Two Fitness Gift Ideas For Men And Women Get Body Fit At Home!

Choose the perfect gift for your loved one and family go for the one that will benefit their lives.

Make a perfect fitness gift which can be use to keep their body fit at home anytime the Bodygym Bar and ViKtor Jurgen Massage Pillow are cool pieces of fitness products that  make a perfect gift ideas for your friend or family.

On this topic I will helping  you with more details about these products and where you can get them from at affordable price if you have any question please feel free to leave them down at the bottom I will more than happy to get back to them. However,
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what Bodygym Bar is all about?

The Bodygym Bar core system portable home gym resistance trainer all in one band bar kit full-body workout improve fitness, build muscle, strength exercise and the workout DVD included.


Bodygym bar product overview

manufacturer : Bodygym

Brand : Bodygym

Part number : BG1000

Material used : Latex with  high-quality resistance band

Item weight : 2.05 pounds

Bodygym bar product review

The Bodygym Bar  well sturdy designed to help keep fit it is capable enough to train  entire body designed by former professional athlete.

This bodygym bar will help target and train different muscle groups on your body.

Cool and lighter in weight gym at home item without any installation, what makes love this portable gym bar is the fact that it is portable so it can be carry along anywhere for outdoor  activity at anytime easy to use and it doesn’t occupy too many spaces.

It comes with 30 days money-back guarantee so it a promise that you are going to see the result and if you are not satisfied with what you buy you can simply  return the gym bar back within 30 days without any hassle.

If the band break within the first year of purchase you get a replacement for free.

Exercise your legs, knee, arms, and other parts of your body. Save more money on gym and fitness equipment the little bar will helps train your full body within  just 10  days you see the huge result.

what  Bodygym bar will do  for you?

This is all in one full-body workout that can help your body in many different ways including :

Helping you to improve the overall level of your body fitness

It can train your arms

Rejuvenate your body

Helps with more resistance

It can also be used to train the lower body including your legs, butt  lose excess weight  and calories out of your body, gain more muscle and also train your upper body.

what are the advantages in using Bodygym Bar?

Easy to use at home to keep body fit, made from high-quality latex resistance band material the Bodygym Bar will help you to carry out various workouts  train different parts of your body like  legs, butt, arms and so much more anytime you want.

Very easy to adjust and so you can exercise your body at home with ease it allows to perform as many exercises as possible with it.

You will also save yourself lot of money no need to hit the gym to anymore so you save more time.

Train your entire body at  the comfort zone of your home.

Durable build to last longer the Bodygym Bar was designed with good materials portable  and  easy to carry anywhere you go plus it comes with it travel bag so you can carry it along when you are traveling.

It is for both men and women for old and young to keep body in shape. Follow this link to grab your own or more info <<

what is included in the pack.

Here is what you get when you order for this item :

You get 1 Bodygym Bar

A high-quality latex resistance band is also included

1 workout stickers guide

1 travel bag

1 tape measure

1 Bodygym workout guidebook

1 targeted workout DVD

1 move with Marie DVD


Buyers review
Buyers review

what is Viktor Jurgen massage pillow

The Viktor Jurgen neck and back massager pillow, shiatsu kneading massage with a heart for shoulders, lower back, waist, legs, foot, and the whole entire muscle and pain relief, the Viktor Jurgen massager is a very unique gift for both women and also for men.

massage pillow
massage pillow

Viktor Jurgen neck massager pillow product overview!

Brand name: Viktor Jurgen

Manufacturer: Viktor Jurgen

Product dimensions : 14 x 5 x 14 inches 3.3 pounds

Weight: 3. 29 pounds

Model number: D002

Customer review : 4.4 out of 5 stars

3D 4 deep-kneading rotation

FDA approved

Temperature : reaches 80°C

Made in the USA

What the Viktor Jurgen neck massager pillow is all about?

This an innovative 4 deep-kneading rotating shiatsu massager 3D nodes this item will gives you  the exact filling that normal massage will give you.

It makes you feel the same experience  as if you are using hands, the Viktor Jurgen massage pillow  can be adjusted forward and even reverse direction for a perfect body massage, it is heating so you can have it in warmth in other to help  improve the blood circulation, soothes tired muscles and relieve aches and pain within your muscles. Follow this link to grab your own or more info <<

what would victory Jurgen neck massager pillow do?

The viktor Jurgen massage pillow helps you to enjoy your body more with it 3D node innovative and 4 deep-kneading rotating shiatsu is perfect to use as a gift for both loved ones and friends.

It can be used by men and women great to relief from inconveniences like :



Muscle stress

and muscle tension

Viktor Jurgen neck massager pillow product review

Viktor Jurgen neck massager pillow is an advanced technology designed to help people take good care of their body it is has been tested and satisfied to be safe product and has been approved by FDA  as well

massage pillow
massage pillow

Designed with an overheat protection and infarct it has a build-in advanced system that will get in action when the temperature reaches 80°C.

Manufactured with high quality and most trusted material the Viktor Jurgen massager pillow is up to the standard and it has an American FDA attestation so you don’t have to worry about it safety no more.

what is the advantage in using viktor Jurgen massage pillow?

Easy to use convenient to keep your body healthy within your comfort zone.

It helps to tackle inconveniences like neck pain, back pain, shoulders pain, muscle stress for more relief.

It can use it as a gift for your loved ones and friends

It  of good quality with affordable price that money can buy plus it for both men and women old and young.

You get 3 years of warranty and lifetime support from the manufacturer.

It also comes with the 30 days money back guaranty so if you are not satisfied with what you’ve bought you can return it back for full refund.


Buyers review
Buyers review
Buyers review
Buyers review

My opinion

My opinion after my observation on these products is that their great  to make as a fitness gift will help to stay fit at home without no  any hassle the Viktor Jorgen massager pillow and the Bodygym bar are both great for  gift to my opinion.

And more to that is that people that has bought them are saying good things about them their buyer’s report is great so I recommended them. Follow this link to grab your own or more info <<

Do you have questions?

I will like to hear from you all and if you have ever bought one of the items before what is your experience with them? if you ever have any

question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave your comment and questions down below and I will be more than happy to get back to you all thanks.





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