How To Do Dips On Dip Machine Triceps And Chest Exercise

Dips on the dip machineS

It is a great strength exercise that trains target the muscle at the back of the upper arm effectively well and deeper.  On this topic, I am going to be walking you through how to do dips on dip machine triceps and chest exercise to train your tricep including video and image on how to … Read more

Front Dumbbell Raise

Front Dumbbell Raise

So, i have come to the conclusion after all these being said about front dumbbell raise, that, this exercise can really help in training, boosting more strength to  the shoulders,

plus it can help anterior deltoids for more power, what makes me really loves front dumbbell raise is that it can be performed in both seated and the standing position.

How To Do Military Press – Barbell Behind The Neck.

 Build a strong back and shoulders with the military barbell behind the neck.  It is advise  not to overweight  and to use    to use a weighted bar first before  move to add more weight.  It is one of the effective shoulder exercise,that  is best performed seating  holding and lifting the barbell but you can … Read more

Work Up Handstand Pushup.

Work Up Handstand Pushup.

Handstand push-up is an important exercise for the  shoulder muscles and it also trains your biceps and triceps.  It is one of the best shoulder exercise you can do at home or wherever you are. It is perform planting your hands on the floor close to the wall, carefully and move down until your head … Read more

Internal Rotation For Shoulders.

Cable internal rotation

Cable Internal Rotation-Shoulder Exercise. Cable internal rotation is a shoulder exercise, it is best performed on a pulley machine and it can be started by sitting on the floor. This exercise also helps in training your biceps, inner shoulder muscle, and the in-between the collarbone and biceps. Do not move your or rotate your other … Read more

Military Shoulder Press Correct Performance.

Military Shoulder Press Correct Performance

The Best Way To Perform Standing Barbell Military Shoulder Press. The Standing barbell military shoulder press is an effective exercise that help to train and even add more size to the shoulders. It is one best  shoulder exercise, it is perform standing holding and lifting the barbell. A straight bar is needed  for this exercise, … Read more

Plate Front Raise Exercise Guide

How to do the plate front raise

I’m going to be walking you through how to do the Plate Front Raise Exercise Guide in the right way including video and image on how to properly perform it however if you have a question concerning this topic please feel free to leave them in the comment section. About Plate Front Raise The plate … Read more