Crunch Abdominal On The Floor

The crunch abdominal is an exercise that you can perform anywhere, train, and boost more strength to your abs muscles right on the floor.

You will train your core and sides on it, this a classic most famous abdominal exercise, that you can use to target you rectus muscles (the muscles at the front of your abdominal) .

The abdominal crunch will partially train both sides of your abdominal but it primarily aiming for the rectus muscles.

Perfect and effective exercise to lose away some excess belly fat, it is capable when doing it regularly and perfectly manna.

It will shape up your belly, leaving it with a six-pack.

A Quick Description For Crunch Abdominal On The Floor

So, on this exercise you are going to be using your body weight to training your abdominal muscles, infarct, it is one the great exercise that can be performed even without any equipment. If you have a fitness mat to lay your back on that is cool,

You will keep your body fit anytime anywhere, without any equipment.

Very lower cost exercise that calls for nothing to be able to carry it  out.

It is an easy to perform  exercise, crunch abdominal is an exercise  that will perfect your obliques.

Overview For Crunch abdominal on the floor

Exercise: Strength

Target zone: primarily rectus (partially train obliques abs and lower back)

Equipment needed: No equipment was needed

and  you can  perform at  the comfort zone of your house.

Why Crunch abdominal on the floor should be performed correctly?

Though there is no exercise that should not be perfectly performed,… Yeah, it is true, it can really work for you.

It will  help you when it is  perform correctly, and that is what some fox doesn’t know about this exercise,

Some do perform it every day but they do it in an imperfect way, not in a correct way, ..look, if you really wanted to see a better result.

Then you need to get down and perform it in a way it supposes to be done, you can even use a bench to keep the intensity going.

Get a bench for yourself  and put your legs on top of it, you will feel the intensity right there at your abdominal muscles.

You need to focus and concentrate when performing crunch abdominal on the floor, target the muscles at the front of you abdominal (rectus abdominal).

It will helps you gain a six-pack shape to your abs and  lose more excess belly fat.

It will also help train your lower back partially when performing it regularly and correctly. 

How can you perform a crunch abdominal on the floor?

It is easy to get started with crunch abdominal on the floor, find a better place to position your self.

You might want to put you fitness mat on the ground to rest your back if you have one.

If not, lie down with your back on the floor,  put your hands behind the back of your head.

You can raise up your upper back a little, but do no raise the lower part of your back throughout the performance. 

The reason for this is that you would be using the weight of your upper body to train the abdominal muscles, and do not bounce your

back, against the floor, don’t hollow your back either, here is the quick note for you to follow here :

A quick note to follow

Find a good position to perform safely

Don’t let your lower back lift up from the floor

Crunch Abdominal On The Floor
Abdominal Crunch

You might look for someone to hold your legs or use a bench

The lower part of the body should remain still 

Don’t bounce your back against the  floor

Be concentrated and focus yourself on doing effectively so that you target and isolate your abs muscle.

Don’t create any momentum for yourself because this can jeopardize the effectiveness of the performance all along.

Make sure that when you go down, the movement should be slightly slower than when you move your body upward.


So contract your abdominal and slowly list your head up from the floor, go up as far as you can towards your thighs.

Then hold that position for a second or 2, what you are trying to do there is to make sure that your abdominal muscles are fully contrasted at that position before going back to the starting position.

Go back again slowly to the starting and repeat the same process over to prior your reps. 

Why You shouldn’t Raise Your Lower Back 

Crunch abdominal on the floor can help train and isolate the abdominal muscles, if you don’t raise your lower back when

performing the exercise become more effective and it will not involve both the hip and flexors.

Raising  only your upper body will eliminate any stress,  that this exercise may  cause to your hips while training your lower back.

What are benefits that can be derived from performing crunch abdominal on the floor 

It a great classic exercise that performs that  is doable anywhere, you can easily begin doing it right now within the comfort zone of your home or wherever you are. 

It is one of the important exercises that good to burn down more calories that are within your body.

performing it regularly and correctly will not only help you to lose up  more excess fat, calories,and strength, but it would also help shape up your belly.

six PAC ab
six PAC ab

It will give you the six-pack beach shape you’ve been hasting for. 

Crunch abdominal on the floor help to isolate the muscle at the front of the abdominal.

It can train your obliques and strengthen your hips 

It good for the lower back, and it can be performed without any equipment.


Take good care of your abs, core, train, isolate and strengthen your abdominal with crunch abdominal on the floor, a classic exercise for all.

Easy to perform anywhere anytime crunch abdominal on the floor can really help make your belly flat performing it regularly and in a 

correct way with a better and healthy diet, you can flatten your belly within some days.


Ask your question

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crunch abdominal, that you want us to know about please feel free

to leave your questions down below I will be more than happy to hear from you all, thanks.


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