How Does CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test Work-Explained & Review


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About CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test

The CrossDNA advanced sports DNA test is a reliable test that you can do from home, it includes a swab collection kit, to collect your sample. This’s a genetic test against over 90 variants that can influence your training as well as your athletic performance.  A cross DNA test is for every, it’s a multidisciplinary report for the professionals, mediate, and also for the beginners.  An understandable text that gives you a visual understanding and full details about your sport genetic profile, lets you discover the benefits and the risks.

Product Details

test typeSport DNA Test
Result type6 to 8  weeks
Dimension7.5 x 5.5 x 1 inches
Weight2.11 Ounces 1.9 Ounces
Suggest usersUnisex
Global rating4.6

How Does CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test work-Explain & Review


A reliable DNA test that you can do from home to find out which and what your body needs the most, can help you with sport activities to get the best out of your various Fitness workout routines. An Accurate test with  90 separate DNA tests available for you at a lower price, plus the result is fast and in-depth so you can rest assured.

This test helps you discover your genetic profiles that can influence your endurance and wellbeing, it influences your athletic power, your muscle strength, and mass muscles, how your body responds to exercise, exercise motivations, recovery rate, injury risk, and pain tolerance.
The results of this test can help you get the most out of your various exercise and workout routines. You can also  follow the personalized exercise plan based on your genetics and optimized your workout based on your genes,

CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test -How Does CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test Work-Explain & Review
CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test

It helps identifies genetic variants, for example, that one influence obesity risk and weight loss ability, it gives you the ability to pursue a diet and exercise plan that is the best for your genes,  so that you can quickly improve your health and lose the extra pound on your body while following your genes.

A unique DNA nutrition test that identifies your genetic variant that influences how efficient an individual is able to absorb, activate, and utilize vitamins and mineral available,  mind you, individuals that carrying these specific genetic variants are at increased risk of nutritional deficiencies and dietary changes may be required to make sure that a healthy nutritional status is back to normal.
it helps you improve your health and nutrition based on your genes, more than any other Genetic DNA does.

Content included in the CrossDNA Test kit is:

  •  Instruction a simple guide with icons and foam to be filled and signed
  • 2 Gloves to perform the whole process
  • 3 Swab and stability capsule and stickers
  • 4 bag for stocking sample and delivery
  • Pickup included
CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test -How Does CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test Work-Explain & Review
CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test

What Are The Basic Information That The CrossDNA help You Discover

  • It helps you analyze and discover the benefits and risks of your cardiovascular predisposition
  • It informs you about your breathing and predisposition to different levels of your lung capacity.
  • It helps to identify how diet affects you and your ability to assimilate different micronutrients according to your genetic predispositions.
  • Discover your health variable and the genetic predisposition of aspects of your health that will allow you to optimize your training.
  • Learn about your creativity and your personality, then apply that knowledge to your training, so you can get the most out of yourself discover to understand how the environment affects you, solutions like sunlight air, and more, so that you can guide your training
  • Discover which country your DNA comes from and curiosity, the Olympic medal of your most deeply rooted country.

CrossDNA Test Compare

CrossDNA sport genetic test gives you more information than any other test from the competitors or any other test in the market. it helps you discover and interpret the data from the point of view of an elite athlete, plus you get a PDF report downloadable, with over 90+ traits included with the fast, convenient,  accurate, and reliable result within a couple of days,   no any hiding fees included.

Your DNA sample test is easily collected using a Discreet, quick, and painless cheek swab, so no doctors appointment included in this test whatsoever, plus this test can be done on individuals of any age, the full genetic report is included with every test and it’s also available online in a secure generate account. A downloadable app is also included and available for free.

Painless DNA Test

This’s a  painless test you can do from home to discover about the right nutrition, the perfect fitness exercise, and just need your  (cheek swab) sample to collect your sample in the comfort zone of your home with no other extra fees.  This test is for everyone, with no age limit in this one, so it can be done on every individual of any age level,  it’s for newborns and adults.

Result carried out has been automatically crosschecked and run twice at their most accredited testing lab using the most sophisticated and utility advanced robotics technology.

The test is a  reliable one and with all the respect for your data, they never share, sell or use your information for any reason to any third party. You’re the one in control of how your genetic information and how it used. An accredited lab test you can take conveniently,  they have every resource to protect your DNA  result, plus they process your sample directly in their CLIA  Certified lab and then send your result back to you directly when finished.

CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test -How Does CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test Work-Explain & Review
CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test

What Is Included In The Kit

The DNA test kit included is easy-to-follow, plus instructions, cheek swab, and prepaid return envelope. So all you have to do is to register online or download their free Life profile app and receive a personalized, in-depth report in less than  6 to 8  days about your unique fitness genetic profile.

Collection envelopes, and post-paid-free shipping.  No additional or hidden fees included. A DNA test that you can do from home. The test kit allows you to take an accurate test without getting out of your comfort zone or without wasting time.

How To Use The CrossDNA Sport Test

Get An Affordable, Confidential, And Accurate Fitness DNA  Test

Fast and right from the corner of your home, everything you need to carry out a rapid DNA  test has been provided,  what you just need to do is to collect your sample cheek swab and submit it back to their lab. You get your result fast and in private, discreet, and  100% confidential at home.

DNA analysis with the most in-depth and sophisticated technology gives you a fast and reliable result. All the test carried out has been carefully double-checked twice to ensure accuracy, so you can rest assured that the result you are getting is reliable.

CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test Combo Test Compare To Other Test Of Competitors Like Genovate DNA Test

CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test -How Does CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test Work-Explain & Review
CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test

CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test VS Genovate DNA Test

Discover Your In-depth Fitness Genetic Profiles,  the CrossDNA test compares to the (Genovate DNA test ) is a great and convenient DNA test that helps to explore your sport abilities, nutrition, environment, your body behavior to certain routines, and much more. Know the right sports activities that suit you.

Easy To Do And Convenient

The fitness DNA test is easy and convenient to do right from your comfort zone, just order your kit, collect your swab cheek with no spit, register it and send it back to their lab, then wait for your result that will be out in a couple of  6 to 8 days from the day your sample kit arrived back at them.

  CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test Result Is Accurate And Downloadable With App

Your DNA is accurate, fast, and downloadable, it’s even available online and on the app. You get a free app on your smartphone, so you can always have your test result on your fingertip to take a look and let it guide you whenever you are shopping or when to carry out your various workout routines.

Is CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test Legal?

A Formidable Fast and Accurate Result, You are getting the most reliable and accurate result online in one of the secure labs in the industry. Get tested for the most reliable DNA test  and you get tested for your fitness  genes  to be precise, with the result cross-checked  twice to ensure accuracy

  CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test Is A Certified Lab Test

This one of the formidable US labs with  AABB contracted and accredited, the highest standard in accreditations, and participates annually in College Of American Pathologies ( Cap ) proficiency tested. Every DNA test is verified and signed by an experienced chief scientific officer.

You are going to get notified when the sample arrives at the lab,  then you can expect your result within  6 to 8 days after is received.

CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test -How Does CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test Work-Explain & Review
CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test

Secure All Individual Privacy Respected

The test is secure and all the individual privacy has been respected,  you can even decide in which way you want to receive your result, choosing by email, phone, or mail.  It’s secure and they have measures in place to make sure your data and information are always secure, private, and confidential.

8 Key Decision-Making Factors To Do CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test

  1. No hiding fees included
  2. Accurate and guaranty
  3. Certified lab test
  4. Fast, reliable, and confidential result
  5. Good customer care service anytime, you can get in touch with them on one on one base customer service, once your sample arrived at the lab.
  6. You will be assigned a customer care specialist who will email you when your sample arrives and
    keep you up to date every step all along.
  7. Their customer care is specialized it’s an experienced one, the result is also available by phone or email anytime.
  8. Good review and rating from those that are using it,  check out  what those that using have to say here <<

Pros And Cons Of The Genovate DNA Diet And Fitness 3 Combo Test


  • Easy, faster, and accurate
  • Convenient
  • Reliable result
  • Certified lab test
  • 100% good customer service anytime they offer fast shipping as well as excellent packaging to keep your package from getting damaged during shipment.
  • +plus you can get in touch with them anytime via their customer service in case you are having issue with the product.
  • 100%  full refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with what you purchased you can return the product for your full refund.


  • Not the cheapest option
  • The result takes 6 to 8  weeks to get to you

Is CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test kit  Worth Buying, Why?

I would say this is a great test from a great lab well know for their accurate test and reliable result, so if you are looking for a valuable Sport DNA  test without breaking the bank for it, that will work then  I would recommend this one.

Conclusion Of The How Does CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test Work-Explained & Review

This post has helped you with a thorough review of the  How Does CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test Work-Explain & Review including videos, ratings, and reviews from those that are using it.
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Does CrossDNA Advanced Sport DNA Test




Good value


Overall performance is great



  • Convenient
  • Accurate
  • Fast


  • Result take 6 to 8 Weeks
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