How To Train Forearm Muscles-Seated Reverse Preacher Curl.

For more forearm muscles do reverse preacher curl an effective forearm exercise.The reverse preacher curls is an exercise for forearms muscles, it is one of the effective forearms exercise and it also trains the biceps partially. Reverse preacher curls can be performed with the dumbbells or barbell the  preacher curl bench is also needed for this exercise.

The grip is what makes it to be different from the normal preacher curls. You will be using an overhand grip for this exercise and  it is advised to use the EZ-bar but the straight bar can also do it better, you can start with one arm at a time using the dumbbells or with the barbells.

How to do seated reverse preacher curl


Sit down on a preacher curl bench and grab the barbell with an overhand grip, with your upper arms  flat on the arm support of the preacher bench.  Don’t elevate your shoulders and your elbows throughout the process.  Load the weight that your power can control and don’t let the weight fall or stray away from you hands. So, curl up the weight slowly  without elevating your shoulders and inhale as you move.


Curl up until the bar is approximately 20 cent meter from your shoulders or before it reach the vertical level and extend your arms slowly as far as you can or to your elbows convenient and exhale as you go.

Seated Reverse Preacher Curl.
Seated Reverse Preacher Curl.

 Keep your elbows slightly close to each other, your arms should be parallel together throughout.  The level advised for the lowering down is at least 175 degree and do lower down slowly to prevent injuries to your elbows.

Do not create momentum or any difficulties that can jeopardized the good performance to yourself during this exercise. You may need to be assisted by an expert or a personal trainer on this exercise don’t overweight. Repeat the process again to your desire rep

safety steps  to follow when doing seated reverse preacher curl.

Hold the bar tight to your hands don’t let the weight fall off your hands of stray away.

curl up the weight slowly without elevating your shoulders.

 Lower down slowly to prevent injuries to your elbows.

It is advised to lower down to at least 175 degree.

Grab the barbell well and use an overhand grip.

Do not overweight

keep your elbows slightly close to each other

 Your arms must  be parallel together throughout.

Do not overweight for this exercise to prevent yourself from getting hurt.

load the weight that your power can control.

 Reverse preacher curl benefits.

Reverse preacher curl help to train arms and  forearms muscle.

It is one of the best and effective forearms exercise to strength  arms and also train  wrist.

It partially train biceps and add more strength to arms.

It help to  train biceps and strengthen it.

It help to train the arms muscle.

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