Seated Calf Raises – Calf Exercise.

Seated calf raise- calf exercise  training  step by step performance and guide.

The Seated calf raise is a great  exercise that  helps train calf and give  V shape at part of the muscle down to the achilles.

Its also train  the upper calf and  gastrocnemius muscle. Seated calf raise is one of the important calf exercise to train and for  development of the soleus muscle to the lower calf.

It is performed using a seated calf raise machine, make sure that    the machine is adjust to the weight that is convenient for you  and hang your legs tight to the foot pad.

How to do Seated calf raise!


Position yourself and adjust the seated calf raise machine in to your confident, with  your legs hang tight to the leg pad.

sit on the seated calf raise machine and place your toes on the bottom crosspiece, hookup your knees under the crossbar pads so that the pads rest on the lower part of your quads. The pads should be resting on your lower part of your quads.


Press up on your toes until your calves are fully contracted. Flex it harder at the top and slowly lower the weight back to the starting position.

So slowly lower your heels as far as you can  toward the ground,  be concentrate focus on pressing and flexing your legs as you can, you don’t need to overweight yourself on this exercise load a normal weight that you can be able to control.


Seated Calf Raises
Seated Calf Raises

Concentrate on the rhythmic and the motion must be slow and steady you should feel your calf walking during the performance.

keep your calf working slowly,steadily throughout the exercise. Don’t create any difficulty or anything that can  jeopardise  the  good performance. Repeat the process again to your desired reps.

Precautions  steps during seated calf raise performance.

Adjust the machine and keep a correct position.

Make sure that  you adjust the machine according to your convenient or size of your leg, hooking your knees under the crossbar pads, the pads must be resting on your lower part of your quads. Do not create any difficulty or momentum during the performance.

Don’t move too fast be concentrate

Keep your calf working slowly and steadily no need to rush yourself during the performance focus on flexing harder at the top and slowly lower the weight back to the starting position.

Don’t overweight load the normal weight that your power can control.

Health  benefits in performing seated calf raise.

Its help to  train calf and strengthen it.

Seated calf raise helps in training your calf effectively,  it is one of the best calf exercise that train and  straighten  legs.

It helps boost the calf muscles, its  also helps with the development of mass and power in  legs.

It helps add v shape to  calf,  it is an effective exercise that helps develop the soleus muscle of the lower calf.

Its also helps shape up  lower calf,  seated calf raise is also an effective compound exercise, that helps increase muscle tissue.

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