Gift Ideas Trending For Guys Who Like To Workout

Are you looking for the perfect idea gifts Trending for someone who likes workout? check this out and I am sure you are going to love these.  Look out for the most essential workout equipment to keep fit anytime anywhere even in the comfort zone.

On this topic, I’m going to be helping with a thorough review of these products and where you can get them at a lower price. Please if you have any questions comments or anything concerning this topic feel free to leave them at the comment section down the bottom.

what are Gift ideas Trending for guys who like to workout?

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Odoland 4-in 1 workout set

 Taeku Pulley cable machine

Odoland 4-in 1 workout kit

The Odoland 4-in-1 comes with a wheel ab roller, push bar, jump rope, and knee pad great ab and core fitness workout at-home gym equipment.

Odoland 4-in 1 workout set
Odoland 4-in 1 workout set

Product overview and features

  • Brand name: Odoland
  • Manufacture: Odoland
  • Part Number: SP0340-UNFBA
  • Material used: Foam, alloy steel
  • Item dimension L x W x H : 8.66 x 6.3 x 8.66 inches
  • Package Weight: 1.01 Kilograms
  • Bestseller rank: 3,485 in sport and outdoors and in core strength and abdominal trainers.
  • Customer reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars of 2,245 reviews

Odoland 4-in 1 workout set review

The odoland 4 in 1 ab consists of 4 and important workout equipment to keep fit anywhere. 2 wheel ab roller, knee pard, jump rope, and the pushup bar. 

Ab roller and the knee pad 

The knee pad helps to target and train the core it also helps to get ab muscles ripped, while the knee pad prevents your knees from getting hurt, the Odoland knee pad offers convenience and protection protecting knees from injury during the performance when rolling forward and backward.


 The upgraded ab roller with is with 2 wheels for more stability plus a built-in longer handle pipe, it can support up to 800lbs of weight and it’s covered with anti-slip resistance foam to guaranty you more stability.

Pushup bar and the jump rope 

The push-up bar provides better support and intensity during the performance while the jump rope help burn more excess calories and also great for body toning. The pushup bar comes with a detachable design plus anti-slip lines and protective rubber at the bottom mounts to the ground securely and won’t slip at all. 

Pushup bar can be used with the ab roller or if you like you may want to use it alone for deep ab toning because the bar is great for good support and intensity when pushing up, all of this equipments is for everyone to keep their body healthier no matter where you are. 

Odoland 4-in 1 workout set
Odoland 4-in 1 workout set

Advantages of having the Odoland 4-in 1 workout set

You enjoy high-quality materials with longer durability and easy assembling.

Do your workout anytime anywhere at your own convenience even at your comfort zone.

100% good customer service so for example if you have any issue with the product you can contact them to get it sorted out. 

Check out what buyers are saying here :

Buyers reviews

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“Very smooth well constructed and easy to set up and use, don’t buy anything else!

quite simply the best ab roller on their market I have used various ones in the past. at the gym, at friends, at work. nothing is as smooth, quiet, or as stable as this. the rubber tread is perfect. it is grippy and quiet. most rolled have har rubber or plastic tread. all are noisy when used on anything but carpet.

This can be used on any surface for a smooth and grippy motion. the ebooks are comprehensive and detailed. they have a lot of information in from a real beginner to more advanced needs the company follow up your purchase with correspondence to ensure you are satisfied. which I am. but it is nice to touch don’t buy anything else!

B. Reeves 

“It is good deal for the pice, this is essentially 4 different products so I will go over each one separately, but I will lead with my conclusion. it is worth it for the inexpensive pushup bar alone and maybe the ab roller if you don’t mind a little DIY on the role. the knee pad and jump rope are useable, but barely.

push up bars: I mostly use the push up handles to save my wrist during yoga they do a better job than foam block for me. the handles are plastic but quite sturdy. I am currently 235 lbs and they feel super solid under load. the grips are padded foam and the bases are even rubberized. they are actually much better than I expected.

the ab roller, could be better, but get the job done. the center rod is actual metal so there is no worry of breaking it under human weight. the handles do slip off easily, but that hasn’t been a problem during use for me. it is annoying every time I try to pick it up or take it out of the bag and it is fallen apart again. I will probably try to add some thickness to the metal bar with tape or something so they stay on better. 

the knee pad: it gives some cushion which is better than none, but I d call it inadequate for hard floors. save your knees, use it only on carpet or mixed with a 2nd pad like a yoga pad. I will probably just end up recycling this to wrap around that chair leg I keep stumbling my toe or something… 

The jump rope: I am not a pro jump rope or anything but I have used decent ones at a gym and this one is not cool.”



“A great kit of useable items, better than getting each separately. it is a very good kit for the price. if you just want the ab wheel roller, you can just get one for 5-15 dollars. I use all three items, so this was worth it for me.

wheel roller works. I thought it was going to fall apart, but the handles don’t come off unless you tug at them. they hold up fine if you onto one handle and jump up and down. as for the use, it is two wheels on a bar hard to mess that up which is why a 5-15 dollar one would work just as well.

push up bar works. very stable on hardwood floors. very nice to have since I do a lot of pushups, can also use them for mini dips normal if you put the bar on some elevation or some bodyweight holds. padding is sameish as on the other two items, but since a lot more vertical force is applied when doing pushups/ dips, you will feel the bar and it can be uncomfortable for your lower palm area. I definitely commend some gloves with padding when using these.

Jump rope. initially, I was going to get an ab wheel roller and a jump rope separately, which is why this item caught my attention. jump rope works like a jump rope. I read from reviewers that it is not the best, but I can’t tell the difference. maybe I need to get a premium rope but for the activity of jump roping, it works. I don’t cut off the extra rope; I just tuck it back into the handle.

don’t tuck in the leftover rope into the handle. it will clog prevent the rope from rotating while doing jump ropes and tangle up.

The mat is fine. there is some padding there, but when you go down with an ab roller, the mat feels pretty stiff on your knees. it is better than a hardwood floor, but using a yoga mat is better.

 opening it up made me feel like someone just threw all of the items in there and that I was getting used items with a likely chance of missing some parts. fortunately? I can’t tell if they are used so far and everything is in there.

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Taeku Pulley Cable machine

The Taeku pulley cable machine for men and women muscle strength fitness equipment for forearm wrist roller training for Lat pulldown, bicep curl, triceps extensions workout straight curved, and many more.

Taeku Pulley Cable machine
Taeku Pulley Cable machine

Product overview and features

  • Brand name: Taeku
  • Manufacturer: Taeku
  • Part number: HW-QBJS02-CS
  • Material used: iron +nylon rope
  • Item weight: 1.5 kilograms
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 16.14 x 14 x 4.33 x 4.33 inches
  • Customer reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars of 246 reviews
  • Bestsellers rank: 20,857 in sport and outdoors and &( in strength training arm machines
  • Date first available: April 25, 2020

what included in the package

  • 1 loading pin
  • 1 100 strength nylon rope
  • 1 silent pulley and strap
  • 4 hoist buckles
  • 1 straight and tricep rope
  • 1 user manual

Taeku pulley cable machine review

The Taeku pulley cable is made from high-quality materials, silent pulley comes with a steelhead, reinforced nylon wheel of about 90 mm diameter, deep and safe grooves with no breakage for perfect execution.

100% heated nylon to ensure longe term durability, plus the metal-coated load pins of about 9.4 long and 0.4 diameters combine with that is the maximum weight capacity of about 220 lbs and diameter of about 3 % at the bottom. Very convenient and make no noise when using it.

Taeku Pulley Cable machine
Taeku Pulley Cable machine

Easy and convenient to use

The Taeku pulley cable is convenient it comes with a detachable handle so that you can connect with other fitness equipment very easily, a perfect foam straight rod handle for all your various workout exercises. Antislip handle for a comfortable grip, thick nylon rope round handle to decrease grip fatigue.

it’s adjustable

The Taeku pulley rope can be easily adjusted to adapt prior to your own height usable in standing and sitting positions. Great training rope to target various parts of your body including arm, wrists, forearm, and help in muscle tension. Workout your body at anytime home anytime you want.

How to assemble the Taeku pulley cable machine 

By easy buckle and removable handle just passing the loading pin through the center hole of the weight plate and then connect the part. The lifting pulley system can be connected to the power frame, upper tie rods, beams, and wherever bels can be installed ready to be used.

Taeku Pulley Cable machine
Taeku Pulley Cable machine

Advantaged of having the Taeku Pulley cable machine

100% money back and good customer service guarantee plus if you have any questions or any issues concerning the product you just contact them.

The equipment comes with a package size for easy caring wherever you want to workout.

Great for both beginners and professional use for increase muscle, tone body, and lean muscle good for various fitness activities.

 Check out what buyers are saying here :

Buyers reviews

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“Great pulleys for the price e, I am very pleased with this lat pulley machine set up. it is easy to setup. since the covid lockdown began weight plates are very expensive and hard to find so I used a kettlebell weight I already owned with my pulley and it works just fine. yeas I did receive the rope pull. for my home gym needs, I am very happy. I had a shoulder injury and this is part of my home physical therapy.


the excellent product this was a great buy. since gyms closed due to covid, I was looking for an at-home gym system. this right in and easy to operate and set up. excellent materials. I thought it might be cheaply made due to the cost. not at all! perfect for anyone expanding they’re at home gym.

Jonathan Kamin

fine home gym and worth the purchase, you get what you pay for and I am not disappointed. the carabiners could be more heavy-duty, and so could the weight attachment but it works just fine. the rope pulls down attachment is solid.


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My opinion

In my opinion, these are definitely great workout equipment for anyone who looking for gift ideas for their loved ones or friends, and what makes love these products is their customer rating and what those that had bought them are saying and which I think it’s very important when buying any products.

Trending Gift ideas for guys who lik to workout

Odoland 4-in 1 workout set

 Taeku Pulley cable machine


Please if you have question comment or anything concerning this topic feel free to leave them down in the comment section below thanks.



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