BalanceFrom Ab Trainer Review (Ab Crunch Roller)

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BalanceFrom Ab Trainer

The BalanceFrom ab trainer abdominal machine exercise crunch core roller waist trimmer. loss excess belly fat and calories fast at the comfort zone of your home gym equipment great for both men and women.

BalanceFrom Ab Trainer
BalanceFrom Ab Trainer

Product Details And Overviews

Brand name BalanceFrom
Manufacturer BalanceFrom
Model name Ab trainer
Material usedSteel and foam
Suggested users Men and women
Product type Ab core trainer
Item dimension L/ W/  H 20.6 / 14.2/ 3.5 inches
Warranty included 2 years warranty
Customer reviews 3.9 out of 5 stars of 836 reviews
Bestsellers rank 3.9 out of 5 stars 836 reviews

BalanceFrom ab trainer reviews

Made from steel iron and foam the BalanceFrom ab trainer is a  great and innovative ab exercise toner that helps protect your back and neck during the ab workout exercise performance it makes the ab workout more enjoyable and safe. 

It prevents your spine from pain and stress that can happen during ab workout performance and through its unique design you can carry out various variations of workout with it.

Easy to use and convenient

Very versatile easy to use and well designed to target and train your ab muscles including your lower ab and  the upper ab without causing any pain or strain to the back or neck. Lightweight and very easy to assembly. this ab trainer will help crunch your abdominal muscles effectively.

Head Support And Foam Handle

BalanceFrom ab trainer comes with a foam handle and head support for total support. For example, the foam head support protects your neck and your head during the workout, while the foam handle guaranty you a perfect, comfortable, and easy-grip during the performance, it is ergonomic and boosts enthusiasm reasons to do more. 

Dimension is great for everyone

 Come to a regular size and designed for both men and women with a perfect dimension of about 20 in / 21in/ 22in (L / W/ H)  and it weighed about 5 pounds BalanceFrom ab trainer help target and train abs and core muscle plus it also enhances your metabolism, helps in fat and calories burning if it is used regularly along with a healthy diet taken into consideration. 

pros and cons


  • BalanceFrom ab trainer is structured well to protect and eliminate back and neck pain, strain, stress, and fatigue that can arise as a result of the normal ab crunch performance. 
  • This product is covered by a 100%  BalanceFrom satisfaction and 2 years of BanaceFrom support. So, you get 2 years warranty, 100% customer support in case you have any issue with the product you can get in touch with them through their customer service anytime, and 100% money back if you are satisfied with what you purchase, you can return the product for your full refund.


  • It may take some time for a newbie to perfectly make full use of it.

Check out what those that are using this BalanceFrom ab trainer are saying about it down bellow 

Buyers reviews


Natalie H. Rogers

You have to take it slow but be consistent A few minutes every day, from the movement I pick up the box and felt the heaviness of the AB trainer, I was surprised at the heaviest of the weight.

For a product that was so inexpensive, yet wrapped so meticulously it told me that the product was substantial and not a flimsy piece of junk.

I found that putting it together was a bit challenging because I am 86 years old but I finally did it; I lost one of the screws, so I think you should include a couple of extra screws in the package just in case. I love doing exercise.

It is very simple and at first, I put the training video on my laptop on the floor next to me so I had a private and I loved that. It seems sad if you thought of everything and that made it so easy to learn all of the steps. I am completely happy with this ab trainer and thank you. it is the best purchase I have made this year.


Feels lovely!, it was easy to put together after finding the instructions and even more so the free gift! after putting it together I use it as instructed and as shown in the photo!. it worked my abs and lower back. light in weight and portable is a good feature. Overall the exercise and the pain relief during the use of this device are well worth the cost it. if you are considering getting this, for what it worth you should. #stayhealthy

update October 5, 2020

I have found several methods to apply the usage of this device!.

I use it to help my lower and mid-back as shown in the “how to use it ” wonderful” photo.  I have used it to help decompress my neck as shown in the photo with my face on it.

I use it for my abs! which has become easier to do after doing the other two listed uses first! I sometimes hang my knees from it and amazingly decompress my mid and lower back! I am about 130 lbs and under 5.5.

Games Nicholas

Great product for the price! I bought this because my health club is closed due to the covid 19 virus quarantine. I’ve used a similar trainer daily for years and saw this on Amazon so I decided to purchase it for home-usage. Great product and feel the hurt from not working my abs regularly over the past two months.

Very satisfied with this piece of equipment and looking forward to regular usage again. if you are looking for something to strengthen your stomach muscles, I would strongly recommend you purchase this item it is well worth the money.

Jennifer troche

Great for form, I was looking for something that was simple yet effective to help with my at-home ab workouts. This really helps with my from and ensures I am not using my neck. it was really to assemble and is lightweight. I am so glad I purchased it, oh and it is a great price! very happy!

Is BalanceFrom Ab Trainer Worth Buying

From what I’ve seen so far on this review I would say this is a cool piece of very helpful and innovative fitness equipment and if you are looking for a cool piece of ab core and waist trainer or toner this is recommended even by those that are already using it.


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