Plankpad Balance Board Review

Looking for a fun and effective way to improve your balance, core strength, and overall fitness? Look no further than the Plankpad Balance Board!

This innovative device combines a traditional balance board with a Bluetooth-connected app that guides you through a range of challenging exercises designed to target your abs, back, legs, and more.

With its sleek design, easy-to-use interface, and versatile workout options, the Plankpad is the perfect addition to any home gym or fitness routine.

About Plankpad Balance Board.

The Plankpad balance board and bodyweight fitness trainer with training app for iOS and android interactive plank abs trainer in maple wood and walnut as seen on shark tank.

Plankpad Balance Board- a woman with  Balance Board doing exercise

Product details and overview

  • Brand name: Plankpad
  • Manufacturer: Plankpad
  • Product Type: Core, ad, arm, leg, shoulder
  • Item dimension L/W/H/ 19.69/ 14.17/ 3.15 inches
  • Package weight: 3.5 kilograms
  • Suggest user: men and women
  • Bestsellers rank: 6,411 in sports and outdoors, 20 in balance boards, and 32 in amazon launchpad sport and outdoors
  • Global rating: 4.6 out of 5  of 497 global ratings.
  • “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Plandpad Balance Board Review

Keep your body alive with the PlankPad Balance board. If you are for a great and interactive bodyweight trainer to effectively train and improve your body strength, then the Plankpad balance board is for you.

Enjoy the various varieties of plank workout, make base exercise like the plank simple and effective. Exercise your core target and train various muscle groups on your body.

This is no doubt that this balance board will help you prevent back pains, stress, boost more muscles, train abs muscles, and help you burn excess fat and calories quickly out of your body even without going to the gym.

Get Fit At Your Comfort zone

Perfect, the entire part of your body right there at the comfort zone of your home, full-body training equipment brings your body back to life, plus the Plankpad Balance Board comes with its app, so enjoy the workout playing game, using your body movement to control the games.

It’s a cool piece of amazing fitness equipment with incredible and unique. Target and train various muscle groups from various parts of your body while having fun, and guess what? you don’t buy the app to play the game, it is free.

Plankpad Balance Board- a woman with  Balance Board doing exercise

Target and train various parts of your body.

Target and train your abs, shoulders, back, glutes, legs, and arms

These are very important parts of your body. The Plandpad Balance Board will take care of them all effectively. It is perfect for the entire body workout and core transformation, you will love it!.

Great Design For Men And Women

It’s for men and women experts and beginners who know the importance of keeping their body fit.

The planKpad balance board comes with an anti-slip mat, manual, plank workout poster, and Plankpad app various games and exercises for iPhone, iPad, and device easy and fun way to keep your body fit anytime, anywhere.

Posture Correction Balance Board

The planKpad Balance Board can be used as a posture correction, deep muscles, strength booster, motor coordination, and responsiveness. It can be used to control excess weight and calories, a balancing board for plank exercises plus good connectivity with your smart TV.


  • 100% good customer support if in case you have any problem with the product, you can get in touch with them via their customer service for help.
  • The plank can be used in many ways, even as a posture correction board
  • Keep your body fit anytime in the comfort zone of your own house.
  • More game and workout is available with the app, plus the app is free premium. More game available.

Is The Plandpad Balance Board  Worth Buying?

I would say yes because from what I have seen so far including their buyer’s reviews what those that have bought the product are saying is great which is very important.


In conclusion, the Plankpad Balance Board is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their balance, strength, and overall fitness.

With its user-friendly app, customizable workouts, and durable design, this innovative device provides a fun and effective way to challenge yourself and achieve your fitness goals.

So why wait? Order your Plankpad today and start enjoying all the benefits of this amazing fitness tool!

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