How To Train Abs Lose Belly Fat Home Exercise Guide And Tips

Train abs muscles, lose belly with these tips and  exercise guide that will keep your body fit.

Achieve your fitness goals at home hasn’t be so easy like these one, there are many ways you can go about  to keep your body fit and lose more belly fat quickly without going to the gym at all.

It might not be compulsory to hit gym all the time to stay fit, don’t get me wrong, i am not saying that  going to the gym is bad or not good for you, the fact is that sometimes one might not have enough time and the opportunity.

So, as keeping   body fit  is very important to carry on in our day to day life, if you are not having  chances to go to the gym or you couldn’t be  able to afford it,

it all good just make sure that you are keeping your body feet at your home or where ever your, .. yes , there are ways to do that, i bet you.

On this topic i am going to be showing you how  to easily keep your body fit,  training exercise that you can do even on top of your bed, you will lose  out some belly fat, and

get your body back to fitness  with these guide, follow these trick tips wholeheartedly, do

your best, get rid of bad fat on your body while still at home, take good care of your body, focus and be motivated,  here are  the exercise  to try out at at home :

 Lying abdominal legs raise

Start with the lying abdominal leg raise, is one of best classical and traditional   abdominal exercise that you can perform to train  and straighten  your abdominal muscles.

This exercise can really help to target and train the entire abdominal muscles, it is  performed lying  with your back on the floor, your leg straight and raising  it up and down slowly.

The lying abdominal leg raise can also be performed on the flat bench or on your fitness

mat, there are many ways you can use to do this exercise to target each part of your abdominal muscles , for example,  lying your back down on incline bench, that means

you are training the upper part of your abdominal while the decline position,   permit you to train the lower  abs.

What really makes me  love this exercise is the fact you can perform it even on top of your bed, some time in the morning when I wake up my first morning exercise  is the

lying abdominal leg raise, to worm and stretch my self  up early in the morning.. so let look into how to perfectly do this exercise here :

 How to perform the lying abdominal leg raise

It is very easy to get started, follow this guide whenever you want to perform it.

Find a correct position and lie down with your back on your fitness mat, floor,  bench or on top of your bed,  just lie down on it, let your legs be straight , hold tight the side of the bench.

Raise your legs up slowly from the ground  till your lower back is off from the bench,

 How to perform the lying abdominal leg raise
How to perform the lying abdominal leg raise

floor , mat or  your bed.

So hold that position for  1 or  2 more second, the reason for this is that, you want to make sure that your abdominal muscles are fully contract .

Lower your legs back down to the starting  position.

Then you can repeat the same process again to prior your reps,

What you should take into considerations

Let your legs be straight throughout

Hold the side of the of the bench or bed tight

Down rush yourself move slowly when you go up and down

Let your fully contract when you go up lock briefly for a seconds or 2


Seated jackknife

Once you are done with the  lying abdominal leg raise , take a  3 or  4 minutes rest and continue with the seated jackknife, this is another great abdominal exercise that will help you train your abdominal effectively,  seated jackknife is also refers to as  “V-up”

It is an efficient exercise that will helps you target , train and straighten the upper and the lower part of the abdominal muscles.

Seated jackknife also can be perform in many ways but, lets go on with it while still on top of bench or bed, following this guide here:

Seated jackknife exercise  guide

while still on top of your bed or your flat bench or if not seat back on the side of  your  bench or bed.

Hold on to the side with both hand at  shoulder  width then,  lie back and raise your legs

Seated jackknife
Seated jackknife

slowly  until  reaching  a balance position.

Then bend your knees towards your upper body,  slowly move your upper body  to

maintain  the balance position at the same time, hold that position for a second or 2  to better contract  your abs muscles and you can then return to the starting position.

Repeat the same process again to prior your reps.

Rectus abdominal

It is a great exercise for the abs muscles, good to perform at home you will target, train and strengthen each part of long flat  muscles at the front part of the abdominal s, infarct this exercise will give a six pack  abs muscles figure.

To get is rectus abdominal done properly you will need a stability ball, and if you have one at home that is perfect.

Follow these process to get it  performed normally and get yourself a six pack abdominal figure :

Rectus abdominal  exercise guide

To get started find a better position to position your stability ball, so lie your back down on it,   put your hands on your head and let your feet be still tight on the floor.

Rectus abdominal  exercise guide 
Rectus abdominal  exercise guide

Raise up the upper  part of your  body slowly,   while  your lower  back is still at the stability ball, briefly pause that position for a second or 2 for your abs muscles to fully contract, and return back to the staring position.

You can then repeat the same process to prior your reps


upon my guides through  all these performance i  have come to the conclusion that, .. yes , it is true,  everyone should be able to get fit  at home, including, losing some belly

fat all along, these are great  training exercise that have guided you through here, if you don’t have stability ball at home you can go  along  perform  the “Leg raise on the” …how you do that ?

Leg raise on the floor exercise  guide

If you doesn’t have a stability ball at home you can alternatively perform the leg raise on the floor, follow this guide  here:

Leg raise on the floor exercise  guide 
Leg raise on the floor exercise  guide

Lie down on the floor extend your legs straight, position your hands on your head.

Raise your upper body  up slowly, hold that position for a second to perfectly contract your abs muscle, and exhale .

Return to the starting position slowly and repeat the same process again  to prior your reps

More important tips to stay fit and  healthy

Here are more tips that you can follow to lose more, belly fat, body weight and to stay fit and healthier

Eat less or not at all  glutinous foods 

Do  away from the high glutamine foods,  eat less or even if you can completely leave it, don’t eat them, they might add up to your  body fat,  you are not going to  shed any

weight if you continue eating glutinous food. so eat wisely , no what you are going to be eating, eating well is very important

Eat more vegetable foods 

It is pack with  high fiber and help body to improve the process of a high protein diet, it is pack with good nutrients and minerals that is important for the body, eating more

vegetables  of at least one serving at a meal will not only makes you stay and improve body health, but it will also provide nutrients that your body lack.

Ask your questions

If you ever have any question, comment or anything concerning this topic or you have got other ways to lose belly fat that you want us to know about please leave all you

questions and comments down bellow and i will be more than happy to get back  as quick as i can, thanks.


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  1. Hi,
    Great post. I totally agreed that there are times when we can’t go to the gym due to time limitations or affordability, but still, we have to keep fit. My two favorites among the list are the seated jackknifes and leg raise on the floor. Recently, I slacked off, but reading your post had inspired me to start working out at home.
    Thanks for the post.

    • Hi Benson
      I am very glad that you find this article very helpful, yeah jackknife is a great exercise doable at home it is one of the best exercise to train your body wherever you are have nice day for your self.


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