Vigbody Adjustable Weight Utility Bench Review(All-In-One)

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About Vigbody Adjustable Weight Utility Bench

The Vigbody adjustable weight bench, utility, foldable, great for a situp, decline, incline and also can be used and as a flat bench- this a great home gym multi exercise bench.

Vigbody Adjustable Weight Utility Bench Review(All-In-One)
Vigbody Adjustable Weight Utility Bench Review(All-In-One)

Product Details And Overview

Manufacturer HL Fitness
Product type Adjustable weight bench
Exercise type Multi exercise
Material use Leather, steel, and foam
Dimension 31. inches 11.5 inches 14.6 inches
Color Black/grey
Capacity user weight 330 lbs
Global rating  4.5 out of 5 stars of 140 reviews
Bestsellers rank 181,702 in sport and outdoor and 221 in strength training adjustable benches.


Vigbody Adjustable Weight Utility Bench Review

The Vigbody adjustable weight bench is a great utility with the possibility to adjust it to target various part of your body. It comes with a regular size with high-quality material perfect to keep your body fit at home anytime you want.

No need to always hit the gym anymore to keep fit with the Vigbody bench you safe more money for your self on the gym and other various fitness equipment, because this bench can adjustable so you can easily set it to target, train and strength various muscle groups on your body with any hassle.

All In On Multi Exercise Bench

You can use this bench to perform various exercises that you do at the gym it can be used as a flat bench, incline, and also as a decline bench. It’s easily adjustable to different exercise positions that you want this bench is foldable so that you can store it and safe more space in your room.

The Vigbody adjustable weight bench home exercise has never been so easy and enjoyable in fact you can train and boost more muscles, burn down more calories from your body, lose excess weight and fat, increase your strength and agility all these any time you want at your comfort zone.

Hight Quality Materials used

The Vigbody adjustable weight bench is made with high-quality materials, for example, the Leg hold- down bar roller pad is designed with a very soft and gentle foam which offer total support to your ankle to hang securely and tight to the bench during the performance.

The leather used is strong tick and with dense foam inside well padded to guarantee you convenient and total comfort during performance.

Vigbody Adjustable Weight Utility Bench Review(All-In-One)
Vigbody Adjustable Weight Utility Bench Review(All-In-One)

The leather is comfortable, breathable, waterproof and thick this bench is a multi-layer material designed with high level and professional workmanship.

Easy To Assemble And Foldable

foldable and easy to store, this bench is very easy to install.  The assembly is not difficult at all just followup the easy guide that follows it and you are done within a few minutes.

However, the backrest rest of this bench can be adjusted to 8 positions ranging from -30° – 85°  while the seat can be adjusted to 5 set positions ranging from -30° – 30°.  the leg holds down bar can be adjusted to 6 positions very easy to carry out various exercise performance.  The steel used for the frame is of high quality and heavy-duty very strong and built to last longer with a maximum user weight of about 330lbs.

More Exercises Are Doable

Perform varieties of exercise to keep your body fit and healthy you can adjust the bench and do different exercise like incline press, flat dumbbell, sit up,  dumbbell rows decline bench, military press for your shoulder etc. Target your tricep, back, chest and other parts from your lower and upper body easily.

Check out this video below for it shows you Vigbody Adjustable Weight Utility Bench Review

pros and cons


  • 1 year promises for the maintenance of the frame and lifetime promise for all other parts.
  • 100% good customer service guarantee, you can get in touch with their customer service anytime in case you are having any issue concerning this product.
  • 100% money back guaranty you can return the bench for your full refund if you are not satisfied with what you purchase.


  • Max user weight is 330lb

Check out what those that are using this multi exercise bench are saying about it here.

Buyer reviews

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I am very surprised and satisfied, I am not going to lie, I had medium to low expectations when I first ordered this bench simple due to the fact that it is cheap, unknown, but I still gave it a try because of the low price tag. however, it surprised me in a big way. first, it’s easy to assemble.

The main body structures are pre-installed, all I needed to do was to adjust and put a pin through to have it fixed (don’t know how to explain manually does it better). secondly, it is really sturdy and quiet. it never gave me any squeaky feel at all. finally, the enlargement lower half of the bench provides extra support for my back and low body vert well. I am very surprised and satisfied.

So far so good, I just got this two days ago. It is incredibly easy to assemble, no tools required beyond what is provided and took no more than 15 minutes but do follow the directions and don’t just guess as my initial guest was off.

It is pretty sturdy once you tighten things up into your desire position. The seated could be a little longer as there is an odd gap, but so far it’s not too much of a problem for me.

I’m a relatively fit 5’8 male so while it is fine for me, it may be less comfortable for the others. I do still think is a little pricey at but given the demand, I am just glad I was able to get it at all. the shipment was delayed twice and I eventually got it about 26 days after ordering.

Lori young-chan

Sturdy and versatile for the price, I have never written a review for an amazon purchase, but had to write this one because if you are looking for a weight bench to work out at home while the gyms are closed, this is a great bench!


I like that this bench can be just to a full upright position to do shoulder presses sitting up. many of the folding benches do not do this.

width of legs make the bench sturdy and not wobbly at all. I do step up leg lift on the bench with no problem.

easy to fold and so out of the way. not overly heavy to lift (for wife) and doesn’t take a lot of room. easy to adjust the position with a knob. Does not stack. can even do slightly inverted sit-ups since there is a footrest. good padding.

cons: non


Sturdy bench for the money – would recommend for the average/ recreational lifter, I’ve used this for a few weeks now and the bench is pretty sturdy up to the advertised weight limit of 330lbs. easy assembly and everything was in the box with good instructions. I was up and running with a few mins.


Good value for a bench that is in the 125-150$ range (shipped)

-does incline, decline and flat – pretty sturdy up to 330 lbs

-it was really available when most items were out of stock, arrived early


Not so much a fault of the product since its clearly advertised, but I need something that is rated to a lot higher weight this is only 330lb(need 500+)

The height of the back pad in incline is too short for me, heard hang off the bench (probably of for most people under 6)

Is Vigbody Adjustable weight utility Bench Worth Buying

I would recommend this bench this right one if you are looking for great adjustable and all in one multi exercise weight bench for your workout at home. It compatible versatile and you can get at a lower price, what really makes me love this bench more is their good customer reviews and rating which is very important what purchasing a product.


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