Marcy MD-389 Standard Weight Bench Review

Looking for a sturdy and reliable weight bench for your home gym? Look no further than the Marcy MD-389 Standard Weight Bench.

In this review, i’ll take a closer look at this popular weight bench, including its features, benefits, and potential drawbacks, so you can decide if it’s the right choice for your fitness needs.

 About Marcy MD-389 Standard Weight Bench

The Marcy MD-389 standard weight bench with leg developer multifunctional workout station for home gym, great for weightlifting and strength training.

Marcy MD-389 Standard Weight Bench

Product Details And Overviews

Brand name Mercy
Manufacturer Impex
model number MD-389
Suggest users Men and women
Included components butterfly, bench, leg developer
Product type Exercise, fit at home
Material used Iron, steel foam cushion
Item weight 48 pounds
The dimension of the product LWH 60, 52, 47 inches
Color Multicolor
User reviews 4.1 out of 5 stars 445 reviews
Bestsellers rank 148,085 in sport and outdoors and 35 in standard weight training benches
Warranty included 2 years manufacturer warranty
Package weight 66.95 pounds
Part number MD389

Marcy MD-389 standard weight bench review

The Marcy MD 389 standard weight bench helps you get into shape comfortably and without taking too much space. It is a decent built with high-quality material. This bench comes with a perfect dimension for everyone to keep ease.

Great for home gym and can be used to carry out different kinds of workout to target various parts of your body. The Marcy MD 389 is well constructed with heavy-duty iron steel,  it’s made up of 14 gauge reinforced titular powered coated steel to guarantee durability. Strong enough to perfectly handle and absorb any daily heavy workout and withstand any strength and intense bodyweight exercise.

Combined with that are the utility density foam and pure leather. This bench is cushioning perfectly to give you total convenience during workout performance.

Marcy MD 389 bench is adjustable

Target various part of your body with this great standard weight bench plus the pack pad is designed so that can be easily adjusted, this bench has 4 adjustable backrest position with a soft cushion to support your back and preventing it from getting injuries even during an intense workout. No more back pain, strain, or any sort of injuries that can occur as a result of working out, so feel free to workout more anytime you want, no more pain.

Train And Build leg muscles with the leg developer

The bench comes with a powerful and yet comfortable leg developer that has roller pads on to keep your legs secure during the performance.

Another important feature included on the let developer is a pivot point to make it easy and simple for perfect positioning during exercise to accurately target and train various muscle groups so you can train and build leg muscles without any hassle what so ever.

Do More Different Exercise To Keep Fit.

You can perform different exercise and move to train and transform your body. You will find this bench incredible no matter who you are, whether you are a weightlifter, strength trainer. This bench is also for beginners, immediate or an expert.

Train and perfect your body at the comfort zone of your home anytime you want. This is a standard weight bench with regular size plus weight rack included to make it easy to get in touch, load, and offload the weight comfortably.

This is a great king of workout station that will help train your entire body. This bench has all features and qualities of an advanced full gym station has.

Target and train your legs, arms, back, chest shoulders, hamstrings, ab, etc… performing different kinds of exercise and moves including bench press, shoulder press, incline press and so much more.

If you are looking descent standard weight bench, this will work just fine.

Pros And Cons Of Marcy MD-389 Standard Weight Bench


  •  The Marcy brand provides excellent customer service with fast shipping and thorough packaging to prevent damage during shipment. They also offer easy accessibility to customer service to resolve any product issues. Additionally, they provide a 100% full refund guarantee for unsatisfied customers and a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

    Cons: One downside to the Marcy MD-389 standard weight bench is that it does not include a decline position.


  •  One downside to the Marcy MD-389 standard weight bench is that it does not include a decline position.

Is Marcy MD-389 standard weight bench worth buying

The Marcy MD-389 standard weight bench is an excellent product from a reputable brand.

Marcy is known for offering high-quality products to their customers, and those who have used this weight bench have reported positive experiences.

If you’re looking for a great value weight bench that won’t break the bank and is easy to assemble, I highly recommend this standard weight bench.


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