Perfect gift Ideas For Sister Who Love Fitness Exercise

Perfect gift for her the one that will motivate her to meet her daily target here are some great gift ideas,  I will be helping you with a review of these products and where you can get them at a low cost. Please if you do have a question concerning this topic feel free to leave them at the bottom I will get back to them.

Exercise dice by webu

The Webu 3 pack exercise dice with the manual is amazing for full-body workouts, cross-fit, game, HIIT, cardio, yoga stretching, strength training, bodybuilding, fitness, CrossFit, and bodyweight workout.

webu Exercise dice
webu Exercise dice

Product overview

  • Brand name: Webu
  • Manufacturer: Webu
  • Color: green, yellow, red
  • Type: Fitness exercise, gym
  • Item dimension : 4.5cm / 1.77 in / 9. 2cm / 3. 62in
  • users: unsex
  • Customer reviews: 4. 8 out of 5 stars out of 8 reviews
  • Bestseller rank : 86, 967 in sport and outdoors
  • Package weight: o. 24 kilograms

what the Webu exercise dice is all about?

It is one of the fitness equipment that helps boost enthusiasm during a performance with this exercise dice you will never get tired to carry on your fitness activities as a very essential item to enhance exercise routine at the gym or at home. increase performance boosts more agility and motivation to be inspired to do more just by rolling the dice. challenge yourself with the Webu exercise dice.

package includes

Here is what you get when you order it : 

3 exercise dices

1 carrying bag

1 exercise manual

Exercise dice
Exercise dice

what is written on them?

The “Green color” is for the beginner and here is what is written :

10X sit-ups,

8X Leg raises,

6X climbers,

8X Lunges,

8X High knees,

6X Tricep dips,

30 Sec plank,

10X jumping jacks,

8X burpees,

10x superman,

8X pup ups,

6X shoulder press

 The yellow color is for intermediate which includes:

15X Sit-ups

10X Climbers

15X Lunges

12X High Knees

10X Triceps dips

60 Sec plank

15-sec side plank

12X Superman,

12X push-ups

10X shoulder press

12X reserve crunches

10X glute bridge

The red color is for experts the written includes :

20X sit-ups

15X leg raises

15X climbers

15X tricep dips

90 Sec plank

30-sec side plank

15X superman

15X push-ups

15X shoulder press

15X reserve


12X jump squat

12X decline push-ups


100% satisfaction good customer service guarantee so if you have any issue with the product just contact them, and they will get back to you quickly.

Buyers reviews

Source >> 

By-  Rebekah Benjalil 

“Fun and unique workouts, it is so much fun with kids and never gets boring, it si amazing§ such a fun, unique way of keeping workouts interesting.”

by- Nagamalleswara 

“Best way to start doing exercises at home fun doing workouts with these dice.”

“As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” Follow this link to grab your own or more info <<

Lintelek Fitness tracker

The Lintelek fitness tracker or activity tracker with heart rate monitor, smart fitness watch with sleep monitor step counter, calories counter, pedometer watch for women men, and perfect for a gift.

Lintelek Fitness tracker
Lintelek Fitness tracker

Product overview

  • Brand name: Lintelek
  • Manufacturer: Lintelek
  • Model name: 115hhr
  • Outer material: latex
  • Item weight: 23. 8 grams
  • Color: black, blue

what the Lintelek fitness tracker is all about?

This is a multitracker fitness smart notification that helps to automatically track performance and analyses, great for monitoring heart rate,  sleep rate,  steps.

Get the real-time control and result  of your  heart performance  during  exercise, track your sleep duration as well as analyses  of the data but not only that the Lintelek fitness tracker will also give you an accurate record and everything about :

Your steps

The distance you’ve taken

Calories burned down

Active time

Sleep analyses

with it app, you can analyze all your activities right from your mobile phone.

what more?

Good connectivity with GPS  help track through your smartphone displaying your distance data and record all your route through GPS.

It also includes an intelligence reminder like the vibration to notify you of any incoming calls, messages, and reminders of your most important dates. Convenience and easy to charge for it comes with a built-in USB plug.

How to charge it

Here is how you charge it :

Take the watch host off the strap and plug the side with a metal chip into the USB port. The red light is on when it is fully charged. Just rotate the host if the red light is not on.

Lintelek Fitness tracker
Lintelek Fitness tracker


very easy to use and with various functionality

Buyers reviews

Check out what buyers are saying here:

Source <<

By – Pika

“Everything is easy to use and has a lot of functionality. I was very amazed that I could get such a useful device for this price. not sure what a more expensive device (> $100) would get me that this doesn’t. I am using it for steps, sleep, heart rate, the timing of aerobic/ yoga activities, and receiving texts. it is got. a little screen relative to an apple watch – but I didn’t want something large and clucky. the smaller size does mean it doesn’t do absolutely everything but so what.

I love that I can check my heart rate while still in bed ( this is an important indicator when you are upping your excise regime). i was pleased to see just how many steps I am taking each day as I am not a person to carry my phone everywhere and my steps were being undercounted.

I love getting a wrist vibration for texts (i can turn off my phone notifications and not miss anything) the sleep function is basic but gives you essential information. I have found the app to be quite straight forward but reading the app screen on my iPhone for things like sleep is a little hard because the layout is set for a young person’s vision. now that I have used the device and learn to interpret the data, I no longer find the small print a nuisance.

BTW, I have compared the heart rate and steps data with other measuring devices and gotten similar reading. so I feel it is accurate. I have also linked it to my iphones health app so I have a place where my data, except sleep, is displayed in a slightly better format. this unit is a bargain and I am recommending it to my friends.” 

By – Aaron Lewis 

“Amazing amazing amazing AAA ++++ wow I am just speechless at how amazing this ! to be honest, I didn’t know what I was going to an expert at the first but I am completely blown away this feels just like the Fitbit but for half the price. I cannot recommend this product enough I think anyone who wants to get into fitness definitely needs something like this to track your steps heart rate and of course a fashionable watch.

It feels amazing and well built. I am just completely shocked at how good it is. at first, the packaging made me think that it might feel a little cheap but once I actually held the product in my hands it did not feel cheap at all it felt like really expensive material something that I would pay almost $80 for. I will be buying more of these for gift ideas in the future I guarantee some family members will be getting something similar to this on Christmas”

 Follow this link to grab your own or more info <<

My opinion

The buyer’s reviews is great and I think that is one of the most important things to look at when buying a product these are perfect for any gift ideas for fitness lovers whether is your sister, brother, or friends. 



 I have shown you gift/Presents ideas for a sister who loves to exercise fitness or any fitness lovers and where to get them at a lower cost.  I will like to hear back from you all and if you have a question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them at them down below thanks.


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