Can You Enhance Training, Performance And Track Improvement With Blazepod Pods?

If you are looking for great training and fitness equipment to boost your performance, motivations, and analyze or track your improvement then this is for you, this post will help you with a thorough review about a product that you can use to enhance performance and track and analyze result.

I have come up with this review to help you with an insightful  review of a product and where you can get it at lower price, if you have any question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them at the bottom  and I will get back to them. 

Blazepod pod 

The Blazepod pods flash reflex lights and reaction training system, challenging activities to improve speed and agility for fitness and athletes you can do practice like martial arts, soccer, boxing basketball, coaches and train on. 

Blazepod pods product overview

Brand name : Blazepod

Manufacturer : Blazepod

Suggested users : unsex

Sport type : Exercise and fitness

Item package dimension L x W x H : 7.36 x 6.73 x 5.51 inches

Color : 4 pods standard kit

Package weight : 1.44 kilogram

Customer reviews : 4.3 out of 5 stars

Date first available: September 15, 2020

Blazepod pod
Blazepod pod

what the Blazepod pods is all about?

It helps to activate more empower to the  body mind and soul and not only that the Blazepod pods help to analyze performance, and track improvement.

The pod has a cool RGB led lights with 8 bright color options to choose from it comes with an auto connection and has about 40 meters  long-range connections to it app.

  It was made to last longer and well designed to withstand both so  indoor and the outdoor weather, rechargeable with   ion battery that with enough capacity of about 8 hours of operation when it is fully charged.

what makes me love this pod  is that it has a smash proof exterior that allows tap out with the feet the wall balls, boxing glove, and more.

Blazepod pods : what is it for?

The Plazepod is for motivating  it was designed for both physical and mindset training to help get the best out of any of your performance.

The  pod  can be very paired easily with it app called Blazepod app so that you can enhance and analyze  your performance, Blazepod pod it helps you to do more.

Blazepod pods flash product review for the professionals. 

The Blazepod flash reflex lights and reaction training system can also be redefined as a professional sports coach that is very important for therapists and fitness trainers.

 More things it does is that the Blazepod pods were made to challenge your athletes and clients to manage their results and help to enhance their performance. 

what training and activities you can use Blazepod pod for?

The Blazepod pods  are  very useful in various training activities to take your  training to the next level these  includes :



Cardio workout 



Physiotherapy arts 



and so much more

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Blazepod pads : how was the design?

The Blazepod pod  are cool piece of fitness items with an advanced and intuitive design it has such a unique design with visual mallow lighting no buttons or moving parts and they connect very easily with the Blazepod app and also powered by Bluetooth which consume low energy the pods itself light up with the superb RGB LEDs with 8 color options.

This is are great pods that permits you to maximize all the activity with different colors all along for various users.

Blazepod pods : which people can use it? 

The is insane great indeed! the Blazepods pods are for everyone from children to the elderly ones, it is for enthusiasts and also for the professional athletes with it different colors for different users it is cool stuff for motivation; so anybody can use it. 

is Blazepod pods durable  are they worth the money? 

Blazepod pods was  made to last longer they are incredibly strong and durable plus they can absorb hard hit during training session no matter how hard you hit them they remain strong they are very sensitive enough for a light tap.

They are  splash-proof and they had about (IP65) and UV protected. So it easy to take along with you anywhere you go very versatile to train at any time anywhere you are. 

How about their connectivity of the blazepod pods? 

Their connectivity is cool the pods has  long-range auto connection that reaches up to about 40 meters so it connects in a wide ranging and very easily.

Blazepod pod
Blazepod pod

what is included in the pack?

Here is what you get within the kit includes :

4 led light pods to create the most challenging activities competitions and tests for the athlete’s trainees, it also comes with:

1 charging base and an official blazepod hardshell protective case that fits the 4 pods. 

Blazepod pods : what are the advantages of using them?

Very important in boosting motivation perfect for training it  help activate more power during any physical activity. 

Very easy to use and it helps to easily track result through its app 

very strong well-designed build to last long it can withstand any whether plus they are smash proof. 

They are rechargeable with about 8 operation time when the charge 

for various kinds of training and indoor-outdoor activities. 

Buyer reviews 

 Here is what buyers are saying about this product here :

source >>

” A great gift my husband has been wanting these since he first heads about them months ago. I got them for him hoping it would be a Christmas present but was afraid he would buy them for himself and wound up giving them to him; he has put them to use and already made minor adjustments to his movements to yield faster reaction times; we’ve also played games with them as a family; worth every penny ! “

by K Craven. 


” Amazing and super versatile 

we purchased these for our soccer academy so we could track our athlete’s speed and quickness and use the data to show improvement and rank players in various exercises against each other. we didn’t realize how many things we could do with blazepod until we started to use them more. 

the app has tons of exercises already preset as well as the ability to create custom exercises to fit our specific needs for soccer players or our unique exercise that we made up. 

the pod’s connect super easy to our iPad and can switch from the iPad to the phone when we want to record video with one device. we are for sure buying more after the amount of success that we have had we currently have six but we have seen other coaches using many more pods for competition fitness.

 we were worried about how they worked in the day, but they work just fine, we have hit them with soccer balls and they do not break and are no issue on wet grass; I have to say that we are huge fans and these are more important to our training session than we ever thought; we are challenging our players to think faster than ever before and it’s fun to watch them process the information and see the reaction times and decision-making improvement. “

by Flash 7. 

My opinion

So my opinion is this after my thorough observation on this product though I’ve never use it but all I can say is that it worth trying out so let check  them out,  what makes me recommend this product is the fact that buyers are saying great things about them  and I think it very important.  Follow this link to grab your own or more info <<


On this topic, I’ve showed you great item that can make perfect  for fitness  tracking and enhancing I will like to hear from you all and if you have any question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave all your comment and question down the bottom and I will be more than happy to get back to them thanks.

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