Barbell curl

Hello everyone and welcome to  this great exercise  guild,..  just to let  you know real

quick,  what this topic is going to all about, i am going to be showing you, how to do  barbell curl, what barbell curl is for, what can it  help to  do.

Plus i will be guiding through the  perfect way to do it, the equipment that it  exercise requires, the health benefit of it, and how to perform it safely.

You are going to know, the safety measure to take into considerations, whenever you  are going to perform this exercise in wherever you are.

However,  if you have any question or anything to say concerning this topic please feel free  to leave your comment and question at the bottom.

When it comes  an healthy and  a strong arms,  barbell curl  is one of the  effective exercise, that will help you whit that.

Training  with this concentrating movement will not only makes your arms feels great but it will also add more size to it.

So make sure that you get through to the end of this topic, as to understand fully how you can perform this exercise without causing  any jeopardy to your self ….. are you

ready? firstly let get to know what barbell curl is all about, here is  what you might not know about this exercise:


what barbell curl is all about ?

Barbell curl is a great exercise for arms, it  is one of the best you can think of  to target   those muscles that are in front of our arms (biceps muscles ) move up and down with a barbell holding  tight in our hands.

It helps to centralized more  on the biceps and also train chest and and shoulders spatially,  with the move it help to train  and in developing more size to the biceps.

Barbell curl can also be refers to as one of those arm, biceps, chest, and the shoulder

exercise, important enough to train and achieve our fitness goals, this exercise can be

perform by athletes and even non athlete  individuals all it take is to know how to properly do it.

It will transform your arms, it can perform both by standing or in a seating position, but

what i am going to discussing here is how to do it standing, plus you can use a straight bar or the EZ,  it all good, just make sure that you are making the right move:


Barbell curl overview

  • Target area : Biceps, ( chest and shoulders partially)
  • Exercise type : Strength
  • Needed equipment : Barbell  straight or the EZ

There above is the overview of what am talking about to get quick view, now let get into how to do it standing and holding a barbell or the EZ bar, here:


How to do  barbell curl

Here is how you can perform barbell curl to get better out it, it an easy step to follow whenever you wanna embark on  it

To get started with this exercise, find a good position,  properly get your  self ready,  hold  on to it and stand  straight on your feet with your head raised up high.

Let your hands be at the shoulder width apart,  and the kind of grip to use for this exercise is an underhand grip this is correct way to do it.

Barbell curl curl is a direct opposite of barbell reverse curl, it is the same move and position  but not the same  grip, the grip used in a  reverse  barbell  curl is overhand.

Let the bar hang tight on your hands in front, don’t let it stray-off from your hands, let

your back be straight,  look straight forward, follow this quick note here to be  perfectly on track :


Quick Note

  • Do not hollow  your back be straight throughout
  • Don’t move your body when you curl up and down
  • keep your upper arms closer to your sides
  • Control the weight don’t let weight control you
  • Don’t swing back and forth with the weight on your hand
  • Let your feet  be at shoulders width
  • Use an underhand grip for a better performance
  • keep your elbow still throughout the performance
  • Load the weight that your power can be able to control all along
Barbell curl
Barbell curl

Once you follow these rule you  are  ready good to go, curl up the bar towards yours chest in a steady and arc like move, curl the bar up as as far as you can.

Then stop briefly at the top for a second or 2, the reasons for this is to  contract your

biceps fully, before you lower back down, lower  the weight back down till your arms are

nearly  straight slowly while still resisting all along, repeat the same process again prior to  the rep you have.


Here are safety measures you should  take whenever you want to do barbell curl.

Don’t bend your legs during curl, be straight throughout, let your  feet remain still throughout, your feel must not move around.

Do not over weight yourself load the weight that your power can be able to control, make

sure that you are in control  of the situation throughout  don’t let the weight control you,  weight must not fall or stray off from  your hand either.

Keep the  concentrate going be  focus in targeting those muscles in front of your arms, don’t create any momentum or difficulties to your self  that can jeopardize the better

performance of the exercise, plus you might need  to be assisted or observe by an expert upon this exercise.

Use an underhand grip for a correct performance, resist a little all along in both when

you curl up and back to the beginning, the up motion should be slightly slower that down movement.


Benefits in performing barbell curl

Here are the health benefits you can gain out of this exercise if you can be able perform it correct well.

Barbell curl will help to train and strengthen your arms entirely

It on the classic exercise that will help with more development into the biceps muscles

Barbell curl  will not only train the muscle in front of your arms  but it will also partially

train chest and front on the shoulders, it is one of the bicep exercise that help us to train add more weight to perform, but just don’t exaggerate on that.


Makes sure that you follow the appropriate way to perform it and you are definitely

going to be benefit from it let your feet at shoulder width, you should feel the intensity right there in your biceps if your are really doing it right.


If you ever have any question or comments  concerning this topic or  maybe you want us

to know how you do perform your own  barbell curl, please leave all your comment and question down bellow i will be glade to  hear from you all, thanks.




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