Tricep Pushdown

Tricep pushdown is the best choice if you really want to strengthen  your joint, elbow and you train more comfortably but, with great effect. On this topic i am going to be showing you how you can do it to train the muscles at the back of our upper arms, how you can perfect

your tricep muscles, the health benefits that you can get from  doing it and the safety measures to take during the performance.

what  tricep pushdown is all about

Tricep pushdown is a  great tricep exercise that helps us  to effectively train and strengthen triceps, joint and and our elbows.

This exercise is very effective  if,  it performed correctly, it can crease the size of our upper body, infarct, tricep pushdown, is capable to train the whole upper body and boost more strength to it,  it s compound isolation exercise.

It is the way that it is perform, that is why  it  called triceps pushdown, to perform this exercise a pulley machine is needed, for it is perform pulling a rope on it. you can also use Vbar  or the straight bar,  it all good.

This exercise can also be perform at home, for me, i used to perform this exercise at home with my rubber bands attached to the pullup bar, and puling it down.

Tricep Pushdown Overview

Target zone: Tricep muscls

Equipment Needed: Pulley machine with a cable or Vbar or strait one

Exercise: For more strength


How To Perform Tricep Pushdown

To get started with this performance you will need to set the pulley weight, and attach the rope to it, stand  slightly closer to the pulley machine, and hold your position tight.

The grip you want to use for this exercise should be an overhand grip, grab the rope or if you prefer you can use a straight bar or a vbar also to perform it, i normally use rope for more intensity, slightly bend your knees let your shoulders width apart.

It is advised to  let your hands be at least  about 10 inches apart, let your wrists be straight, keep your forearms parallel to the floor.  so, lock your and  elbows keep them closer to your body tight.

Tricep Pushdown
Tricep Pushdown

Important Note

Keep the your body still do not move back and forth.

Don’t hollow your back and don’t twist your body, you should be able to control the weight don’t let the weight control you.

Do not overweight yourself,  load  the weight that your power can be able to control for a better performance.

Bend only your knees slightly and let your forearms be parallel.

Slowly push bar toward your legs, down as much as possible and hold that position for a second or 2,  why is that you are going to make sure that your triceps muscles are fully contract, for  that moment before you release the bar back to the beginning position carefully.

You can then repeat the process again to your desire rep, you should feel the contract in your triceps during performance.


precaution and measures to follow when during performance

You feet should remain firm, make sure that your feet doesn’t move from the floor. You should be the one that control the weight don’t allow weight to draw you back close to it self.

For a  better performance it is advised to load the weight that your power can be able to control don’t overweight yourself on this exercise.

Don’t rush yourself on this exercise, the movement should be slow and steady, plus  make sure that the down movement is slightly slower than the up movement, and  use an overhand grip for a better performance.

Hold the rope well, if you are using rope to perform it or the small bar do not let the rope stray-of from your hands.

Be focus and concentrate on target your the  muscle at the back of the arms, you must be in total control throughout the performance.

To not create any difficulty to yourself that can jeopardised the correct performance of the exercise.

You might need to be observed by an expert or you personal trainer for a better and correct performance.

Don’t twist your body throughout, makes sure do not hollow your back and keep the whole of your body still.

Make sure that you hold it for a second or 2 when you pushdown the rope briefly pause for a better and full contract of your triceps muscles.

Let your  hands be about 10 inches from each other, let your wrist be straight,  lock  your elbows and keep them closer to your sides.

Health Benefit In Performing Tricep Pushdown

Triceps pushdown as a strength exercise, will help to train our arms and triceps  muscles.

It is an isolation exercise that help to target and increase upper body, this exercise is capable enough to train and boost more strength to the muscles that  are at the back of our upper arms.

It will help with more strength to the elbows, and to our arms entirely.

What makes me really love this exercise is that it also allows for more weight but though, I never exaggerate on it because, it  might jeopardize my performance.

It help with high intensity to the triceps and our lateral head.


Tricep pushdown can also be perform training  one arm at a time, it is advised to perform  this exercise correctly to be able to get the best out it. This is an exercise that can transform your tricep and makes you feel great.

Your question or comment

If you have any questions or any comments on your mind concerning this topic or you have got very many better ways to perform this exercise or if

you want to share with us how you perform this exercise on your own, please lease all your questions and comment down below i will be more than happy to hear from you all, thanks.






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