The Best 2 Fitness Gift Kit Set 2020 Ideas For Men And Women!

Contribute towards healthy living, help your loved ones and friends with the perfect fitness gift set that will lead them achieving their fitness goals.

The Protocol punching Set and  Tomshoo fitness kit are great fitness set that you go for on this topic I will be helping you with a thorough review about these products and where you can get them from at the best price you can ever imagine.

If you have a question please feel free to leave them down  the  then I will get back to all of  them bottom.


Protocol all in one punching set

The protocol punching bag withstands  for both adults and also for the kids this is cool punching bag with stand plus boxing gloves and adjustable height stand great for keeping fit at home or anywhere you are.

punching set
punching set

Protocol all in one punching set product specification 

Here is the birds-eye view of what the product is all about :

  • Brand name: protocol
  • Manufacturer : protocol
  • Style : standard
  • Suggested users: men and women
  • Material used : punching bag
  • Color : red
  • Model name : all in one boding set
  • Item package : dimension L x W x H : 22 x 18 x 7 inches
  • Package weight : 4.45. kilograms
  • Item weight : 8. 1 pound
  •  Component included : Best value punching ball, Delux boxing gloves, inflation punch, base and stand
  • Sport type included : Martial arts, boxing mixed martial arts, exercise
  • Stand adjustable : 48 to 58 high
  • Customers reviews : 4. 3 out of 5
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what the Protocol all in one punching set is all about?

Great  all in one fitness punching bag with stand,  the inflatable punching ball is easy to set up it includes easy to follow  instruction and it has an adjustable stand that can be adjusted to any prefer high.

Very nice home fitness item that what trying out.

what the protocol punching set will do for you 

For adult men and women also great for athletes and non-athletes individuals  punching workout  all in one can withstand more heavy punches good for home punching gym workout punching and for the professional punching. 

is the protocol punching set easy to use 

Very easy to use with  and easy to set up designed to last longer and what makes me fall in love with this boxing set is that it includes the instruction with the base of how to fill it with water or sand so that it can stand easily and firm.

what is the advantage? 

The protocol boxing set is a cool fitness item for keeping fit either at home or anywhere.

Great fun and perfect for gift ideas for your loved ones or family.

It is for athletes and non athletes individuals so anyone can use it.

It comes as a set so you save more money you get all you need to get your punching workout started. 

Easy to use it can be adjusted to any of your prefer hight plus you can be rest assured that it will take more heavy punches and absorb them all.

Well designed to last longer with the high-quality materials Instructions on how to use it are also included 

what is included in the package if you order now?

  • Here is what you get if you order for the set includes :
  • Inflatable punching ball
  • Base adjustable stand from 48 to 58 high and inflatable pump.
  • Deluxe padded boxing gloves with e closable straps to protect your hands  Follow this link to grab your own or more info <<

check out what buyers are saying here

Buyers review
Buyers review
Buyers review
Buyers review


Tomshoo fitness kit 

The Tomshoo 5 in 1 AB wheel roller kit with push up bar jump rope hand gripper and knee pad for gym home workout.

fitness kit 
fitness kit

 Tomshoo fitness kit overview and specifications 

Let see the full detail about what the product is all about in bird’s eye view here :

  • Product brand name: Tomshoo
  • Manufacture r: Tomshoo
  • The material used : PP, Eva stainless steel
  • Item dimensions L x W x H : 8.46 x 8.27 x 7.09 inches
  • Pack : 5

what  Tomshoo fitness kit is all about?

The tomshoo fitness kit is recommended and perfect as a gift for your loved one and family it is  5 in one  home workout items for keeping  body fit anytime anywhere.

The ab roller included has been well designed accurately with a longer handle pipe and it has also been covered with anti-slip-resistant foam that has to make the roller to be stronger and stable in use.

The  push-ups bar can be  remove and later attache back again to it without any difficulty it is easy to use with anti-slip design.

Protect your knees from any stress during  rolling back and forth with  knee pad  that is included it is capable enough to save your knees from any injuries.

What can Tomshoo fitness kit do for you?

It a very cool piece of fitness items  that important for the strengthening hands and arms so with that you develop a have very strong grip.

while the AB roller is great to strengthen your core, burn more calories and lean ab muscles with the roller it has an not slip rubber so it has a better floor surface grip.

The jump rope is another great body wellness equipment  that alone comes with a carrying bag so that you can easily take it along wherever you go. It is for both athlete and for not athletes individuals

what is included within the pack?

Here are the 5 cool fitness items that will transform your body with no hassle here :

  • 1 adjustable Jump rope
  • 1 push up bar
  • 1 pair of AB roller kit including the knee pad
  • and the hand gripper

All these in just one single pack help you in all your various fitness goals. so you  save more time and more money  because you have 5 fitness equipment in a single package.

what are the advantages of using Tomshoo fitness kit?

It is convenient to use  everybody because you can keep your body fit at any time anywhere.

Portable and  easy to carry along with you anywhere and  transform your body. Follow this link to grab your own or more info <<

Get into shape easily  at the comfort zone of your home without stepping  your foot at the gym this fitness kit will help you train your  entire body workout.

You save more money for yourself because the 5 in 1 fitness equipment to meet all your fitness goals.

Train and learn muscle balance take control of your  vascular endurance using the Tomshoo fitness kit.

For both men and women great for old and young to stay fit.

check out what buyers are saying here

Buyers review
Buyers review
Buyers review
Buyers review

My opinion

 Assess these products I have seen that they are great products to keep fit.These are perfect exercise items that it  great   for both men and women.

Most important things that I  look into when it comes to products is their buyers review whereby their buyers are not complaining what they says in their review  is that these products are great. Follow this link to grab your own or more info <<

 I have  give you all you need to know about 2 great and perfect fitness items that are The Protocol punching Set and the Tomshoo fitness kit.

Do you have any explain ?

I will like hear from you and if you have any question comment or anything concerning this  topic please feel free to leave your comment and question down below and I will be more than happy to hear from you all, thanks.




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