Overhead Cable Extension-Triceps Exercise.

overhead cable extension  triceps exercise and how you can perform it.

know how you can train your triceps more effectively, this exercise is going to help you to train your triceps  and boost more strength  to it .

on  this article  you are going to understand the process in which you can get this exercise done.

overhead cable rope can also be performed using dumbbells instead, it  is one of the great exercise that you can performed in a standing position or doing it seated,

on a plat bench.

Overhead cable extensions is a powerful triceps exercise, that you should add to you workout exercise list or to your training for it will help you,  add more power to your overall tripes, this exercise is a great similarity to the triceps standing extensions.

For overhead cable  extension performance, a pulley machine, with rope is needed, however,  this exercise can  also be performed,  using a short bar.

overhead cable rope triceps extension is one of the best triceps exercise that  is going help you to take away pressure from you shoulders,   while still  focusing and training  your triceps.

It is an exercise that one  have to get used to,  in other to train  triceps more effectively.


These is what you are going to be  focus on  when performs overhead cable extension   triceps exercise

  • Primarily you train your triceps
  • Secondarily you are going to also train your forearms

Now here,  I am going to  be discussing about  how you can train  and strengthen your arms with this great triceps exercise,  it is easy to perform,  all  you  have to do is to make sure that you are really doing it  right,   make sure that you concentrate fully on training the triceps, you will fill your triceps walking if you are really doing it in a right way.


Overhead Cable Extension  -Triceps exercise-Triceps Workout- Standing Position

Adjust the  required equipment to suite the position for overhead cable rope triceps extension and set the  weight , it is advised to start first with the lower weight so that you are not going to jeopardize your muscles.

Position yourself on the cable station after,  you might  have attached  the rope  to the straight bar.

Overhead Cable Extension 
Overhead Cable Extension

So, hold the rope with an overhand  grip let  your hips slightly bend , and you elbows should be in line with your ears, make sure that you grab tight into the rope very well,

don’t let the weight draw you back to it self ,  stand with your back facing the machine let your foot  flat well on the floor slightly bring one of them to the front of the second,  while still flat on the floor.

To really make your position make sense,  the other foot at the back should be with the heel raised, for in this way, you can be able to drag back on the weight.

Then,  extend the lower part of your arms forward without letting the weight drag your arms back,  hold that position for a second or 2, slowly bring your arms back to the beginning position again and inhale as you go.

Safety Steps to take for Overhead Cable  Extension -Triceps

Take  note of the motion, the extending  motion should be slightly slower than the returning motion.

  • Bend only your elbows
  • Make sure that you keep  your  arms  still.
  • your arms should not move around .
  • Don’t hollow your back.
  • Don’t  let the weight drag you back
  • Do not create any momentum or any difficulty that can jeopardise you while performing this exercise.
  • You must be able to control the weight throughout.

Then , you can repeat the process same process again, at the same position to prior your reps, make sure that you don’t overweight yourself , because that might be of bad decision to your muscle, you may not be able to control or to be able to do a correct performance,  start with the light weight and concentrate on train your triceps.


Important Note

Make sure that you grab the rope with an overhand grip and the weight must not control you or drag you back to it self.

You are going to be using overhand grip on this exercise

Don’t hollow your back your hips have to be slightly bend  and your elbows  at the same line with your ears.

Let the other of your foot heel raised high.

Make sure to hold the extended position  for a second or 2  before returning back.

Don’t allow the  weight to control you,  be focus  and concentrate on your triceps.

You are going to feel the training,  in your triceps,  if only you are doing it right.


Health Benefits In Performing Overhead Cable Extension -Triceps  exercise.

Overhead cable extension triceps  is great exercise that  for your arms, it going to help train your triceps and also boost strength to it.

You can perform it in various ways.

It help you with more triceps muscles.

It help with strong arms.

Doing this exercise will partially improves your back.

It help you with stabilizing muscles to your shoulder.



Perform Overhead cable extension triceps  for great  and strong triceps, it is one of the best triceps exercise that will improve your performance, whenever you doing

this exercise make sure that you do it in right way, who are going focus  on you triceps and make sure that you are filling the training on your triceps.

if you have any question concerning this article or any other way to perform this exercise please comment and leave your questions down below, thanks.



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