Lower Back Extension Exercise.

Back extension performance and guide  – back exercise 

The back extensions is one the best    back exercise that help train  and maintain the back.   It is great back exercise  to train  and strengthen it.

This exercise is  aim at targeting the lower back with which you can always even feel the importance without using or lifting any weight at all.

To perform this exercise you need a hyper-extension bench, which consists of very good wide range of pad to rest your upper legs on.

Sometime you may need to regulate the hyper-extension bench first to the size that is fit for you.

Lock your leg very securely to the foot pad of the hyper-extension bench throughout the perform.

perform slowly and steadily, do not create any sort of difficulty or momentum to yourself.

This exercise must be perform correctly in a way it suppose to be perform. You may also need to be supervised by an expert or a personal trainer.

How to perform back extensions!


Position yourself  very well lie with you face down on the bench, let your ankles hang securely under the foot pads after you have regulated the hyper-extension bench to  the size that is fit for you and is secure.

Your upper thighs should lie flat across the wide pad, leaving enough room for you to bend at the waist without any restriction or difficulties lean your upper body forward to make sure that the wide pad is properly adjusted according to the size that is fit for you.


raise your torso slowly until your legs and upper body form a straight line

you may want to place your hands lightly along the side of your head, if not cross your arms in front of you. Do not round or hollow your back and . Be focus and concentrate on the performance. Hang your ankles very well to the foot pads.  don’t fall off from bench.

Lower Back Extension Exercise
Lower Back Extension Exercise

It is important to move slowly and when you a raising up, it must be slightly slowly bend forward at the waist as far as you can, while still keeping your back flat.


Return to the upright position while your body still on the straight line you can hold a weight or a disk in front of your chest to add more resistance,  repeat the process for the desired reps

Precautions and safety guide for back extension performance.

keep a correct position adjust and hangup your ankles

 Adjust the hyper-extension bench to the size that is fit for you and make sure it is secure, your upper tights should lie flat across the wide pad keep your back flat and do not round or hollow your back throughout the performance, your leg must lock very securely to the foot pad of the hyper-extension bench.

Don’t be too fast and concentrate

Back extensions must perform slowly,steadily and painstakingly it must be performed correctly and without creating any momentum or difficulty to your self. slowly and steadily raised up your torso to form a straight line with your body.

Benefits in performing back extension. 

It train back and help reduce back pain.

Back extensions is one of the effective back exercise that train and helps reduce the back pain it is  also straighten your back and helps make your back wider for a strong back.

Back extension prevent all  sort of  back pain from your body perform more back extensions during your workout for it is  an exercise for back maintenance and is one of the best back exercise you can do.

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