Front Dumbbell Raise

know how to really work it better, make your shoulder training and the isolation work more effectively,  train your shoulders and your deltoid.

Front dumbbell raise, an  efficient exercise  that can perform standing and lifting,  the movement that  will help to  transform  shoulder;

On this topic  i am going to be showing you how to train  and effectively strengthen your shoulders with this incredible dumbbell moves.

You are going to know how to perfectly do workout to target, train, and straighten your

shoulder  and the front of your shoulders, in short,  front dumbbell raise will help to transform your shoulders and make it to be more healthier.

So, these are what i am going to be talking about on this topic here :

  • How to perform the front dumbbell raise
  • The equipment needed to get it worked out
  • Precaution to take  when ever you want to do it
  • What you can benefits from doing  it

You  can leave any of your questions, comments or anything concerning  this topic   leave them  down bellow, i am going to reply back as fast i can.

Let get to know more about this exercise,  so that we can have a brief view  about what front dumbbell raise  really mean :

Front dumbbell raise description here !

An effective shoulders exercise that can be carried out  moving and lifting hands with dumbbell weight,  holding tight doing it repeatedly.

It is one of the best  for shoulder weight training exercise,  front dumbbell raise will help

to target, and transform the deltoid, shoulder and the front, primarily. You will also train the chest pectoralis with the front dumbbell press.

When ever  you get the move on,  you are  isolating  the front deltoid muscles at the same time , the reasons for this is that, when  you are lifting the weight you are  using the front deltoid.

This exercise can be perform standing,  holding a dumbbells, .. yeah , front raise can be

perform in many different ways including using  the pulley machine, or with barbell or EZ and vice versa, but the movements is still the same though.

So let me gives you an overview of what  front raise dumbbell is all about here:

Front dumbbell raise overview

Exercise type : Strength

Front Dumbbell Raise
Front Dumbbell Raise

Target point : Shoulders ( primarily) pectoralis (secondary)

Equipment needed : Dumbbell

Front dumbbell will help take care of your shoulder,  it is a perfect shoulder exercise  you

can think of to train your shoulders perfectly and sound… OK, now let look into how to perfectly performs it to the effect that it will transform  shoulders here :

Front dumbbell raise performance

To get started with this exercise, get your self a perfect position good enough to begin

along with the performance, so stand in an erect position let all of your body be straight,including your head and look straight forward.

The grip that you are going to be using for this performance is an overhand, the traditional grip, so grab a pair of dumbbells in each one of your hands.

While still keeping your back and all you body straight, extend your feet to be like

shoulder width, don’t let your feet shift on the floor or even move around throughout the performance;

Slowly, lift the weight in your hand up,   you may want to start with the right hand first, or If you like you may lift the duo at the same time is all good, just make sure that you

doing it right, lift it up in front of your self, let it go higher  slightly more than your shoulders height.

So here is a breve summery of what you should do :

Quick note

Use an overhand  grip for a better performance

Grab the weight that your power can be able to control

Don’t let the fall down from your hand, hold it tight to your hands

Let your body be straight and look straight

Don’t hollow your back and let your feet be still firm on the floor

Then, lower the weight back slowly  to the starting positing  still make sure that you maintain the straight move to the end, don’t lock up your arms, let the front deltoid do

the work, you  will feel it in your deltoid, if you are really doing it right,  you can then repeat the same process again to prior your  rep  at hand.

These is how you do it to train your shoulder, let look into those prevention that one need to take into consideration when is it to do front dumbbell raise  here :

Safety measures to follow when doing front dumbbell raise

Do not overweight your self on this exercise grab the weight that your power can be able to control all along, make sure that the weight is not controlling you, you should be the

one that will control the weight, so be in full control throughout the process, grab weight

your power can control, the reason for this is the fact that,  you will be able to perform it  more better than that of, when you overweight.

Don’t do anything that can jeopardize the good performance, no any difficulty or

momentum that can stop you from it, focus and be concentrated on target train and strengthen your shoulders, to be more healthier.

Make sure that you are not bending your body be straight, let your legs be straight, don’t

hollow your back, let your feet remain still firmly on the floor, don’t let it move around when you move.

Move slowly and carefully don’t ever be too rush, no need for that, take your time, one

more thing to that is, when you move your arms make sure, the lifting motion is slightly than the lowering down, follow  this for a perfect performance.

What are benefits in performing front dumbbell raise

As one may ask but, here are the important benefits that can derived from doing front barbell raise here:

Front dumbbell raise  is one of the best shoulder strength exercise you can do to target and train your shoulders way more better

It is capable enough to target shoulders isolate and strengthen joint

it help to boost up more strength to the side deltoid, the front and it is even great for the shoulder extension


So, i have come to the conclusion after all these being said about front dumbbell raise, that, this exercise can really help in training, boosting more strength to  the shoulders,

plus it can help anterior deltoids for more power, what makes me really loves front dumbbell raise is that it can be performed in both seated and the standing position.

Ask your questions

Like i have said ealiar if you ever have any questions, comment or anything concerning this topic that you want to say or maybe you have got your own way you do perform it

that you want us to know about please leave all your questions and comments down below and i will get back as fast as i can, thanks.





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