Tune Belt Mic Belt Review

On this topic, I am going to help you with a thorough review on Tune Belt Mic Belt it’s a fitness belt and you may find it very helpful for your lower back and abs, plus reviews from those that are using the belt.

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Tune Belt Mic Belt

The Tune Mic Belt  Belt for fitness original brand coral pouch securely holds and protects for workout exercises like jogging, yoga, and more.

Tune Belt Mic Belt 
Tune Belt Mic Belt

Product details and overviews

Brand nameTune Belt
Item model numberMB3
Material typeNeoprene on the inside nylon on the outside
ManufacturerTune Belt
Item weight4 ounce
Package dimensions7 x 6.8 x 1.5 inches
Global rating4.7 out of 5 of  772 global rating
Date first availableOctober 2, 2001
Bestsellers rank1,800 in musical instruments, 1 in microphone bags and cases, and 750 in music recording equipment

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Tune Belt Mic melt Review

The Tune Belt is an amazing lightweight waist tone belt meant perfectly to keep your abs fit. It comes with a comfortable design and its fit vertically on your waist it even comes with a pocket for your phone hold it securely to not lost during exercise performance like when you are at the gym working out, during aerobic, pilates, spinning, jogging, and many other fitness activities.

Tune Belt Mic Belt 
Tune Belt Mic Belt

Fabricated From Neoprene

Well sturdy high-quality design fabricated from Neoprene, the waist belt strap is with an adjustable strap to fit perfectly your waist size, very fashionable it can be worn under your cloth or over the costume that you put on.

 Useable Anytime

Loss excess belly fat and calories, tone ab muscles anytime anywhere support your lower back without lifting weight or going to the gym. The tunes belt is useable anytime.

Made to last longer

The Neoprene is known to be a reinforced quality and reliable material so the end result is excellent and durable, I belt you this belt will serve you for years without any issue,  plus the Tune Belt can machine watched anytime it resists more wear and usage for long period.

Enjoy the wireless pocket size

Enjoy Mic pocked to carry any of your portable devices like handset, mp3, and more, the pocket size is about 4″ x 2.5″ x 1″ and can stretch to fit perfectly with any of your portables devices even your smartphones.

So get easy access and control devise and valuable items like your door keys, cards, etc … while keeping your body fit.

About Tune Belt-(Brand)

The Tune Belt is one of the most reliable brands in the industry and they had been in the business 30 years ago. Tune belt is an experience and yet most original Mic Belt manufacturer.

They always apply their high-quality materials to rollout amazing quality fabricated Melts that have been loved and accepted by both male and female experts and beginners fitness lovers that love to keep their body fit.

Advantages of using the Tune Belt

100% customer service is guaranteed whenever you have any issue or anything concerning their product you can get in touch with them via their customer service for help anytime.

100% money-back guaranteed in case you are not satisfied with what you buy,  you can get in touch with their customer service for a refund.

Tone your ab muscle anytime anywhere without lifting weight or go to the gym.

Tune Belt Mic Belt 
Tune Belt Mic Belt

Check out what buyers are saying below :

Buyers reviews


Ron M

Three years of hard wear from this matchless hardware and still going strong. I won eight. that is right eight.

All eight lead a rough and tumble existence being attached to all kinds of folks, from Rigby’s reference to formally suite conference delegates to being clipped over sweaty leotards or under strapless gowns.

No pockets? no waistband? no problem. these tune belts provide instant one-click mounting from my valuable transmitters.

Being securely sown and reverted wetsuit material a gentle wool cycle run through a standard washing machine ( with, optionally a dash of eucalyptus oil is all it takes to have them fresh for the wearer. seemingly forever.


Perfect fit I ordered this because the belt furnished by the gym is disgusting as they are used by all of the other instructors. They have the horizontal ones and I have noticed that they are all frayed and the buckles slip to they end up typing knots in them.

I also noticed a lot of the reviews on the particular type of tune belt agreed with this and that they are not ideal.

So I tried this one has been using it in body sculpting, cycling, and yoga classes this week and it is working perfectly! the mic base fits snugly and perfect in this belts holder and it stays put because the opening at the top is stitched a little more tightly so it kind of closes around the top a little bit to keep it inside. the belt around the waist is perfect and very comfortable, I actually like it much better than the old horizontal style.

I can also put my phone and iPod in it if need be. a good piece of equipment and exactly what I needed!


Perfect for theatre doing musicals anything with costumes and lots of activity, so I bought this mic belt flor wearing a mic pack under costume while performing on stage. when you have to change costumes quickly it holds the pack in place comfortably and removes any worry that the pack will fall off or get snagged on something.

It also keeps the pack dries even if you are drenched in sweat and the belt is next to your skin. This is so much better than any other alternative I have tried: most especially in the situation where you really can’t wear anything under costumes that you could safely leave the pack clipped to.

I showed the theater producer and she’s contacting them for a bulk order for other performers. If you do any stage work especially with heavy dancing and costume change you need this.


Absolutely does the job for the price, I work as a spinning instructor and wear a standard head mic attached to a battery pack. this is stretchy so it will take slightly larger battery packs as well as standard ones. As I am mainly upright the pack stays put throughout the class.

If I were teaching HIIT or similar and doing burpees and jumping I think I would be worried it might work its way out. If we’re to add something it would be a velcro flap to secure the pack in place with a hole in it thread the cable through.

The belt is nice and comfortable and will fit you if you are in shape. it is adjustable. get sweaty but washes well. would re-buy and recommend if you teach mainly upright.

Is Tune Mic Belt Worth Buying

I would say it worth buying the product itself is great and to my observation what makes me like this belt more is the good reviews of those that are using it which I think is one of the things to look out for when buying a product.


This post has helped you with a review on Tune Belt Mic Belt great fitness belt tone your ab and core if you have any question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them in the comment section below if this review helps you please share it with others thanks.

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