Leg Extension To Train Thighs

Leg extension will help isolate the muscle in front of your upper legs.

It is a strength muscle isolation  exercise, you will feel the effect when the work is going, you should resist.

The Leg extension is a perfect exercise that you can use to target the  upper part of your  leg for more strength and size.

On this topic, I am going to be helping you with an easy guide that you need follow whenever you want to perform this exercise.

If you are looking for a better exercise to train your leg better Leg extension  is one of the best quadriplet exercises that will train your

thighs better, thought it not a total leg training exercise, you can only

train the front of your upper with  legs it, so Leg extension can only target a specific group of the leg muscles.

what  Leg extension is about

This an incredible leg training exercise that will help deal with those muscles at the front of your upper legs (thighs) it is one of the

greatest tight exercises that is capable enough to help shape it up

and add more mass muscles, strength, and boost  more power, doing Leg extension regularly could boost your testosterone.

what do you need to perform  Leg extension

To perform leg extension you will need an extension machine sound and adjustable, the design of the machine may be different Sometimes, but that doesn’t matter.

What matter most is that it has to be adjustable so that you can easily set it up to your leg size.

Leg extension overview

Exercise type: Strength 

Target zone: Tight (upper leg front muscles)

Equipment needed: Leg extension machine


How Can you Do Leg Extension

To get start it is the easy, first thing you want do is to adjust the machine to suit  perfectly with your legs.

Be careful of you ankle, and  joint don’t let the padded bar rest on your ankle, let it be a little up, So that you wouldn’t jeopardize your ankles.

Any irregular adjustment you made might lead to an ankle or knee injuries and, infarct some fitness professionals, coaches, expert, and

trainers, had advised to always proper regulations and care or even

if  is possible to avoid the leg extension machine due to the unnatural pressure it can course on the ankles and knees.

If you don’t know how to adjust the leg extension machine ask a gym expert  or someone who knows how to properly adjust it for you.

Sit tight on it  and hook up your feet properly on the padded bar, after you would have adjusted it.

Let your knees hang out at the end of the seat and let the foot pad rest on the lowest part of your shins, don’t let it rest on your ankle.

Don’t let the pad rest on your feet or at the middle of your shins

How Can you Do Leg Extension
How Can you Do Leg Extension


Let it rest above of your ankle instead.

So, hold on to the edges of the seat or at the middle of the leg machine.

The reason for this is that you don’t want your body to move around when you are  lifting.

Your hips and the rest of your body should remain still throughout, in short, follow these quick guide to perfect performance


Adjust the leg extension machine before embarking on this exercise 

Position yourself properly on the leg machine

Ask somebody if you don’t know how to adjust the machine properly.

Don’t let the padded rest on your ankles 

The padded must not be at the middle of your shins

Move only your legs don’t move the rest of your body 

Don’t overweight yourself on this one 


Then extend your leg slowly upward till your knees are straight, hold that position briefly and lock for a second or 2,

the reason for that is to try as much as to contrast fully those muscle in front of your upper legs before you can then lower the

weight back again to the starting position, you can then repeat the same process to prior your reps.

what are the safety measures to take when doing leg extension 

Follow these safety guidelines for better performance whenever you want to embark on the leg extension performance .

This a helpful guide to always follow, the  proper adjustment of the leg extension machine is very important so that you perform safely

and without any injuries to your legs so,  always makes sure to adjust the machine before getting on it, if you don’t how to do it ask.

Then another important thing is  your position, make sure to position

yourself  very well, hang your knees off the end of the padded,  let the pad not rest on your feet or in the middle of the chins.

Move only the lower part of your legs, the rest of your body should

be still when you move up and down, don’t move your hips either throughout the exercise.

Move slowly,  don’t rush yourself,  make sure that your thigh muscle is fully contrasted before you move your legs back down.

Don’t overweight your self on this one, start with a lightweight to cash up, then you can increase the weight all along.

Be careful focus and concentrate on your performance, don’t do anything to your self, that can jeopardize the good performance, and

in fact, you might need an expert to assist and observe you out during the performance.

what can you benefit from doing leg extension 

The leg extension is great exercise, perfect to target a certain group of the muscle, it will target, train and boost more strength to the thigh muscles.

It is an isolation that will help strengthen your legs 

Leg extension can shape up your thighs and add good definition doing it regularly in a perfect way 


Here are the easy steps to follow, for perfect leg extension performance.

A great strength exercise that can train and help strengthen your joint.

You will boost more mass muscles to your thighs doing it correctly.

It can also help your hips, improve it and strengthen it, your muscle tissue increase drastically doing leg extension.

Ask your questions 

If you ever have any question what so ever or anything concerning this topic or you have got ways you do perform the leg extension

that you want us to know about, please leave all you comment and

questions down below and I will be more than happy to get back to all of them, thanks.






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