Seated Alternating Dumbbell Curls.

Welcome everyone,  on this topic,  i am going to be talking about seated alternate dumbbell curl, a great training exercise for biceps.

An efficient exercise that all it aiming for is to help us target, train and boost more size, to those muscles that are in the front of our arms.

This exercise is also effective enough to train and boost more strength to the entire arms and our shoulders.

I will be showing you how you can do/perform it  in a way to perfectly  target  and train  triceps and  transform your arms.

Seated alternate dumbbell is  one of  those exercise that you will perform at ease, seated on a bench and curl up  your hands… ok  let break break things down,  here  are

what you are  going to be aware of by the time you  through to the end of this  topic:

  • You are going to know about what seated alternate dumbbell curl is all about.
  • How you  can do/perform it to target your triceps muscle.
  • You will  know  advantages/benefit in going it.
  •  Equipment  needed to do it.
  • The precautions and safety guide .

If you have any question or any comment concerning this topic you can leave them down bellow, all your question shall be reply to,  so  let get to know what this exercise is all about real quick here.

Seated alternate dumbbell curl – exercise description

It is one of the efficient triceps exercise, that can help release more  power to both biceps and our shoulders, this exercise can be use to target, train and  force-out  more size to the upper arms without any difficulties.

Seated alternate dumbbell curl will  help to train and boost more strength to our shoulders secondarily but it primary aim is to target, train and stimulate more size into the biceps muscles.

It is  one of the best strength exercise that will help to concentrate  more to to build and transform the upper arms, you will need an adjustable bench to seat right and dumbbells.

Seated alternate dumbbell curl overview

Exercise type : Strength

Target : Biceps and shoulder muscles

Equipment needed : Dumbbells and a bench


I used to  perform this exercise on a adjustable bench for it make it more perfect for me to curl-up, plus when i curl up it do one arm at a time, that is how i use to do my performance, that how simple it.

Seated alternate dumbbell curl will help to train our forearm muscle, it an important and simple easy to perform biceps exercise.

Just make sure that you seat in a correct way for it, if you are not using the adjustable

bench and you can even curl up both arms at a time that  prior to how you want it, so here is how you can correctly perform this exercise for a better result:


Seated alternative dumbbell curl performance

Dumbbell curl can still be perform standing, but the seated alternate dumbbell curl make

it to be effective, focusing and centralizing  higher for more reps  like 10 to12 per set can also be carried out with ease, follow this easy steps to perform this great exercise:

To get started with this exercise find a good position for yourself  then position your bench and adjust  it to be straight, so sit down on top  of  the bench.

Let your back be straight, that is why you will have to use an adjustable bench for it,  you must be seating straight don’t hollow your back, throughout the performance, and face straight forward.

The grip for this exercise is an underhand grip, so grab dumbbells  with each side of

your hand don’t let your feet move around keep it planted  firmly upon the floor don’t let your body move around when you curl throughout the performance.

Curl up  your  right hand slowly to your shoulder or both of them at the same time as you

like to curl up just make sure that you remain still, without moving your body, then pause it for a second or 2 at the top, when you curl up so that your biceps will fully contract.

Seated Alternate Dumbbell Curl.
Seated Alternate Dumbbell Curl.

Important Note

Do not  move your body  throughout the performance

Let your back be straight through

Use an adjustable bench if possible

Use an underhand grip for better performance

Don’t overweight yourself

Don’t let weight falloff or stray from your hands

Curl back down slowly until your arms are fully stretch, move only your lower arms, curl

don’t let your upper arms move along as you curl, keep your upper arms closer to your

sides, so follow the same process again for the other hand, don’t let weight twist-off from your, you can then do it and redo it again prior to the rep you are aiming for.


 Safety measures to follow when doing seated alternative dumbbell curl

keep a straight position throughout the perforce, use an adjustable, bench for a better performance, you should look straight, and use an underhand grip.

Move slowly and carefully, don’t rush your self when you curl, pause briefly when you curl up and curl back slowly.

Load the weight that your power  can be able to control don’t over weight, for a better performance, hold the weight very tight don’t let it falloff  your hands.

Be focus and concentrate on target your biceps and shoulders muscle, don’t let weight control you, you should be the one  that will control the weight.

Don’t create any difficulty  or momentum that can jeopardize the correct performance

you might need to be observed by an expert or your personal trainer  for this performance.


Health benefits doing seated alternative dumbbell curl

Seated alternative dumbbell curl is a great exercise that can help our entire arms with more strength

It will help to train and build more biceps muscles

It help train shoulders and add more strength

It help build more mass  and it also help with concentration to train  build power

It helps train with more weight, without to much stress


Seated alternative dumbbell curl is a reliable and  one of the great bicep exercise to train build, add more , strength, more power, more mass, and more size, it is good both for the bicep and shoulders.


Your thought

If you ever have any questions or comment concerning all about this topic or if you will like to share how you use to do your  own seated alternate dumbbell curl, please

leave all your questions and comment down bellow, will be very glad to hear from you all, thanks.



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