3 Gift ideas for personal trainers

Check this out for a perfect gift idea for your personal trainers or instructors. On this topic, I will be helping with a review of perfect gift ideas and where you can get them from at a lower price.

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what are Gift ideas for the personal trainers?

check out these 3 items : 

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Gearbubble  Travel Mug 

 Chooro Keychain 

And the Digibuddha Ceramic Mug 

Gearbubble  travel mug

The Geabubble travel mugs (art is brought to you by Clydesdale) great appreciation idea gift for fitness instructors what your superpower funny, cute gag gift good for travel and insulated stainless steel mug for hot coffee tumbler cool workout training personal trainer gift for a mentor.

Gearbubble  travel mug
Gearbubble  travel mug

Product overview

  • Brand name: Gearbubble
  • Manufacturer: Gearbuble, LLC
  • Date firsts available: January 7, 2018
  • Item dimension: 6. 25  high x 4 7/8 wide
  • Item weight: 10.67
  • Item model number: TRM- trmfitnspwr01
  • Asin: B07SDQMP1D
  • Best sellers rank : 1, 785, 849 in-home and kitchen and 10, 588 in travel mugs and tumblers.

what the Gearbubble travel is all about

An amazing travel mug with great art design made out of stainless steel.  THOUGH it’snt safe using it with microwave so be-careful other that it has a convenient grip handle and the thumb rest is perfect you can even remove the top of it so that you can clean it thoroughly, its dishwasher safe, shatter-resistant, and strong. 

what is it designed

Well designed with a lid slide opening and slanted drinking surface with  fixed papered bottom just like a standard cup holder.

Gearbubble  travel mug
Gearbubble  travel mug


The dimensions for the travel mug are about 6.25 high and 47/8 wide if the handle included however if it is without the handle is about 3.5.


The travel mug  item weighed about 10.67 oz

Material used

High  quality stainless steel, crafted with supreme quality materials and printed designed. This is a cool travel mug custom-made perfect special gift for your loved ones.


Very Strong and made with stainless steel and the fact that it can hold up to 14 oz of liquid.

High-quality sublime inks and good techniques printing techniques  used to ensure perfection last print.

It has a double-wall so to help keep hot and cold drinks for a long time more than any ordinary mug, dishwashable and very safe easy to clean up.

Good design perfect to give as a gift.

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Chooro keychain

The Chooro keychain  personal trainer gift  fitness instructor gift fitness jewelry personal trainer fitness gift personal trainer in progress keychain.

Chooro keychain
Chooro keychain

Product overview

  • Brand name : Chooro
  • Manufacturer: Chooro
  • Item dimension: 5.0cm x 1.2cm
  • The material used : stainless steel land alloy.

Chooro keychain review

Perfect gift for a personal trainer for those who want to give an amazing gift for their trainers who has work gives so much to motivation and inspired you to progress well in  all your fitness goals.

The designed 

Professionally made with alloy designed painstakingly for personal trainers and believe it this will boost enthusiasm and they will be very glad they received this from you.

Chooro keychain
Chooro keychain

Hypoallergetic material

Made with stainless steel with the hypoallergic it does not rust,  change color, or crash. Chooro keychain is tarnishing free and lead- nickel free.


The personal trainer Chooro keychain comes with a cool small

umbbell hanging up on it and it dimission is about 5.0cm x 1.2cm.


Good product perfect to give as a gift plus the keychain comes with a velvet bag ready forgiving. Good shipping and fast transportation.

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Digibuddha  Ceramic mug

The digibuddha worlds is one of the best gift you can think of for personal trainer . Cool coffee mug gift ideas certified fitness instructor encouragement for support  motivation and  training,  good as a Christmas, holidays and birthday present it has 11 oz and ceramic teacup DM0394

Digibuddha  Ceramic mug
Digibuddha  Ceramic mug

Product overview

  • Brand name: Digibuddha
  • Manufacturer: Digibuddha
  • Type : microwaveable, dishwashable
  • Dimension : 11 oz
  • Item weight : 1. 1 pound
  • Best seller rank 235,997 in kitchen and dining and 5,107 in mugs
  • Date first available : Sep 8, 2020
  • Package dimensions : 5.75 x 5.25 x 4.25 inches
  • Asin : B08LZPNN8D

Digibuddha Mug: product review 

Digibuddha mugs are well designed by top-level designers  with an excellent finish made of white ceramic and is about 11 oz fine flawless glaze.

The much is genuinely custom made and is perfectly fused so that the art becomes part of the mug, however, no decal or sticker has used no need to worry because the digibudda mug can be microwaved and more to that is that it’s also washable with  the dishwasher.

About Digibuddha manufacturer

Digibuddha has been in the manufacturing industry for more than a decade producing for tens of thousands of customers. Their main aim is to always offer them true product that will help them  and will  truly love.  The Digibuddha is designed and produced in the USA.


Great design combined with their 100% money-back guarantee, so you can relax your mind because your order is in save with no risk at all.

The Digibuddha mugs are the perfect choice for high quality and undoubted value.

Gift for both men and women, they offer secure package and the shipment is  very protective from damage.

Gift ideas for the personal trainers

Gearbubble  Travel Mug 

 Chooro Keychain 

And the Digibuddha Ceramic Mug 

My opinion,

These are great gift ideas for anyone who wants to give a valuable gift for their trainers who has helped them to achieve goals,  after my observations on these products I’ll  simply do  recommend them to everyone. Follow this link to grab your own or more info <<


On this topic I have give you some gift ideas for your personal trainers  and where you can get them from, I will like to hear back from you all and please if you have any questions comments or anything concerning this topic feel free to leave them down and I would be more than happy to get back to them.


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