Concentration Curls.

Biceps concentration curls, great training exercise to target the muscles at the front of our arms.

It help us to train biceps, one arm at a time, on this post i am going to to be

discussing about how we can do this exercise to concentrate while seating down and train the upper arms to our forearms muscles.

I will  show you how to perfectly perform this exercise correctly for a better result.

You are also going to know how import the exercise can be to your health,

the equipments needed to do it, and the precautions and safety measures to take whenever you want to perform it.

But before any further ado,  let get to know more about  concentration curl for  biceps.

  Concentration  curls Introduction

Let me start by saying this is  an effective exercise to train the muscles at the front of our arms.

It is of the best biceps exercise, that can isolate the triceps muscle, to perform it you do need a dumbbell and a flat bench.

Concentration curl is a strength exercise, an exercise that can be performed in different ways, it can  be performed in a bend position,

kneeling or performing it seated on a flat bench,  which i will be showing you here.

You will have to concentrate fully on your biceps, for this exercise ask for

that, infarct concentrate curls is a biceps exercise that perfectly train, add more size and boost more  strength, to our arms.

the curls is more efficient to those muscles at the front of arms.


Concentration curl Overview

Exercise type: Strength exercise

Equipment needed:  Dumbbell

Target: Biceps( muscles at the front of your arms)


Concentration curl performance

It is very easy, to get started with  this exercise, find a good position for your self with your straight bench, then position yourself right.

Seat down on the flat bench, however, the grip that you are going to be using for this exercise is an underhand grip.

Concentration Curls
Concentration Curls

So grab a dumbbell with your fingers pointing  under, and your palm facing upward, while still seating on the flat bench, lean forward a little bit,

spread your legs apart into a just like a V-shape way then, rest your right

elbow or if you want to begin with the left arm.

I usually  start my training with the right arm whenever i am performing

it,  on the side of your thigh, and rest the other hand on top of the other thigh so that you can have a better and more support.

curl the dumbbell up, slowly and be careful, make sure that you are not

moving your body at all, don’t let your let your upper arm move either, you  must remain still throughout.


Important Note

  • Remember to remain still throughout the performance
  • For performance better, grab the weight that you can be able to control.
  • Use an overhand grip for a correct performance
  • Don’t let the dumbbell stray-off your hand
  • Focus and  concentrate to target those muscles at the front of your arms

So, let your muscle contract fully at the top, you will feel it in your biceps

Concentration Curls
Concentration Curls

too, when i do this exercise, i used to twist my wrist as i lift, so that i can gain more contraction, when fingers turned towards my body.

I also used to resist the weight a little, before i then curl my arm down and straight, lower the weight slowly back down.

Be careful do not let dumbbell falloff from your hand, be in control don’t let the weight control you, then, you can repeat the process a gain prior to the reps that you have in mind.

when you curl, let the up move be slightly slower than the down movement for a better performance.

Safety steps to take when performing concentration curl.

This exercise is one of the most easiest exercise to perform but still, if one

fail to follow the steps that are important  when doing it, you might not get it right, here are the safety guides that will help you through the performance:

Use an underhand  grip for the performance,  an underhand grip is when your palm is facing upward.

Don’t move your body back and forth, let your arms remain still when you curl, let your torso remain still throughout, don’t let weight control you,

you are the one to control the weight throughout.

Load the weight that your power can be able to control, this a  mistake one can make, you don’t  have to exaggerate on it, it advised to grab a weight that you can control for, it is  better for correct performance.

Don’t let weight falloff from your hands hold the weight tight, it must not fall throughout the performance, be concentrate and focus on target your biceps muscles.

Don’t rush yourself on this, no need to rush, curl up and down,  slowly and carefully, resist at the top for a second or 2 before move back, more to this is that you don’t have to move down to far from your hand.

Make sure that your  biceps  fully stretch when you extend your hand, resist and do not create any inconvenience to yourself throughout the exercise, you might need to be observed by  an expert though.

Benefits in performing concentration curl.

There are many advantages that comes with performing concentration curl it benefits is huge to our arms here are those  benefits that we can gain

Concentration Curls
Concentration Curls

from it:

It is great exercise that help us to concentrate more on those muscles at the front of our arms, and also  boost more size to it.

Concentration curl help to train biceps muscles more effectively.

This exercise is capable enough to boost more mass to our arms.

It  is a strength exercise that  can help with more strength.

Concentration curl is not so hard to perform, and still it is one of the great exercise that ask for less equipment.



It is advised to perform this exercise correctly to gain the best out it, concentration curl is an important exercise that can help you transform your arms and stay stronger.


If you ever have any question or comment whatsoever about anything concerning this topic or you’ve got ways that you do you own and you

want us to know about please, leave all your questions and comments down bellow, thanks.






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