on top of your bed or your flat bench or if not seat back on the side of your bench or bed.

Hold on to the side with both hands at  shoulder width then,  lie back and raise your legs slowly  until  reaching  a balance position.

Then bend your knees towards your upper body,  slowly move your upper body to maintain the balance position at the same time. Hold that position for a second or 2  to better contract your abs muscles and you can then return to the starting position.

Repeat the same process again to prior to your reps.

Rectus abdominal

It is a great exercise for the abs muscles, good to perform at home. You will target, train and strengthen each part of long flat muscles at the front part of the abdominals, infarct this exercise will give a six-pack  abs muscles figure.

To get is rectus abdominal done properly, you will need a stability ball, and if you have one at home, that is perfect.

Follow these processes to get it performed normally and get yourself a six-pack abdominal figure :

Rectus abdominal  exercise guide

To get started, find a better position to position your stability ball, so lie your back down on it,   put your hands on your head and let your feet be still tight on the floor.

Raise up the upper part of your body slowly, while your lower back is still at the stability ball. Briefly pause that position for a second or 2 for your abs muscles to fully contract and return to the staring position.

You can then repeat the same process to prior your reps


Upon my guides through all this performance, I have come to the conclusion that, .. yes , it is true,  everyone should be able to get fit at home, including losing some belly fat all along. These are great training exercises that have guided you through here. If you don’t have stability ball at home, you can go along perform the “Leg raise on the” …how you do that ?

Leg raise on the floor exercise guide

If you don’t have a stability ball at home, you can alternatively perform the leg raise on the floor. Follow this guide here:

Leg raise on the floor exercise  guide 
Leg raise on the floor exercise  guide

Lie down on the floor, extend your legs straight, position your hands on your head.

Raise your upper body up slowly. Hold that position for a second to perfectly contract your abs, muscle, and exhale .

Return to the starting position slowly and repeat the same process again to prior your reps

More important tips to stay fit and healthy

Here are more tips that you can follow to lose more: belly fat, body weight and to stay fit and healthier

Eat less or not at all glutinous foods 

Do away from the high glutamine foods, eat less or even if you can completely leave it, don’t eat them. They might add up to your body fat. You are not going to shed any weight if you continue eating glutinous food. so eat wisely. , no what you are going to be eating. Eating well is very important.

Eat more vegetable foods 

It is pack with high fiber and help body to improve the process of a high protein diet; it is pack with good nutrients and minerals that is important for the body, eating more vegetables of at least one serving at a meal will not only make you stay and improve body health, but it will also provide nutrients that your body lack.


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