Perfect Tricep Pushups.

Hello everyone, and welcome on this topic i am going to be discussing about  a perfect tricep pushups,  on move forward we are going know the importance in performing pushups correctly so to  actually target our triceps muscles.

Am going to be showing the perfect way to do tricep in order to be able to train tricep.

Pushups a simple exercise infarct, it is the easiest exercise that an individual can do.

Everybody do pushups on their home or anywhere, but what we really need to know about, this important exercise is that, there  are very many ways,

you can perform  it to target  a particular part of the your body, for examples you can do pushup to target and train your, shoulders, low part of chest and the down side so, also  to target the muscles that are  at the back of your arms, all these performance are varies.

There are ways you can perfectly do each of them, the movement  and how you position yourself is very important.

Here i will help you with a perfect guide to correctly target your tricep muscles.


what can Trecip pushups Do For you

Triceps push is a great exercise or let say, is a type of pushup method/ position in which we are able to target the muscles,  that is at the back of our arms. It is a simple and easy to perform, it is one of important triceps exercise that can be perform at home or anywhere you are or intend to perform it.

This is an efficient exercise that one can perform without even have to use any equipment for whatsoever, however, on this exercise  you are going to be using your body weight to exercise,  train and indeed train way more better.

Triceps pushup is an effective  triceps body-weight exercise, one thing that you have to know about this exercise is that, tricep pushups  is different from the other pushups or the tricep and shoulder pushups, you are going to

target your tricep fully one this one, planting  your hands  closer and slightly   in front of you, while the tricep and shoulder pushups  is   performed planting your hands under your waist, that is  how you position yourself for the performance.


How To Perform  On Perfect Tricep Pushups

To get started with this performance wherever you are, find a perfect and a good position, then hold on to your position very tight, lie down on your fitness mat or on the floor.

Plant your hands slightly in front of your shoulders, make sure that your elbows are extended and keep your arms parallel from the beginning to the end of the performance, the reason for this is that, you don’t want to plant your hands too far away from you because, that is not a correct  position.

What you are going to do is to target and isolate your triceps here,  so do not plant your hand  too far away.

The distance between your hands  should be  about a shoulder  width, that is for the correct performance.

Then let the whole of your body be straight, and stay strong  contract  your abdominal and lower down your chests and your elbows at the same time don’t let your hips hang let the intensity keeps you  going without any intermedia.

Perfect Tricep Pushups.
Perfect Tricep Pushups.

Important Note

Make sure that you find and position yourself correctly.

You hand must be slightly in front of your shoulders.

Keep your arms parallel throughout the exercise.

Don’t plant your hands too far away.

Don’t hang your hips up.

In order to make sure that you are really doing it right, it  is advice to make sure  your arms hands bent to 90 degree when you  go down.

Then, push yourself back up again slowly, the  down motion should be should be slightly slower than the up motion,   you can then repeat the same process again prior to the reps that you are up to.


Safety  Steps  To Take During  Performance

Remember that if you don’t plant your hands enough in front of your shoulders, you might not be able to move all down.

Let you back be straight throughout  and don’t hollow your back.

Your feet might slide back when you move down, if your hands is too far  in front of you, so do not plant your hands too far away from you.

keep your arms parallel throughout

keep the whole of your body straight throughout the exercise and don’t hang your hips up.

Move slowly and steadily don’t rush yourself.

Be concentrated, focus on target your triceps muscle, you should fill the training in your triceps if you are really doing it correctly.


Health Benefits Doing Tricep Pushups

You are going to train and focus more on your tricep with this exercise, when your arms are  at the hand close position.

Triceps pushups is a great exercise that help to train the muscles at the back of your arms, it gives more triceps muscles.

To really perform this exercise in a correct way it is advice to bend your arms to at least 90 degree.

It is one the best body-weight  exercise that required for no equipment, you can perform tricep pushups wherever you are at anytime,  to train your body, it help us to increase the strength of our upper part of the body.

Tricep pushups also help us to train the abdominals, it is an effective exercise capable enough to help with tricep extension.

If it perform correctly it can help to boost our core and hips strength and boost more energy to it.



Tricep pushups is great to train upper body it is  an exercise that will help to  targets chest, shoulders and triceps, it is an important exercise that required for no equipment, and what really makes me love this exercise is that it can be perform anywhere to train your body.


Question Or Comment

If you have any question or comment about anything concerning this topic or you want to share more ways to perform this exercise with us please feel free to leave your comment and question down below i will be more than happy to hear from you all, thanks.


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