How To Perform Cable Curls- Bicep Exercise.

How To Perform Cable Hammer Biceps Exercise.

The biceps muscles are important and crucial for the pulling and lifting movements we do all time during the.

The cable biceps hammer curl is one of  best  biceps exercise, it is like hammer curl, you can  perform it in alternative to hammer curl, it help train the upper arms.

Cable biceps hammer curl is more efficient in contracting the biceps better than the dumbbell hammer curl.

A pulley machine with rope attached to it is needed for the performance of  this exercise .

Cable biceps hammer curl performance guide!

step. 1

Position yourself while still standing by the pulley set the pulley weight to your preference, your distance should be about 1 metre from the pulley machine.

Grab the rope attachment with both hands and slightly bend your knees to contract your abdominal.

Don’t overweight load the amount of the weight that your power can afford to pull and control. Your upper arm should be vertical, maintain and keep your elbows still and extend your arms.


Slowly curl up the rope until your biceps and forearms touch each other and exhale as you go.

Your elbows should be stayed close to your waist when pulling the weight and you should be stable and don’t move around throughout the process.  Be concentrate and don’t move too fast when pulling.

The down motion should be slightly slower than the up motion. Do not   hollow your back and do not elevate your shoulders.

Keep your abdominal contracted slightly and move your chest a cementer towards your hands as you curl the rope up in order to avoid using your back.

You should  be in control of the weight throughout the exercise.  Then   return to the beginning position and inhale as you go. Repeat the process again prior  to your desired reps.

How To Perform Cable Curls
How To Perform Cable Curls

Do not create any momentum or difficulties that can jeopardized the good performance of this exercise. This exercise should be performed without over do or overweight.

Precautions and safety guide to take when performing Cable biceps hammer curl!

Keep a correct position and be straight

Keep your elbows at your waist throughout the performance.  your shoulders should be lowed down as you curl and make sure to keep your abdominal contracted.

Do not hollow your back when performing this exercise make sure that your back is straight.

Extend your arms fully and don’t twist your hands when curling up it is advised to shift your chest forward a few cm as you curl.

Don’t be too fast and don’t lean back or move around

Move the hands slowly and carefully the down motion should be slightly slower than the up motion do not lean back or forward you must remain film.

Squeeze the biceps against your shoulders for some seconds.

Don’t create any momentum or difficulties to yourself during the performance.  You may also need to be supervised by an expert or personal trainer.

Health benefits in performing Cable biceps hammer curl!

It train the biceps for more strength

The Cable biceps hammer curl helps train the biceps it also helps in developing more size  to the biceps.

it is great exercise that helps build mass biceps muscle and helps with more strength.

Cable biceps hammer curl is one of the effective biceps exercise you can do for your biceps extensions and strength.

It is the biceps exercise that trains the upper arms like the dumbbell hammer curl.

It leads to more intensive biceps contraction at the highest point of the movement than the hammer curl with two dumbbells.

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