Gift Ideas For Strength Training Fitness Lovers

Get the cool strength training and resistant gift ideas for your friends and loved ones these are good for training and target various muscle group for men and women on this topic I will help you with thorough review about what these products are all about and where you can get them at a lower cost.

Please if you have any questions concerning this topic feel free to leave them at the bottom and I will get back to them. 

 Affenlaskan Battle Rope

The Affenlaskan battle ropes with an anchor kit, full body workout equipment for strength training, CrossFit training, home gym and fitness exercise rope, 1.5 x 30 ft

product overview

Brand name: Affenlaskan

Manufacturer: Affenlaskan

Item material : 100 % poly darcon inner

Dandle : anti-slip and comfy

Exercise : strength training, CrossFit, etc …

Item dimension : 1.5 inch thick x 30 / 50 foot length

Users : men and women

Customer reviews 5.0 out 5 stars

Package dimension : L W H : 13.7 x 13. 1x 9.5 inches

The first date available August 13, 2020

battle rope
battle rope

what the Affenlaskan battle rope is all about?

This  is 3 fit length great for strength and dept and effective training equipment very strong and efficient to training various parts of the muscle groups on your body including : your arm, back,  shoulders legs, abdominal muscle, and also perfect for your cardio workout.

If your goal is to burn away more excess calories from your body this rope is for you, this is for you if you want to train and learn muscle train wherever you are anytime any day

what about the durability?

The Affenlaskan battle rope is well designed to last longer with great materials produced from 100% high supreme quality dacon and Lyon it doesn’t fray nor coming apart even when using on the solid

ground very strong long with coated handle anti-slip to protect hands and also to have a better grip when training or exercise your body, so it was built to last longer.

who the Affenlaskan battle rope for?

It is  for both men and women great for the professional athletes and also for the  non athlete ordinary individuals.  For all the various training long and thick enough for anyone to use with more weight on it to ensure more effectiveness.

what are the advantages having it?

It helps to train and transform your body so that you feel fit and healthier

It can be used to train anytime anywhere plus it  for everyone

Comes with the satisfactory service so you have no problems what so ever 100% satisfied guaranty if you have any problem with the product or you are not satisfied with what you buy you can contact them by email and they will they get back to you fast. 

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Buyers reviews

check out what buyers are saying here:

Source >>

by Ashley Catino

” like it very much, when the rope arrives, immediately install it and start exercising. the rope is very heavy, indeed heavy. you must use your best every time you shake it! I like it very much, it can really achieve the effect! “


  1. Youlisn resistance band

  2. The Youlisn resistance band fitness equipment, nylon pull rope system with foam handle, 3 adjustable pulling tension full-body workout exercise bands for resistance training , strength  yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, and home gym it consist of  2PCs

    resistance band
    resistance band

product overview

check out the product overview here :

Brand name : you list

Manufacture name: Szone

pull tension : 6. 6lb x 12. 1 lbs x 17.6lbs

The suction of sucker : 110lbs

Resistance rope length : 78 . 7 inch 2 m

Net weight / gross weight : 2.2 lbs / 2.6lbs

 Changing the resistance level

level 1: 6lbs press both buttons down

level 2: 12. 1 lb press only one button-down

level 3 17.6 release both buttons


It is advised not to change the resistance level when the rope is stretched, otherwise, there will be abnormal noise.

resistance band
resistance band

what the Youlisn resistance band is all about?

The is another cool piece of strength training equipment that is  great at home all you need to do is find a good level and smooth ground to fix it and you are good to go the Youlisn pull rope strength training exercise equipment is easy to use you can carry on with  various types of workout exercise on it.

what about the quality?

Designed with high quality and rouged metal Axle and everlasting plastic materials to decrease friction and absorb the heat generated from any rough use, the premium quality cable is silent during usage, it makes no noise when using it!

How about convenience? 

It has a nonslip foam on it with a straight rod handle that protects again strain during training and any  exercise performance but not only that it also helps to have better grip and prevent calluses.

Are The Youlisn Resistance Band works?

Yes it does the job there are lots of various body workout that can be performed, it for full-body workout and can even be used for various fitness and sports activities it perfect alternative to used in replacement  of the dumbbell, an elastic exercise band, or chest band EZ barbell, cable curl machine etc..  so  it makes exercise easy and simple. 

who the Youlisn resistance band for? 

The is for everyone great for resistant and strength training for fitness at indoor and for all age group  for anyone who wanted to burn excess calories out of their body, it also for those who want to lose some excess weight out of their body, help to improve heart rate level and for those who want to build more muscle and stay healthier, with great pulling tension it is stronger enough for everyone with 3 resistance level of about 6.6lbs/ 12. 1lbs / 17 . 6 lbs .

Follow this link to grab your own or more info <<

what are the advantages 

Perfect gift for strength training fitness lovers

perfect for home gym at any time you can keep your body feet

use it to perform multiple exercises so you save more money on fitness equipment and even time to the gym.

Ergonomic design and can be adjusted

Strong and durable with a non-slip foam handle and comfortable grip 

Full body exercise can be performed to target different muscle groups from the body.

resistance band
resistance band

Buyers review 

check out what the buyer are saying about this product here. 

source >>

by shining hiker

“Good suction low resistance this resistance band is great for an at-home gym to get your muscle going. it can be used on the flat floor on the surfaces I use it on my tile floor or glass doors, and it works great and really keeps it secure.

I also used it on my kitchen counter to target different muscles at a different angle and it worked well. the hand strap is nice and comfortable; it does goo for targeting smaller muscle groups or juts toning. my wife really likes it as well. the best thing with this is that there are so many ways that it can be used. setting it up is easy as it comes fully assembled and it comes in a great box for storage. “


My opinion

These are great product value for money if you are looking for perfect gift ideas for strength training for a friend or your loved ones these great gifts you go for, and what makes me love these are their buyers feedback that has both they are saying a great thing about them wish is the cool and important thing for any product. 



I will like to hear back from you all and if you have any questions comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them at them down below thanks.





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