Barbell Squat.

Hi  everyone  and welcome,  on this article  i am going to be discussing about barbell squat, what is it  all about and how it can  correctly be perform,  how you can

use it to train your body and boost more strength, the benefit in performing this exercise, and the precaution steps to take before and during the performance of this exercise.

I am not gonna take most of your time here, am just going to show the real way to perform the exercise , and i bet you within  a second you will have the Knowledge as

to how, the actual way to squat better. So without further ado,  let get to know what, barbell squat is all about.


what is barbell squat

Barbell squat is one of the greatest and effective leg exercise, it help with the development of mass and power,  in to the lower body muscles, it is one of the  best compound exercise.

Barbell squat is a training exercise, that needs many stability muscles in order to go along with the combinations and implement of of the lift it self.


What Equipment Did You need To Perform Barbell Squat

Squat can be perform in various ways but the barbell squat is what i am going to be telling about and the equipment that you are  going to use to perform it here:

Exercise : Barbell Squat

Equipment needed: Barbell


who can perform barbell squat

Nearly everyone should be able to perform this exercise, anybody who have the opportunity should be able to do this exercise it would help if you really wanted to get:

Fitness body.

To strengthen your legs.

If you wanna boost more testosterone to your body.

It train the glut.

It gonna strengthen your joint.


Important Note

This exercise  have to be perform with care.

You should protect your back from injuries.

Be painstaking when carry out the performance.

Barbell squat must be performed correctly.


How To Do Barbell Squat

Get a good position for yourself  and hold that tight,  first thing first,  what you would have to do, is to put on your protective weight belt, this will prevent you from getting hurt.

Your back is very import so, protect your back from injuries no matter what,  put on your belt.

Then, secondly grab the barbell, after you would have loaded it, raise it up and let it rest on the upper portion of your back,  be careful don’t rest the weight on your neck, make sure that your neck is save, the grip must be firm with your hands almost twice your shoulder width apart,

So, bend down your knees slowly lower your hips carefully straight down til your  thighs are parallel with the floor,  hold that position for a second then ,  press the weight up again,   once you’ve  reach the bottom position, you can then, repeat the same process again prior  to the reps that you are up to.

How To Do Barbell Squat 
How To Do Barbell Squat

Make sure that your feet  is about your shoulder width and also make sure that your toes is positing slightly outward,  and knees over  toes, don’t hollow your back.

You have to keep your back  straight throughout  the exercise, your back has to be straight as much as you can, including your chin raised up, your must be looking straight forward.


Safety Steps To Take Before And After Barbell Squat Performance

Put on your weight belt fist, for the risk of getting your back hurt or to protect your lower back from injury , it is recommended to use your weight belt to carry out the performance.

It is advised to perform this exercise  correctly and with care, it must be  performed in way it suppose to be performed, you might need to be observed by an  expert or your personal trainer.

It is advertised  not to create difficulties or anything that can jeopardize you,  when you are on this exercise.

The down motion should be slightly slower than the up motion.

Do not overweight yourself on this exercise,  for it might hurt  your back.

Load the weight that is of your capacity, load the weight that your power can be able to control.

Protect the weight from falling-off, don’t let the weight stray-out  or falloff your hands.

Protect your neck,  don,t let the  weight rest  on your neck, your neck has to be free, let the weight rest  at the upper portion of  your back.

Lower down slowly don’t rush yourself on it, remember the down motion should be slower than the up motion, plus,  let your  tight be parallel with the floor when you lower down .

Don’t hollow your back let your back be straight throughout the performance with your feet at your shoulder width.


Health Benefits In Doing Squats

Squat is an effective compound exercise  that, doing it  will, help you with the  development of mass and power, into your legs.

It is on of the great lower body exercise, that helps to increase muscle tissue, doing squat regularly will help you, to shape up the lower part of your body.

Squat is an efficient exercise to train  legs,  but it also helps train your join strengthen it,  making to be more stronger, doing squat will really  helps to relieve pain and stress from your joint.

It helps to train and improves  your hips strength, it is also gonna improve  and strengthen your core strength when performed often.

Squat is one of the important exercise that helps to train and transform your gluts, doing squat will help strengthen glutes muscle.

It helps to boost more testosterone to your body



Doing barbell squat will benefits you, not only that is gonna transform your body but  it  also capable of  strengthen it,  at the same time.

barbell squat is a great exercise, it is one of the great exercise that we can use to train our quadriceps stay more fit.

Did You Have  Any  Question

If you have any question, whatsoever about this post, or you’ve got ways, to perform this exercise, Did know more  about  this exercise?  Or other exercise related to this or you want me to know how you actually  go about, your performance.

Please leave all your comments down below i will be more than happy  to hear from anyone of you, thanks

Mike rrsq

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