Front Barbel Shoulder Press.

know how to train  your shoulders, strengthen it and boost more energy.

To train your shoulders in the best way is not a  thing to overlook, front barbell  shoulder press,  simple but heavy, great classic exercise is the one that can help you with that.

Get your shoulders train, and add more strength to it. On this topic i am going to be  working you through,   how to perfectly do this exercise to treat your  shoulders  real good.

Other stuffs that i am going to be letting you know about on this topic is how to  get

ready for the performance, the equipment needed to do it, the precautions and the

safety measures to make before and during the performance, also up on this topic is the

benefits you can get from doing  it, down bottom you can leave all your questions ,

comment or anything you have to say that is concerning this topic, so before any further ado, let get to know what front barbell  shoulder press is all about here :

Front Barbell shoulder press description

A shoulder exercise that  is aiming at targeting,  train and strengthen shoulders, to get started with this exercise, it is advice to perform it first, before any other shoulder

exercise whenever you want to  workout your shoulders, and if you are having an injury in your shoulders or any problem please do avoid this exercise, for  barbell shoulder exercise is a is one of the heaviest  strength shoulder exercise.

It secondary objective is to partially train the upper chest muscles, it is one of the best best exercise that can flex,  extend, and strength your shoulders.

Front barbell shoulder press can be perform standing or if you prefer you can also do it seated using an overhand grip, the equipment needed  is a barbell and if you are doing in

a seated position your will need a flat bench, here  is the preview overview of what am talking about here:

 Front Barbell shoulder press overview

Exercise type : strength 

Target area : shoulder  ( upper chest palatial)

Equipment needed : Barbell  and or a flat bench when doing it seated

How we can properly do a front barbell shoulder press

Let see how to do this exercise perfectly to target the front site of the shoulder without having to jet our self hot, now that we  now know what this exercise  is all about,

i am going to show you how to do it while

 Front Barbel  Shoulder Press Performance
Front Barbel Shoulder Press Performance

standing here, if you prefer doing it seated you can go on, it all good.

To get  started with it,  look for a good position that is better fit for

you, then position your self very well, stand upright,  you are going to be using an overhand grip for this exercise, grab a barbel with

the weight that your power can be able to control, let your body be straight throughout don’t bend, but look straight forward, extend your feet a little to be at

list a shoulder width apart, make sure  to hold tight to the weight don’t let it stray off or

fall down from your hands, here is the some-up of  what you should do to be able to get ready to go with this performance:

 A quick note

  • Use an over hand grip for a better performance
  • Do not hollow your back let it be straight throughout
  • Look straight up
  • Don’t let weight control you, you should be able to control weight
  • Don’t let weight stray out or fall down from your hands
  • Hold the weight that you power can be able to control
  • Let your knee be still on the floor throughout
  • Don’t bend your legs throughout

So hold the weight tight to your hands let it be about  your shoulders widths apart, then briefly contract your abdominal s  a little then, slowly push the weight up right straight,

let it be at your arms length, while you are still remaining straight,  that also includes your legs,  lower the weight slowly let it be  at your ear height, you might stand in front of

a mirror so that you will be sure of what you do, you can then repeat the same process again to  prior your reps you are routines for.

Safety measure to hand on to when doing front barbell shoulder press

follow  this guides for it will helps you through a better performance, here is what you don’t have to do so that you don’t jeopardize your performance :

Be focus and concentrate on it to the end, you should the one controlling the weight, don’t let weight let you down or move you around, remember that weight must not falloff  or stray from your hands be careful.

Don’t do this exercise is you are have in juries on your shoulders or any problems on it, for barbell front press is  a little heavy, and that is why you don’t have to overweight your

self on it, load weight that your power can be able control over throughout the

performance, you can start with with a light weight first, then latter add more on over, but do not exaggerate to that.

Let your body be straight through,  do not hollow back when pressing up and down,

including your back, look straight forward,  a plus to that is  that your feet and your knees let it be  straight and still on the floor throughout.

You might need to be observed by an expert or your personal trainer upon this exercise

don’t do anything that can jeopardize your performance, make sure to keep the momentum going smoothly through to the end.

Another thing you don’t have to forget about is how you press up and down, let the lower motion be slightly slower than the press up motion, do not rush your self, press up and down slowly and steady.

What did  you gain from doing front barbel shoulder press?

Performing this effective exercise will help not only your shoulders but also your entire

body, the benefits on this  exercise is huge here is what front barbell press can help you deal with when doing it the way out:

Front barbell raise will helps target, train, and boost more strength to your shoulders

This exercise will train your front shoulder and your deltoids real well

Think of front barbell press when ever you are aiming for a shoulder extension,  for it is one of the best exercise for that.

Front barbel press will helps you deal with shoulder pain on your shoulders and make your shoulders stay healthier with no pain.


So are you aiming for strong shoulder? Front barbell press will make your shoulders

better, just make sure that you are doing it right, don’t you exaggerate and you will be fine to transform, extend and straighten your shoulders.

Your questions

If you ever have any question or comment whatsoever concerning anything on this topic or you want us to know  how you do perform your own barbell front shoulder presses

please leave all your comment and questions down bellow and i will more than happy to hear from you all, thanks.


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