How Do You Keep Your Body Fit-What Are Chest Exercise Doable Anywhere.

There are some certain exercise that you can perform  also at home to train and keep your  body fit, these are exercise that are easy to get into and the most better part of it is that anyone can perform it.

whenever you get the opportunity, train your chest and stay strong from the comfort of

How Do You Keep Your Body Fit-What Are Chest Exercise Doable Anywhere.
How Do You Keep Your Body Fit-What Are Chest Exercise Doable Anywhere.

your home,  has never be these easy.

On this topic i am going  to be disusing about chest training exercise here, these are  great chest exercise that can also  be done without having to go to the gym.

By follow the easy steps that i am going to be showing you be here, you will be surprise how your body will get into shape quickly.

You will  find this topic very interesting if you  afford  or you have  less time to dedicate to the gym, you can follow the easy to do steps right here, and exercise your body.

This is what i am going to be talking here :

Great chest training exercise that can also be perform anytime at home

What are they  all about.

The correct performance  and the precautions

Start with the push ups

Pushup is a great training exercise that anyone can do, it will help  train chest as well as your triceps and abdominal s, it is seen as a chest exercise, that can also partiality train shoulders.

pushup can be perform  at home or anywhere , there are many ways that you can position your self and target, train, and  add more strength to  many parts of your body.

For example the way you are going to position your self for  a  triceps pushups is different from that of chest or shoulders pushups.

A triceps pushup can perform planting hands under your waist, while the  normal pushups is not like that, i will show you here how to do it.

The normal pushups will help in training the pectorals, and what makes this exercise to

be an exceptional is that, its doesn’t cost  you anything or any equipment at all, if you have a fitness mat that is great if not, do it on the floor.

How do you normally perform pushup

Here is how to perform a normal pushups, the  correct position is very important here follow this easy simple steps when ever you want do it :

To get started, find a good place to position yourself  perfectly, you can put  your fitness mat on the floor if you have one if  you doesn’t have just look for a better position for

How do you normally perform pushup
How do you normally perform pushup


Go down and lie on the floor with your arms standing straight, slightly extend your hand to be at  the shoulder width, let your palms be flat firmly on the floor?

Put your feet together, let it  be a little bites spreed.

Then go down slowly, bend down your elbows  so that you bring torso to nearly touch the floor.

Don’t hollow your back, let your back be straight throughout, then come back up again and exhale as you move up.

Make sure that you are not too rush, move slowly, don’t let your hands be more  than shoulders width.

Let your feet remain together or  slightly spreed, let your palms remain still on the floor

throughout, you can then repeat the same process again to prior your reps.

Continue with  the decline pushups

This is what i am talking about  when i said “positioning”, the decline pushup position is a decline way of  pushups.

The decline pushups can be perform planted your feet on  top of a bench or anything that can gives an elevated or a decline move.

Once you have  finished with normal pushups you can go along and continue with the decline push up, this exercise will target and train  the upper chest (upper pectoral) and even train your triceps partially.

Follow this east steps to perform it when ever you want to do it.

Decline pushup performance and guide

Find  a good position for yourself and arrange the table  that you want you use, or any other objects that can give you a better and correct elevation, just make sure that it can  reg your weight on it.

So place your feet on a bench position your hands on the floor very tight don’t you

Decline pushup performance and guide
Decline push up performance and guide

hollow your back.

Then go down lower your your chest down word till it slightly touches the floor, at that point, movement pause briefly for a second or 2  for your muscle to fully contract.

Push your body back up afterward  to the starting position and exhale, here are  the quick note to follow when performing this exercise

Quick note to follow

Place your feet very well on the bench, or find a good object that can reg your weight throughout.

Let your legs be straight through  and plant your hands still on the floor tight

keep your core and abdominal stiff do not bent at all

Don’t let your hips turn or move  let it be moving along strictly with  the rest of your body

Let your chest nearly touch the floor when you go down

Dumbbell floor chest press

For this exercise you only need a pair of dumbbells  and your fitness mat, the dumbbell floor is one of the great exercises you can perform at home  if you  have the possibility.

It will help in training all the muscles in front of your chest, it very easy to do and you

don’t need any more equipment s, try it,  follow this process when ever you  have time to do this exercise.

Dumbbell floor chest press exercise guide

To get started find a better position then, lie down on the floor or on your fitness mat if you get one, the grip you want to use for this exercise is an overhand grip, so grab your dumbbells.

Let your upper arms rest on the floor, hold up the dumbbells in front of your self, then slowly extend your arms to nearly touches the floor hold that position for at a second.

Let the muscle on you chest  fully contract, and bring back up your hands again to the beginning position, you can then repeat the process again to prior your reps, upon doing

this exercise here are what you should take into the considerations, these are very important points here:

keep note of these

Move slowly and carefully, do not rush your self

Be concentrated and focus on target your chest muscle

Keep your back on the floor throughout for a better performance

Hold your hands down for a seconds at the lower position to fully contract your muscles

Let your legs remain still on the floor throughout the performance


Follow these  easy steps here to train your self whenever you  want, anywhere and  keep your body fit, make sure that  you do not overweight yourself be sure to grab the weight

that your power can be able to control throughout,  hold the weight tight don’t let weight fall on down from your hands  or stray off your hands.

Ask your questions

If you ever have any question, comments or anything concerning this topic or you have got other way or training exercise to perform at home that you want us to know about,

please leave all your questions and comments down bellow and i will be more than happy to hear from you all, thanks.



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