Proper Deadlift Performance – Great Back Exercise.

Deadlift back exercise performance, it is one of the effective  back exercise to train  for more strength and health back.

Deadlifts help to train  up the whole  body,  back , butt, arms, forearms, shoulders and traps, its also help to train   abdominals all at the same time. more to that , is its help  help  to boost  extra testosterone into the body.

 It  is the best exercise to get bulked up quickly and  for more extra testosterone, which help body to build more muscle. It is advise to  perform properly in a way it suppose to be. You may also need to be observed  by an expert or personal trainer.

How to  perform deadlift .


position yourself  correctly and stand straight with your feet hip distance apart from each-other and bend down like you are in sitting motion until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Make sure that your back is straight and your spine should be close to the neutral position as much as you can.


So, grab the bar with an overhand grip, your hands should be slightly wider than your shoulder-width apart. Draw your abdominal muscle in, and lift the bar slowly and painstakingly then,   exhale as you go. Make sure you hold that position for at list 2 to 3 seconds and return the weight to the floor.


 When the bar reaches your knees during the lift, slightly push your hips forward to raise your torso so that you are standing tall with your arms by your sides and the bar resting on your thighs. You may need to put on your weight belt so to prevent yourself and your back from getting hurt.

The weight must not fall or stray away from your hands, you must be in control of the weight do not let the weight control you. Then, repeat the process for your desire repetitions.


Deadlift performance safety steps.

Make an overhand grip.

Make sure that your back is straight.

keep your back straight and do not hollow your-back during the exercise.

The grip for this performance should an overhand.

Return the bar slowly and painstakingly.

Do not create any momentum or any difficulties that may not allowed for the good performance.

Put on your weight back safety belt on when performing this exercise to prevent your back from injuries or getting hurt.

 Deadlift Benefits  to health 

It helps train the back muscles.

It is one of the best back exercise that helps you train your back and helps making your back more healthier.

 Its  also help release extra testosterone into your body and makes your back wider and more ticker.

Deadlifts train almost the whole body and  back.

It is one of the all in one back exercise that train butt , arms, traps, and your abs. Dead-lifts also train forearms, shoulders,traps,and your legs.

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