CasaCosa Professional Good Blender Full Review

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About CasaCosa Professional  Blender

CasaCosa is equipped with 2200W built-in power,  a professional blender for the perfect blend, great kitchen countertop smoothie blender, machine comes with variable speed, 2L Tritan container, and 30000RPM  speed rate great blender for home, normal and commercial use.

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Product Details and overview

Brand nameCasaCosa
Manufacturer CasaCosa
Wattage power2200 watt
Material usedBPA free stainless, Tritan material
Item weight8.4 pounds
Size7.7  9  19.7 inches
Speed rate30000rpm
Blade points6 points
Cup included2L capacity
Settings5 timer

CasaCosa Profetional Good Blender review

The CasaCosa professional is one of the best countertop blenders at a moderate price to handle your various nutritional ingredients to the next level, equipped with a 2200W   powerful built-in motor with a 30000 RPM speed count.   Great for both commercial as well as for normal use.  This   multiuse  blender  can

handle different types of blends including soups, salsa, cream, smoothies, shakes, baby food, juice, ice, and frozen foods within 10 seconds.

CasaCosa Professional Good Blender
CasaCosa Professional Good Blender

The 4-point blade included is strong and sharp enough to slice through the toughest ingredients and pulverize it in a second.  The blade is easy to clean up and dish washable.   CasaCosa professional blenders come with variable speed and a Pulse control, so users can easily control the variable speed by rotating the knob on the machine.  Plus 2L capacity cup a BPA free safe and thick easy to clean and breakproof.

The Built-in 2200W Motor

The 3-in -1   multifunctional blender has a built-in powerful motor design to last longer.   Constructed in a way to allow fresh air flow into the motor to cool it down when in use and also to dissipate the strong heat out easily to avoid overheat.  And thanks to the built-in powerful motor the blender can handle any task, it can make smoothies, shakes, juices, hot soups, salsas, creams, it can crush ice and frozen ingredients, and can pulverize other strong ingredients like coffee, nuts, flaxseed, and more.   The 2200W motor doesn’t make noise when in use, it is even quieter than any other professional blender with it the same wattage.

CasaCosa Professional Good Blender
CasaCosa Professional Good Blender

Control setting

The control settings for this blender are cool, the pre-programmed settings and the adjustable speed allow for total control. The variable speed can be control by rotating the knob on the machine during operation to prior what you want to achieve with your ingredients.  You can choose from  Pulse mode to  Crush ice quickly and cocktails.

2L Capacity Cup

The cup included has a 2 little capacity level that enough ounce for all the family, it is made from high-quality Tritan material BPA free safe to use,  well constructed to last longer, so it is strong, thick,  leakproof, break-proof, it can resist strong temperature. The cup is easy to clean, it comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry, and can be dish-washed, it has an easy lock and can be easily removed by turn unscrew it up.

Lit  And Rod

The Lid is made strong from BPA-free and safe, it allows for Easy Pouring without messing around, it has a secure closure. The rod included help to ensure a perfectly smooth blend anytime, it safe and BPA free, they both can be dish-washed.

CasaCosa Professional Good Blender
CasaCosa Professional Good Blender

6-point blade

The 6-point  blade is made strong from high-quality stainless steel BPA-free, easy to clean up,  the blade can be easily unscrewed and detached to the dishwasher, plus the upgraded 6 lengthened sharp blades can slice through the hardest and toughest ingredients like coffee, flaxseed, nuts, and more.

 Overall quality

The overall quality of the blender is great it has a good blending power, a thickening material, easy to clean. all the materials used on this blender are BPA free very safe to use,  plus  7 years warranty should there be any issue with the blender, you can get in touch with them anytime or if there are any questions.  The Casocosa also has a good customer rating of 5.9 out of 5 stars.

Check out what those that are using this countertop professional blender are saying about it here.

Buyer reviews


Richard Kissick

Very powerful blender, fast blending, and very easy to clean. love the plastic Jar. I do a lot of baking and I blend down my own flour and really hard to find a good one that does it well.

A friend recommended this one, where he was impressed with the blending. I  picked one up and gave it a try. I was not disappointed, this one is amazing. I put some oats in there and thought well, it will take a bit, and moving it around with that stick and pow,  it was down to flow in seconds. I have only seen very expensive blenders do this were this a very pleasant surprise.

I had to show a  video on this one, it’s pretty impressive. I love the plastic jar, where it is very easy to clean, and if my daughter drops it, no big deal, no glass jar, where that is very safe in my book. Takes juice down to liquid just as fast, unbelievable speed and that jar must have something to do with it too. no cons this one is amazing, where I am very happy with the purchase.

The OG ELf

Worth every penny, I got this to replace my Blendtec, which isn’t working correctly and not worth repairing. I use my blender every day, so I needed a new one quick, but I didn’t have the money for another Blendtec. while researching I found that this professional blender actually has more wattage and a higher  RPM count than my Blendtec.

Now that I’ve been using this for 2 weeks, I can honestly say that I’m happier with the performance of the machine than I was with my Blendtec. It also a Ton quieter! I am quite amazed that I’m getting almost the same functionality at half the price.

I was worried that this blender wouldn’t be as powerful or able to process food at the same quality level.  well, will admit  I was  totally wrong.

It is so simple to use. I can make almost butter and smoothies in the same amount of time as before. I made a wonderful potato soup in it tonight. I also made homemade whipped cream to go with our key lime pie for deeseet.

You truly can make a meal in this one appliance. this is a top qaulityt machine that is got some power behind it. it is also super easy to clean.

All you do is rinse it out, fill up the pitcher 1/4 of the way with water and add 1  drop of dish soup. then run the blender for  20- 30 seconds and rinse out again until all the soup is gone. simple as that!; this is one of the best kitchen purchases to date, you will not be disappointed in this machine.

 Pros And Cons Of The CasaCosa Professional Good Blender


  • 100% good customer service anytime they offer fast shipping as well as excellent packaging to keep your package from getting damaged during shipment.
  •  7-year warranty, plus you can get in touch with them anytime via their customer service in case you are having issue with the product.
  • 100% full refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with what you purchased you can return the product for your full refund.
  • Unique look
  • Good value
  • Overall performance is great


  • It’s bigger than the personal blender
  • Limited edition

Is CasaCosa A Good Blender?

This is a great Blender from a great brand well known for their high-quality product offered to the buyers, so if you are looking for a valuable professional blender without breaking the bank for it, that will work then  I would recommend this one.

  CasaCosa Profetional Good Blender -Conclusion

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CasaCosa Professional Good Blender


Good Blending Power


Good value


Overall performance is great



  • Good Blending Power
  • Good value
  • Overall performance is great


  • It's bigger than the personal blender
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