Decline Barbell Chest Press Best Way [Train Lower pectoralis] Better

A superb upper body exercise that will help to take care of the lower chest way better.

The Decline Barbell Chest Press aims at the target, train and transform your pecs muscles, the 45 degrees decline bench positioning your

arms straight from the rack,  with your shoulders, move out, and lock your elbow.

You could use this exercise to hit up more efficiently lower pecs of the

upper body and strengthen it, it is one of the great training exercises to be routine regularly.

What is Decline Barbell Chest Press is all about, tell me more!!

In Decline Barbell Chest Press your position is the same way as the decline dumbbells chest press, but degrees are different.

You are going to be in the decline position throughout 45 degrees is

recommended and there you go, .. you need a barbell a straight one, and a decline bench to get it started.

Hanging your legs tight to the safety leg pads. Decline barbell Chest

Press is one of the effective exercises for a better job on the lower part of the chest.

What is the difference between Decline Barbell Chest Press and the decline dumbbells chest press?

 You would be using dumbbells and a decline bench for the decline

dumbbells chest press while on the decline barbell chest press you need a straight barbell and a decline bench.

The decline dumbbells chest the bench is regulated to 15 to 30

degrees while decline barbell chest press bench is regulated 45 degrees.

Decline Barbell Chest Press Exercise Overview

Exercise type: Strength

Target zone: Lower chest

Equipment needed: Barbel, decline bench


What Decline Barbell Chest Press And The Decline Dumbbells Has In Common.

They both help to target and train lower pecs, these two are great


and effective for chest perfect definition.

The position used for both of them is the decline

recommended  regulation to perfectly target  and train muscles at the front of the downside of the upper body, [Lower pectoralis]

Both should be performed  started with the lower weight, without any exaggeration, knowing that you are at the incline

position good care should be taken throughout the performance.

You will be a very and attentive spotter for the both decline barbell chest press and the decline dumbbells press.

You make use of the incline bench for both of them so, you will need an incline bench.

These are gym exercises that needed someone to assist you out throughout the process.

You might need to refer to your trainer or one of your gym friends to observe you and help you out upon performing them, just for safety purposes.


How To Perform Decline Barbell Chest Press

To get started position yourself tight, with you back on the decline bench,  after you’ve adjusted the decline bench to 45 degrees.

Hook up your legs to the support foot-pad on the decline bench.

image of man doing Decline Barbell Chest Press
image of man doing Decline Barbell Chest Press

While your back still lie on the bench with your face up, grab the straight bar.

The grip you want to use for this exercise is underhand, so, let

your hands be shoulder-width apart or a little bit wider. follow the quick guides here for proper setup :

Quick guide

You will need a spotter you need someone to assist you before the exercise.

Set the incline bench to 45 degrees recommended angle 

Don’t exaggerate or overweight yourself, load lightly when you wanna get started. 

Don’t let the weight stray off from your hands, hold it tight

Position yourself very well on the decline bench,  don’t move your legs around

Use an underhand grip to grab the straight bar, for better performance.

So, bend your arms slowly, while still holding the bar toward the ceiling.

Lower down the bar straight down,  until it touches the lower part of your chest.

Hold that position briefly for a second, before you press back up, the

reason for this is that,  you want to make sure that the lower chest muscles are fully contrasted.

Then extend your elbows and press back to the starting position.

You can then repeat the exact process again to prior your rep.

I go for 8 to 12 reps per set, if you like you can do more, it’s all up to you, just don’t exaggerate upon it.

Safety measures to take into consecrations during declining barbell chest press performance.

Always remember

Always remember that you are in a decline position so you will need a spotter or someone that can assist you up during the execution.

This is very important because you never know you may have a difficult time sometimes pushing the weight back up again, that can happen to anyone.

So, ask for help you can ask your trainer or one of your gym friends to help you out.

Concentrate and focus 

Don,t rush yourself on this exercise move slowly for better performance.

 Concentrate and focus on the target lower part of your chest, don’t let weight stray off or fall off from your hands. 

Don’t exaggerate yourself 

Don’t overweight your self load the weight that your power can be able to control throughout the exercise.

you are in a decline position you may want to start with the lighter weight first then add up to it later along the line.

Remember that you have to hold the weight briefly at the down

position for a second or 2 to contrast your lower chest muscles fully before you now move it back up to the beginning position.

So,  the downward movement should be slightly slower than the up move movement.

Don’t create any bad momentum for yourself 

Take care don’t let your elbow lock down at the downside, don’t bounce the weight down to your chest that might hot you.

Do not create any momentum that can jeopardize the perfect performance throughout.

Let your legs be still, don’t move your head, don’t raise your neck, and the rest part of your body,  move only your hands throughout. 

Don’t let the weight control you 

image of man doing Decline Barbell Chest Press
image of man doing Decline Barbell Chest Press

You should be the one that controls the weight throughout, don’t let

the weight controls you.

That is why you don’t have to overweight yourself on this one.

Make sure that you have an attentive spotter whenever you wanna train with more weight.

what are the benefits in doing decline barbell chest press

It helps to target, train and strengthen the lower chest muscles

It is one of the best chest training exercise for the lower pectoralis 

Doing decline barbell chest press regularly with good diet  taken into

consideration will make physically fit, transform your body, and makes you strong,  it will also boost more power to your chest.

Decline barbell chest press will help to build definitions to your chest.

The decline barbell chest press is great exercise good to add more size and boost more strength to it.


Do the  exercise that will transform your body and keep you fit.

It will helps you train better than the latter,[the flat bench press], for

me, I prefer the decline barbell chest press to the flat bench chest

press, and the reasons is the  fact that, decline barbell chest press is

more friendly to the shoulders, it doesn’t hot shoulders as flat bench chest press does.


Your thought

What did you guys think about this, should you guys have any question, comment or anything concerning this topic or maybe you

guys have got other ways used to this exercise please feel free to

leave your question down below and will be more than happy to hear from you all, thanks.



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