Donkey Calf Raises.

The Donkey Calf Raise For Soleus And Gastronomius Muscles.

The donkey calf raise is an exercise for the calf. This is one of the best and effective exercise for your calf , it train both your soleus and gastrocnemius muscles.

This exercise can be performed using donkey calf raise machine or  caring one of your training partner at the gym on your back.

 The carrying your training partner is one of the oldest system used to train calf before the insistence of the donkey calf raise machine or any other type calf training machine.   set the donkey calf raise machine to your size before begins the exercise.

How to do  donkey calf raise!


Position yourself well,  first thing is to Bend down and Position yourself under the donkey machine  after you had adjusted the donkey calf raise machine.

Your lower back should be hanging down at  the safety pad,  your feet less than your shoulder width apart and bend your knee a little. Put your hand in, on top of the front pad of the donkey machine and hold the front handle.

Keep your knees motionless throughout the entire exercise they should not move around during the performance .

Your upper body should be parallel to the ground and let the donkey machine back pad rest on your bottom part of your back.

Make sure that you do not create any momentum or difficulty that can jeopardized the good performance.


So, lift your heels until your calf muscles are fully contracted.

Don’t extend or bend your legs when you lift your heel Exhale as you lift the weight with the bottom of your back and make sure that you don’t move your knees, extend only your ankles.

Then, lower your heels again slowly and carefully inhale as you do, the down motion should be slower than the up motion. You may need to be supervised by an expert or personal trainer.

Donkey calf raises exercise

Donkey Calf Raises

If you are performing it carrying your training partner just have it in mind that your heels than touch the floor, but do not rest on your heels and you can increase the stretch at the lowest position of the donkey calf raise by standing on 10 kg plate or a lower box.

precaution and safety steps  during  donkey calf raise. 

position yourself  very well focus and be still  Keep a correct position throughout the performance you feet should be less than your shoulder width.

Hook your lower back under the donkey calf machine pad, the pad must be resting on your lower part of your back don’t rest on your heels and do not to create any difficulty.

Make sure that you keep your knees motionless throughout the entire exercise, adjust machine according to the size of your leg.

keep the calf working and concentrate. Keep only your calf working slowly, steadily and concentrated.

extend only your ankles do not extend or bend your legs when you lift your heel make sure that you don’t move your knees flex harder at the top before slowly lower the weight back to the starting position.

The down motion tho, should be slightly slower than the up motion.

Health benefits in  donkey calf raise!

It help  train and strengthen the calf, The donkey calf raise is an effective exercise in training your calf it helps boost the calf muscle and helps develop the soleus muscle of the lower calf.

It is also an effective gastrocnemius exercise that  helps with the development of mass and powering  calf.

It shape up your lower body and helps increase muscle tissue. The donkey calf raise helps add V shape to you leg and helps trains the lower leg muscle.

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