Lying Triceps Extension.

Here is Lying triceps extension,  and how to perform it.  Are you looking for a great exercise that can help you train your triceps more effectively? or are you looking for a training exercise that would allows you to  perform a moderate high reps 8 to 12 per set or even more?

if you are looking for a training exercise that will help you focus more and train  your upper body, then this exercise is absolutely good for you. in this article you are

going to know what lying triceps extension is all about, and what it can do for why is it good to perform it,  i am going to be showing you how you can perform. you are going to train, strength and build more to your triceps with this exercise.


What Is Lying Triceps Extension Is All About

The lying triceps  extension   is an exercises  for triceps, it is an exercise  that  helps you train  your triceps more better and effectively.

It is that kind  of triceps exercise that allows for more weight to train triceps muscle more efficiently, lying triceps extension helps to  upper body, triceps  with more weight for strong arm.


Lying Triceps Extension
Lying Triceps Extension
Lying Triceps Extension
Lying Triceps Extension

Which Equipment  Did You Need To Perform Lying Triceps Exercise

This exercise is effective on triceps muscle and it is one of great training exercise

that can be performed  while lying on the flat bench and using a barbell or even EZ curl bar, or if you will prefer dumbbells  to barbell  but still lying on the flat bench.

Now,  let get to know how this exercise can be perform in correct way using the barbell  or the Ez curl Bar,  to perform this exercise is pretty easy and gonna let  get it right  so, without any further ado let get down on it right here;

Type of exercise : strength

The target: Triceps

EQUIPMENT NEEDED : Barbells or EZ curl bar


How To Perform Lying Triceps Extensions

After you might have get yourself a flat bench and barbell or EZ then,

find a better position and position tightly grab with an overhand grip the EZ bar or barbell it doesn’t matter which one you are using i said before you can use both of them , not at the time , mind-you.


So, sit on a flat bench and lie down on the flat bench while still holding the the barbel with an overhand grip,  with your back your face should be looking upward, now and the top of your head should be at the end of the bench.

What you want to do right now is to extend your arms over to your head in the sense that the bar is directly over to your head.


Important Note

Make sure that your elbows is in tight

Don’t let the falloff from your hand

Hold the weight very well

Don’t overweight yourself

Focus yourself on the performance.

Load the weight that your power can be able to control

Don’t create any momentum or anything that can jeopardise the performance.

Your elbows should not move around

Then, lower the bar down again slowly  until it nearly touches your forehead, pause that position briefly for a second,  carefully press the bar back up with painstaking. then, you can then, repeat the process again prior to your desire reps.


Safety Measures To Take When Performing Lying Triceps Extensions

Remember  that you must hold the weight very well and the weight must not fall off or stray away  from your hands during  the exercise.

Remember that you must be in total control and be concentrated throughout the exercise.

Do not overweight yourself for you it might not allow you to perform correctly.

It is very important to  load the weight that your power can control for a  good performance throughout the exercise.

Don’t jeopardize your performance  do not create  any momentum or difficulties that would not  allows you to continue with the good performance.

You might need to be observed by an expert or a personal trainer on  this exercise.


Other Important Adverse

You should hold  the barbell with an overhand grip.

Your elbows should not be moving around  so also your upper arms.

Slowly lower the bar towards your forehead.

You must be in total control of the weight throughout the performance

Hold your upper arms in fixed position  throughout the exercise.

The down motion should be slightly slower than the up motion.


Health Benefits In Performing Lying Triceps Extension

The lying triceps extension is a great exercise that helps to train and strengthen triceps.

It allows for more weight  with lying triceps extension you can increase weight with no stress, but do not overweight yourself.

Lying triceps extension helps to train and boost more muscles to  your triceps.

It is one of the effettive triceps exercise that helps to targets the log head more

lying triceps extension is more convenient to perform.



Do  perform  this exercise correctly  don’t goby doing a workout  improperly, don,t injured yourself do  perform the exercise in way it should be done, lying  triceps

extension is one of the triceps exercise that you can do to train your triceps, it will makes your triceps feel great and stronger. Remember to perform it correctly and you are good.


Comment or questions

Did you have any question or you got  more ways to perform this exercise? if you have any comment or anything concerning this article please leave them down below. I will be happy to hear from you all, thanks

Mike rrsq.

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