Weight Barbell Bench Set For Kids :Teach Good Habits Young!

Weight with adjustable rack suitable for all age group kids, soft padded bench seat for leg curl and leg lift with foam.

Increase the chances of your kids remain committed to the fitness activities when they grown up.

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Catrimown kid’s weight bench set

The catrimown kid weight bench set workout equipment weight  adjustable bar bench press set for kids weight lifting, fitness mini barbell toy for boys and girls.

Product overview

Brand name : Catrimown 

Manufacturer : Catrimown 

Item dimension L x W x H : 35.4 x 34 x 29 inches 

Item weight : 21 pounds 

Color : multi color

Material use : Foarm, PU leather, steel 

Mfr suggested users : toddler 

Recommended age : 3 / 5 years old 

Frame thickness : 0.98 

Leg thickness : 2.4 

Size : 35.4 x 34 x 29 

Sport type : bench press 

Skill level : for beginner

Handle materials : EVA foam slide ring 

Package dimension L x M x H : 31.1 x 15 x 5.5 inches

 barbell for kids

 Catrimown kids weight bench set : what is all about?

Cool pieces of gym weight bench press set for kids with 3 workout target at disposal light-in-weight the,  catrimown kids’ weight bench set was designed to last longer.

It was made with  premium high-quality materials to ensure durability. 

Safe to use it includes soft padded seat that gives the most convenient and good user experience for kids.

Very easy to assemble with it  frame the catrimown kid’s weight bench set will help to influence  kids to stick to their various fitness dreams and goals in life as they growing up .

is catrimown kids weight bench set good for kids? 

Yes and without any doubt it is evident that fitness activities do great for a kid it will make them physically fit and healthy and with the catrimown kid’s

weight bench set you also enhance their  mental ability and decrease stress and anxiety while increasing the possibility that they remain committed to their fitness passion,  “teach good habits young” Mohamed Ali.

Another thing that makes it very important is that it is safe while  performing various kinds of workouts to keep their  body fit  any time without difficulty.  

Catrimown kids weight bench set review 

is it safe  ? 

The Catrimown kids weight bench set is safe it’s the perfect fitness workout equipment for kits which  has total weight of about 4.25 lbs.

Each weight is about 2 oz to 10 oz. well designed with foam and each weight painted in various colors, the single bar has about 2 lbs, the height is adjustable with rack that permit any age group to do bench press at their various height.

what are workout that can be done with the weight set

 They Can do  3 workouts this is great fitness equipment that can be used to perform an exercise like :

The bench press

Leg curl

and leg lift

Very convenience and doesn’t hot because it has  soft padded seat with faux leather surface that will help to promote good experience and also help to prevent strain or any danger to kids.

weight bench for kids
weight bench for kids

How about the assembly? 

The catrimown kid’s weight bench set is very easy to assemble the weights set comes with all the parts and the step by step manual easy assembly.

They provide 24 hours customer service so if incase you have any questions or you have any issue you can contact their customer service and you get responses from them quickly. 

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” Follow this link to grab your own or more info <<

How about the durability? 

This a well sturdy kids weight barbell bench made of coated steel, the barbell, and bench frame is durable and was made to last for  longer period of time even when using it daily, it can support the maximum 100 lbs weight capacity the 3 legs was  made carefully in the way that they leave mark  to the floor. 

what are the advantages

The advantages of having catrimown kids’ weight bench set at home for your kids is the possibility or likelihood that they remain committed to fitness activities. 

It boosts enthusiasts and fun while keeping them fit plus it safe to use without any preoccupations. 

Having the catrimown kids weight bench set at home for kids is great and the fact that fitness activities help kids grow physically and mentally strong. 

Easy to assemble adjustable, durable, and the weight bench set it  comes with attractive  colors;


Buyers review 

Check out what buyers are saying about it :

Source >>

” kid loves it and it’s the right with light for them we got this for our 6-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter, they don’t love sports but they need to stay fit.

I filled it with the sand using a small funnel and sand from the sandbox; the mass of the filled weight is 1 kg, 0.7 kg, 0.4 kg, and 0.3 KG or 2.4 kg altogether which makes it 5kg (11lbs) for the kids but it’s not heavy enough to be dangerous.

I am giving it 5 stars for it would last they hold the sand fine so it works for me. all in all, I am very happy with the purchase hopefully the next version will have larger holes to make filling easier and a studier bar “

By-  Polymerman


” 3 years old approved! we bought this for our 3 years old who insisted he needed his own workout equipment.

( teach good habits young) other similar products were at least double the price and for a three-year-old, it just doesn’t make sense to this frugal mom. it gets the job done and he is always overly excited to workout. the plastic is of medium thickness and each weight can be filled with water to make the weight changeable or be left as plastic only.

It’s a good value for the money and easy to assemble, the only downside for our crazy toddler is that he sees us move our barbells with our feet at a time and wants to do the same thing. this product isn’t built to be stepped on so I am afraid that he will break it sooner than later.

he has stepped the barbell twice now and you can see where the plastic bent, but it’s still in place and not broken yet”

By- Brandon Ferraz


“I have 2 adorable grandsons (ages almost 3 and 4 Years old) whose .. dad ( my son ) is the associate sport and fitness director at a prominent university, my adorable grandson likes to imitate their dad and other football athletes during their workouts; at home, they would use brooms, dust mops or whatever was available with handles to practice lifting weights.

I was thrilled when I found these. they are just perfect for my babies and I cannot begin to tell you how excited they were when they received them. they almost never put them down and I like the fact they can grow into them by later adding the water or sand. thank you “

By-  Christine E 


My Opinion 

This is good product that every family should have for their kids if they have  the opportunity because there is nothing compare to making your kids happy, let them have fun,  healthy and let them in the fitness part while they still young. what makes me love  this item  is the fact that buyers are saying great things about it. Follow this link to grab your own or more info <<



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