Powerful Treadmill Foldable with Bluetooth And LCD Incorporated

Enjoy the high-quality Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Polyvinyl Chloride (ABSPC) material-type that comes with the FitnessClub Treadmill it protect your knee and ankle no matter what you do whether you are running, jogging, or walking.

I will be helping you with more informations that you need about this treadmill and where you can get them from  at an affordable price.

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FitnessClub 1500W Bluetooth foldable electric treadmill

The FitnessClub Bluetooth treadmill 1500W foldable electric motorized for walking,  running, exercise,  fitness machine adjustable in incline includes emergency system hand-grip pulse sensor iPad and cup holder, plus  12 reprograms

Product overview

Here the FitnessClub Bluetooth treadmill 1500W foldable electric overview:

Brand name : FitnessClub

Manufacturer: SWBUK

Maximum weight capacity : 120 kilograms

Display type : LCD

Material type : acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, polyvinyl chloride

Date first available : 19 Jan 2020

Customer reviews : 3.7 out of 5 stars 19 reviews

Materia : metal, ABS, PVC

Product dimensions : 136 (L) x 60 (W) x 117 (H) CM

Runway size : 11O x 40 CM

Drive motor : 2. 0 HP

Rated power : 1500W

Rated voltage : 22OV

Speed : 1.0 KM/H- 12.0KM/H

other features include : 

Bottle holding 

Handing pulse grips 


Emergency system 

Adjustable incline 

FitnessClub 1500W foldable electric treadmill review

Let take a look at how the product was designed how it can be of great help to keep fit at home even  at the gym. The FitnessClub 1500w is  foldable and well sturdy design for total convenience you don’t have to go  to the gym to the gym before you can keep your body fit any longer.

Plus you will save more space at home gym, garage, or wherever you are using it because it is foldability no more hassle, it also has an transport wheels that will permit for easy transportation from one place or room to another whenever you want to train.

Bluetooth foldable electric treadmill
Bluetooth foldable electric treadmill

Bluetooth incorporated

Get connected with all your various devices while keeping your body fit listing to the music, watch the video of your favorite artist whenever you want with good  connection value the built-in speakers is fantastic to listen to different kinds of  great music of your favorite artist while  exercising your body.

Connect your various devices including your android phones, iPad, iPhones, etc.. .

Hang on you water bottle at the water bottle holder they had made it in a way that it will be convenient for anyone to make uses it.

Exercise your body run without even notice of any noise the FitnessClub treadmill has an advanced and powerful  built in power with about  2.0 HP 1500W motor that give out  low noise experience even if you are at the maximum speed you are still going to hear lower noise to nothing.

It was textured with non slip tread belt and a strong metal frame  it comes with design that can be adjust to any level of the incline of your own choice that you want to train.

Emergency features 

Emergency features is included to it incredible features that come with it so for example the red safety key can be easily clamped  in case you need an emergency stop during training however the emergency stop switch will help to stop in case you fall down on the running.

It was designed to protect you from injuries it also includes :

Running belt 

knee protection 

Ankle protection

You don’t have  to worry what so ever for you have total protection throughout all your various fitness activities like :




and aerobic you get high quality cushioning that protect you from  ankle, back, and knee or joint injuries.

The level of protection that was designed to offer is one of it kind it gives you overall  protection while keeping your body fit and healthier. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” Follow this link to grab your own or more info <<

 Easy transport and you safe more space 

The dimension is cool the treadmills have about 136L x 60W x 117 H centimeters, runway size: 100 x 40 centimeters, Drive motor of about 2.0HP, Rated power of about 1500W, Rated voltages of about 220V, and the max User weight of about 100KGs, the speed is about 1.0KM/H- 12.0KM/H, CE, and RoHS certified.

 Strong handlebars 

The strong handlebars included making it more convenient to use it come with the handle grip pulse sensor that allows you to keep balance and avoid inconvenience to you your hands very easy to

read of led display, speed, time calories, distance, heart rate are also included so you with that you can be able to know how your program is going and the progress that you’ve made easy to installed and set up and running with good efficiency. 

A little story about the brand 

The Fitnessclub as a brand has been doing great well known all over the world.

The brand had started to get into the Business in the United kingdom in around 2017,  the FitnessClub brand was not established for a long time though but their products has been sold in many countries including the in  united kingdom, Germany,  in the united states, Australia and many other countries all around the world. 

My opinion

After my observation on this product plus the buyer’s review perspective, I would say it is great judging by the good review that those that has bought it are saying about the product.

FitnessClub itself are well known as a great brand that always offers  good products to the people which I think is very important thing in doing business. 

Here is what buyers are saying about the product check buyers reviews out here:

Bayers reviews

source <<

” excellent value very good product for the price, that fits in my new found gym along with the other pieces of equipment. just right to help me maintain my exercise level as can’t go to the local gym due to being a shielding person in this current climate. this will also help me to fight my physical health issue. 

By- John Fitzgerald 


” Good value for specs I bought this treadmill as a present for my daughter 30th birthday and the is very pleased with it, are products with the same specification would recommend.”

by – Luigi Rizzo


 “Great value for money I just what I wanted. due to covid19 I have to stay in the home for two months, I needed “

By-  Andy.

 Follow this link to grab your own or more info <<


I have shown you the treadmill with great an powerful potential and incredible features that can help you get fit at home and even great at the gym I will  like to hear from you all and if you have any

question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them at the bottom and I will be glad to get back to them thanks.



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