Leg Press.

Leg press,  the benefits  and how to perform it, hi everyone and welcome, on this post you are going to know how to perform leg press, how you can make use of it to train the  lower part of our body.

You are also going to know how you can perform it correctly,  to save yourself from injuries, infarct by the end of this article you are going to understand the important benefits that this exercise gives to your body, it not going to take much time then you know how to benefits from this exercise to train your legs.


Never skip Leg days

You will never skip leg days,  and  skipping this exercise will be a big mistake, leg press is easy to do, and it  is one of those exercise that you should always includes in your workout training.


How  Leg  Press Can Help You To Train your Lower Body

It is a  great incredible leg mass  building exercise,  good  enough to train and build more muscles at the lower part of the body.

It helps thighs and add more strength to it also,  Leg press is a wonderful leg exercise good that helps to train leg more efficiently.

It is an important leg exercise,  not so stressful to do,  and yet help to boost energy  to the quadriceps. You will train your thighs, legs and your core  more better with this exercise.

Leg press is one of the best exercise that allows you to add more weight when working-out but.

However,  it is advised not to exaggerate on it exercise,  you have to load  weight that your power can bear, so that you are not going to cause any difficulty to yourself.

Leg press can be perform with the leg press machine,  this exercise help to resist  more before pushing away the weight from your legs.

press ,  entails  as word,  is actually refers to the equipment used  to perform this exercise.

Leg press would also help train your glut, here are  the overview about leg press;

Leg press overview

Type of exercise : Strength

Muscle concentration: Quadriceps

Equipment needed: Press Machine


How  To Leg Press Machine

First thing you may want to do is to adjust the  leg press apparatus to  suit the part that you wanted to train in your lower body, position your self tight to the press machine.

Position your feet,  almost together against the crosspiece about your shoulder width apart hold the handle tight,   grips on it,   at the side of the seat, never let the weight push you out of the machine. Hold on tight to the handle at the side of the apparatus.


Leg Press
Leg Press

Important Notes

Don’t overweight yourself

Use your heels to push  weight back to up position

Hold the handle at the side of the machine

Don’t let weight push backward

Don’t any difficulties that will not allows you to continue with the good performance.

Focus yourself  throughout the exercise.


Then,  bend your knees slowly and lower the weight as far as you can,  without changing the position of your hips, pause that position for like a seconds or 2, push the weight carefully back up by using your heels.

Don’t luck your knees at the bottom  you can then,  repeat the same process again prior to your desire reps.

Safety Steps To When During Leg Press Performance.

Check and adjust the apparatus first before the exercise

Remember and make sure that you hold tight to the side handles so that the weight  wouldn’t push you backward, and injured,or get you hurt,  don’t lower the weight too far,  that your hips start to curl up off the seat.

Be painstaking when  lowering the weight and don’t use you toes to push the wight upward .

You don’t want to also lock your knees at the bottom, you are going  to take the weight to the top before you can lock it.

Leg press is an exercise that will help to build strength to your tight so, it has to be perform correctly and with good care taking into the consideration,.

You might have to be observed by your personal trainer on this exercise.

Don’t create any difficulty to yourself on this exercise be focus and concentrate try as much as you can to  target your quadriceps with this exercise.

Don’t overweight yourself on it,  so that you can be able to perform correctly, plus you can also be able to control the weight very well.

Lower down the weight  slowly and carefully, the down motion  should be slightly slower than the up motion.

Health Benefits In Doing Leg Press

Leg press helps to target the quadriceps primarily

It helps to train and with development of mass and power in lower part of the body.

Leg  press is one of the efficient compound exercise that helps in train quadriceps.

It help to train and increase muscle tissue

Leg press while helps to strength joint it also train your gluts muscles.

It help to improves core  strength and shape up lower body

It helps  to improves and strengthen hips

It is capable of  working the hamstrings

Leg press is more convenient to perform than  squat.

It allows for more weight


Leg press is a great exercise that will help to improves your quadriceps, it is capable in transforming your leg, is an exceptional exercise and easy to perform.

You should be doing exercise is are looking for a better exercise that can help you to train and improve your lower body with ease.


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