Abdominal Crunch Extension

Abdominal Crunch Extension – abdominal exercise

Perfect and blast away belly fat,  contract you abdominal and extend your legs, while lying your back down on the floor, and keeping  the intensity going.

Stay with full concentration and be focus, Abdominal Crunch Extension, a pleasure belly exercise to deal with any excess abdominal fat and help blast  more calories on the body.

Tell me how  you are not going lose more weight on this one, do more!.. focus!.

Abdominal Crunch Extension will help you target and train your abdominal muscles far more better.

Doing it regularly can perfect and flatten your belly, on this topic am going to guide you trough as to how to properly perform it.

If you ever have any question or anything concerning this topic please, feel free to leave all your question at the bottom I will be more than happy to get back to them.

What Abdominal Crunch Extension Is All About?

Great exercise for a perfect abdominal and core, you could  target and train abdominal muscles more efficiently, what makes me love this exercise is that i could  do it at the comfort zone of my home.

It is doable anywhere, and the fact is that,  I can easily lie my back down on the floor and begin performing it.

I can exercise my body without any equipment needed, though I have a fitness mat.

When it is perfectly perform, abdominal crunch extension can do wonders, including losing more calories out of your body and you fit.

It can shape up your abs, infarct  performing it regularly will leave  it with Six PAC .

You are going to boost more strength doing it moving legs while keeping your lower back on the floor extending  your legs and keep your abs contracted throughout.

Abdominal Crunch Extension Overview 

Exercise type: Strength

Target zone: Abs muscle 

Equipment needed: None 

 Can you burn more calories going Abdominal Crunch Extension?

Abdominal crunch extension is one the best abdominal exercise to effectively train your abs muscles, but is also the hardest.

Abdominal Crunch Extension RESISTING
Abdominal Crunch Extension RESISTING

If you can be able to resist more to the intensity,.. yeah, you could blast more calories on your body, especially on your abdominal.

Doing this exercise regularly with more good and healthy diet taken into considerations,  you will  lose more calories faster and weight,

but just make sure that you are doing it right, you will feel the intensity on your ab muscle if you are doing it right.

How can you correctly do abdominal Crunch Extension Performance?

It is very easy to get started with this exercise, all you have to do is to find a good place to position yourself by lying your back down upon the floor.

If you have fitness mat, that is cool, lie you back down on it, keep your lower back on the floor.

Abdominal Crunch Extension
Abdominal Crunch Extension

Let it be still throughout, you can move your upper back from the floor but your lower back must  remain still and bring your finger at

the back of your head,Or close to your ears so that you support your neck, but just makes sure that you are not lifting your self with the help of your hands.

keep your abs contracted, extend your legs a little, don’t let your heels touch the ground though, maintain that position throughout, here is a quick guide of what you should take into consecrations:

Quick guide

The lower back must remain still and firm on the floor throughout

Move only your upper back, but without the help of your hands 

Make sure that your heels are not touching the floor throughout 

Contract your abdominal and maintain the position throughout 


So lift  your shoulders off from the floor slowly and lift your knees at the same time.

While still keeping your back in, you are going to stop when your knees are over your lower stomach level or better still when your thighs reach the vertical line.

Continue moving forward till your elbows touch your thighs,  while keeping your knee still.

So go back again to the starting position without rushing your self.

Extend your heels towards the floor and move your head down without elevating your lower back while still keeping your abs contracted.

You can then repeat the same process to prior your reps, I always go for 15 or 30 reps personal, per set.

Take This Advice To Perfect Your Performance

To be able to get the best off of this exercise you need to perform it correctly, no way! , you are not going to lose any calories or weight if you are doing wrong;

Resist more, and follow these guides whenever you want to perform abdominal crunch extension:

Don’t lift your lower back throughout the duration of the performance. 

Contract your abdominal and don’t let your heels touch floor when you are moving throughout the performance.

Put your hand at the back of your head but do not lift your self with it, do more resist throughout, you will feel the intensity if only you are doing it right. 

Do not hollow your back, keep the concentration and the intensity going throughout, keep focus. 

What are benefits in doing abdominal crunch extension 

It is a great exercise, one of the best and most effective that can be performed at home or anywhere you are, you don’t have to go to the gym to get it done .

Abdominal Crunch Extension
Abdominal Crunch Extension

An abdominal crunch extension is an important exercise for ab and still it doesn’t require any equipment to get done.

It helps to train the lower abs muscle more effectively performing abdominal crunch extension will help lose more calories and shape up your belly.  

It can boost more ab, core strength  and help lose more excess belly fat out,  with a healthy diet followed.



Abdominal exercise – abdominal crunch extension good exercise to train your ab and stay healthy.

Doing it will surely help you achieve your fitness goal, just make sure that you are doing right.

Resist a little, don’t rush your self during the perform, focus and don’t create any momentum to your self, follow this guide for  a perfect performance , whenever you want to do  it.


If you ever have any question, comment, or anything concerning this

 topic or maybe you have got other way around that you do your own 

abdominal crunch extension that you want us to know about feel

free and leave all your questions and comments down below I will be more than happy to hear from you all, thanks.


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