Meaningful Gift For Someone Who Loves To Exercise With 20% Off

Looking for a meaningful gift for your fitness lovers friends or loved ones?

 give these don’t too worry!. This review will help you with perfect idea gifts and where you can get them at a lower price discount.

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Check out the meaningful gift for fitness lovers here and their price: 

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Gracosy home workout kit

CDCASA adjustable dumbbell set

Gracosy home workout kit

The Gracosy sports ab roller wheel, 6 in 1 ab roller kit with a yoga mat, resistance band, pad, push up bars and handles grips,  home workout equipment for core and abdominal trainers.

Gracosy home workout kit
Gracosy home workout kit

Product overview features 

  • Brand name: Gracosy
  • Manufacturer: Gracosy
  • Part number: Gracosywerty37165
  • Item dimension L xW x H: 3.94 x3.94 x 3.94 inches
  •  Customer reviews: 5.0 out of 5 stars of 5 reviews
  • Bestsellers rank: 46,463 in sport and outdoors and 216 in core Strength and abdominal trainers
  • Date first available: July 9, 2020

what the Gracosy home workout kit is all about.

The Gracosy home workout sit is built to help keep your body fit anytime anywhere even in the comfort zone of your home. it consists of great training equipment like:

Jump rope 

The jump rope is cool and adjusts made with high quality and durable material portable easy to carry along and easy use anywhere anytime.

Yoga mat

Which can prevent you from getting harm during training on the floor it also boosts enthusiasm to perform more.

Resistance band 

It is effective and very helpful in strengthen and stretches muscles and also for the muscle tension

AB Roller wheels 

The ab roller is an upgraded one built with a longer handle pipe to make it more stronger and durable when using it for training your body it’s different from the rest of them in the market with one or two wheels with making them rip off quickly.

Pushup bars 

The pushup bar help to perform an effective push-up, so you burn more excess fat and calories out and lean the perfect muscle you’ve been dreamed for.


Grip help in training the muscles of your wrists and increase your arm strength.

Gracosy home workout kit
Gracosy home workout kit


You save time and more money on gym equipment train your body anytime anywhere even in your comfort zone.

It doesn’t damage the floor or carpet plus it is convenient to use.

100% good customer service and package guaranty, plus you can get in touch with them if you have any issue with the product and they will get back to you quickly.

Risk-Free purchase so you have your money back if you have any issue with the product.

Check out what their buyers are saying here:

Bayers review

Source >>

by- Tanya B.

Holding up after several weeks of use so far good, sturdy, and supportive while exercising. the mat is big enough to serve its purpose but I typically use a workout mat unless I have multiple stations set up.

by Natalie Lee

Great abdominal workout. not hard on body ordered this during the pandemic as the gyms closed. I’m really happy with all the stretches and workouts with this. Does not take much space to store. great value. I was not expecting the knee mat is great.

by Jennifer A Hedge

Great home workout kit, great product for an at-home workout during covid. provides lots of options and pack small for travel.

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CDCASA adjustable dumbbell

The CDCASA adjustable dumbbells, 44/66 Lbs weight set dumbells barbell 2 in 1 solid and configurable with rubbery protective cover, easy assembly, so you save more space at home. Great gym equipment for men and women.

CDCASA adjustable dumbbell
CDCASA adjustable dumbbell

Product overview and features

  • Brand name: CDCASA
  • Manufacturer: CDCASA
  • Style: dumbbells, barbell
  • Weight set: adjustable
  • Exercise type: fitness
  • Item package weight: 32.41 Kilograms
  • Best seller rank :2,548 in sports and outdoors and 26 in exercise and fitness dumbells.
  • Customer reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars of 79 reviews

By features 

  • Thickness: 4.5
  • Easy to assemble: 4.7
  • Sturdiness: 4.5
  • Value for money:4.3 
  • Easy to use: 4.2
  • Versatility: 4.2

CDCASA adjustable dumbbell set review

The CDCASA adjustable dumbbell is all in one fitness equipment that can be turned into the barbell or adjust to doing the dumbbell job. Each of the weights is about 2KG that is 4.4lbs, 2.5KG that is 5.5lbs, and 2.75KG which is 6lb.

Adjustable to barbbell

The dumbbell is adjustable and can be assembled into two single dumbbells or you can also make use of it as a barbell for it comes with connectable rods so its usable and barbell through it connect rods.

CDCASA adjustable dumbbell
CDCASA adjustable dumbbell

Perform various exercise. 

Perfect to carry out various types of exercise to target muscle groups from various parts of the body, multi-functional strength training, toning, and much other great training anytime anywhere better than any other exercise machines does. 

High-quality design

The dumbbell is built strong very solid build to the last longer with endorsed and frosted weight plates, coated with black paint, so it is rustproof and corrosion-proof.

Yellow protective cover around 

The yellow protective cover TPU is great and protective it offers cover-up for accurate grip and protection during the performance, you do not need to worry about scratching, scuff, or dented your floor.

Very easy to add or remove weight 

Very easy when adding or removing weight the spinlock collar is easily adjustable, plus the plates to the bar combined to that is  the screws that hold the weight are strong  formidable capable and making sure that the dumbbells never loose during performance, adjustable from 1lb to 66lb  easy anytime.

Advantages of having the CDCASA adjustable dumbbell.

100% good customer service guarantee with 24 hours professional aftersale team to solve any issue you have with the product, just contact them and they will respond to your needs quickly.

Save money, time, and space for your self get the easy to use fitness equipment it doesn’t require much storage space to get fit at home anytime perform various fitness exercise.

Target various muscle groups like : ab muscles, biceps, triceps, legs and knees muscles, your glutes, buttocks, your, quads, you back, chest and shoulder muscle all at any time you want. 

Perfect gift for any fitness lovers men or women it’s for beginners and also for the professionals to keep strength.

CDCASA adjustable dumbbell
CDCASA adjustable dumbbell


Check out what buyers are saying here :

Source >>


“Good set to keep around the work area, I’ve been working from home and no longer go to the gym due to covid. got a set of the these to keep under my workstation dest so I can get a few set of curls in during breaks. I think the hardest part of working out is to start the process, so I made it as easy as possible. I kept the weight close by and can start and stop my workout anytime.

the set is pretty nice and I personally like the yellow rubber around the weights. I can lay it on my hardwood floors without worrying about scratches. it doesn’t roll around that easily either if you have flat floors.

I was debating between getting this set vs a cheap used one from a local listing and I’m glad I got it new. I don’t think I would’ve kept the old set near my work area due to the visual appeal of it and this set looks much better. if I use it more often then it is all worth it.


Excellent adjustable weight set that also looks great, I truly enjoy this adjustable weight set that was perfect from my home gym. every item in this set looks excellent and well made. I like how each dumbbell had a protective cover and was simple to add to the bar with spinlock collars.

the total weight for each set is 22lbs. what I also like about this set is that you have the option of keeping these as a dumbbell set or one barbell. it gave an excellent simple workout and add size to my arms, chest, and shoulders.

overall I am happy with this product order and the quality of the materials. therefore I rate this product a five out of five stars. 

I hope you like this review and let me know if it helped you out.


Easy to use and modular can be converted into the barbell, given the lockdown and closure of my gym I was missing the gym and wanted to get some equipment but it was 2 or 3 times as pricey compared to before. the search led me to this particular dumbbell set and I kinda like it due to the fact it is modular.

  1. it can be rearranged easily and in any combinations, weight are hard and solid but not build of metal plus they have a protective plastic covering as well.

  2. weight bars are having a soft cushion grip which makes it easy to stack on shoulders and do CrossFit movements like cleans.

  3. the best feature ever: it comes with a rod and you can comment on both dumbells to make it a barbell. that is very small and I have not seen it ever before.

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My opinion 

There’s no dought these are great products to give a try what makes me loves these products is that they are very versatile the (Gracosy Home Workout Kit) can help to workout at any time so  (the CDCASA Adjustable Dumbbell) with the great combinations of various exercise.

So build muscle, improve your core strength, boost balance, get better bone health, burn more calories, increase energy levels and enhance your overall mood with this equipment all at your comfort time and zone.


These are multifunctional Equipment perfect  gift ideas for exercise lovers. If you have any question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them down the below and will get back to all of them thanks.


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