Looking for a fun and effective way to tone your abs and core muscles?

The Yes4All Ab Twister Board might just be what you need! This compact and lightweight exercise equipment can help you strengthen your abs, obliques, and lower back muscles with just a few minutes of use every day.

So, what exactly is the Yes4All Ab Twister Board?

Simply put, it’s a small and sturdy board with a rotating disc in the center. The idea is to place your feet on the disc and twist your hips from side to side, engaging your core muscles as you go.

You can do this exercise while standing up or sitting down, making it a versatile and convenient option for any fitness routine.

One of the great things about the Yes4All Ab Twister Board is that it can be used by people of all fitness levels.

If you’re a beginner, you can start with small twists and gradually work your way up to more challenging movements. And if you’re already in great shape, you can use the board to add some variety and intensity to your existing workout routine.

Here is what I like about the Yes4All Ab Twister Board

The Yes4All Ab Twister Board is in compact size. It’s small enough to fit in your gym bag or even under your bed, so you can easily store it away when you’re not using it. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to carry, so you can take it with you on the go.

What I do not like about the Yes4All Ab Twister Board

Of course, as with any exercise equipment, there are some potential downsides to the Yes4All Ab Twister Board. For one thing, it may not be as effective as other ab exercises for building strength and definition in your core muscles.

Additionally, some users have reported that the rotating disc can be a bit noisy and squeaky, which could be a distraction during your workout.

Overall, though, the Yes4All Ab Twister Board is a solid choice for anyone looking to add some variety and fun to their ab and core workout.

It’s affordable, easy to use, and compact enough to fit into any home gym or fitness routine. So if you’re ready to twist your way to a stronger and more toned core, give the Yes4All Ab Twister Board a try!

Full specification Of the Yes4All Ab Twister Board

  • Manufacturer ‎Yes4All
  • Brand Name ‎Yes4All
  • Model Name ‎TSR9
  • Product type: for “core twister”
  • Material ‎Plastic
  • Suggested Users ‎Unisex-adult
  • Item Weight ‎1.4 Kilograms
  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎11.89 x 11.54 x 7.95 inches
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎11.5 x 7.6 x 7 inches
  • Global rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars 489 ratings | 17 answered questions
  • Package Weight ‎1.88 Kilograms
  • Warranty Description ‎1 YEAR WARR – 60 DAY RETURN
  • Color available

 What do you get?

What you get shipped to your doorstep is the Yes4All Ab Twister Board,  the new generation of waste twisting discs. This incredible twist board will help you train and boost strength to your core.

The beginner-friendly twisting stepper is perfect for aerobic exercise as well as for the full-body toning workout,  if you are looking for comfortable and noise-free fitness equipment to keep fit and keep fit at home, then this is what you need.

How Can You benefit From the Yes4All Ab Twister Board: Why do you need a core Trainer Of this type?

If you are looking for a cool piece of fitness equipment to get better ab, a toned body, and get back in the shape of living in the comfort zone of your home, then this is what you need.

The new generation of twist boards comes with one for each foot to twist your core and gain a better ab shape from.

 Noise-free Ab Core Trainer

The Noise-free ab core trainer will make no noise in your home while workout, which means you have more flexibility to perform various kinds of exercise, plus, you have the opportunity to freely choose how you want to exercise by incorporating a pair of New Generation Waist Twister into your routine and achieve your fitness goals.

Ergonomic and no impact

This a high ergonomic design ab trainer has no impact on your body which makes it perfect for everyone. With this trainer, you target and tone your entire body with it, Yes4All Ab Twister Board will not only help you train and twist your waist better, but you can also use New Version Twisting Waist Disc to do full-body workouts thanks to the resistance band included.

Yes4All Ab Twister Board, New Generation of Waist Twisting Disc,

What can you do?

Depending on your creative skill, there are a plethora of things you can do including various exercises to reshape and rejuvenate your body fast and with about 257kcal burnt for  30  mins you can do  dance, aerobic, plank, squats,  lunges, and pushups

Besides, there is a convenient hook attached allowing you to work out with resistance bands to keep working out.

 where can you train?

Lose Belly Fat, Get Slim & Toned Waist, Hips, Thighs

Do a Push-up, Plank, Lunges, Squats, etc

Boost Your Flexibility & Coordination

Work Out & Have Fun Together With Family

How do you benefit?

You can benefit from this waist twister if you buy now on amazon. You will save big,  they make you save up to   20% of the normal price.

Yes4All Ab Twister Board Vs. Other Ab Twister Board in the market: What set this one apart from the rest of them?

Effective For a Better Ab

Yes4All Ab Twister Board, one of the important features that set this apart from the rest of them is the fact that it’s highly effective to get in better shape while having fun. This thing will twist your belly to go flattered fast.

This is what you need to get: a flat stomach, tighter hips, a smaller waist, slimmer abs, hips, and thighs.


Design for both expert and beginner individuals of all fitness levels, anyone can keep in shape,  have fun, dance, and watch the TV at home.

Yes4All Ab Twister Board makes life easier and more relaxing,  enjoy the moments of exercise and relaxation with your family at home anytime.

Easy to use and to keep

The ab trainer is super easy to keep thanks to its ergonomic design, it comes with a lightweight, portable design,  and is made from high-quality pp or  TPE material.

With this waist trainer, you get unmatched exercise performance right from your comfort zone.

Yes4All Ab Twister Board, New Generation of Waist Twisting Disc, Twist Board, Twisting Stepper for Aerobic Exercise, Full Body Toning Workout, Noise-Free, 2pcs in a Box


 Safe For Everyone

Super safe thanks to the antiskid rubber at the bottom, and antislip texture surfaces with  2  side protectors to ensure safety and comfort during performance.

Twist your way to get a flatter stomach, tighter hips, smaller waist, slimmer abs, and thighs

Excellent equipment for workouts that works both arms and legs

Versatile enough to provide a workout that is not only effective but fun

Ergonomic design, high durability, lightweight and portable

Noise-free, make exercises more comfortable

Body Toning Workout

Money-back and Customer Satisfaction

You get a full refund if it breaks,  Yes4All Ab Twister Board, New Gen Of Waist Twisting Disc is backed by a money-back warranty and satisfaction guarantee, so you’re protected against breaks.

The Money-back and customer satisfaction warranty included gives you the possibility to return it and get your money back in case you are not satisfied with what you purchase.

This kit is designed to satisfy your need for the longer term, so you just get in touch with them anytime if there’s an issue or questions.

The pros, cons, and Drawback Of The Yes4All Ab Twister Board


  • High quality and sturdy design
  • Easy and safe  to use
  • Strong and durable
  • Warranty included


Drawbacks and cons

  • Limited edition
  • No color selection is available

Is Yes4All Ab Twister Board, New Gen Of Waist Twisting Disc Worth Buying: Final thought?

In our in-depth research carried out on this kit, we found out that this is worth buying and it is from a reliable brand,  plus it scores good ratings and reviews from those that are using it,  you can find out here << ===.


Here is what buyer 5s are saying about the Yes4All Ab Twister Board, New Gen Of Waist Twisting Disc<< =


5.0 out of 5 stars I know it says you can attach resistance bands but I found 3-5 pound hand weight work BETTER+

Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2021

Color: B. Cardio Twister – Black/RedVerified PurchaseEarly Reviewer Rewards(What’s this?)

I like this because its just twisting. No resistance. You can go as fast or slow as you choose. Plus twisting is great for your spine and helps a great deal with your digestive system.

Customer imageCustomer image

40 people found this helpful


Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars Very happy with my purchase

Reviewed in the United States on February 27, 2021

Color: C. Cardio Twister – Gray/TealVerified PurchaseEarly Reviewer Rewards(What’s this?)

I can do all kinds of moves on here I’m a plus size lovely. And I get a good work out I use it almost everyday.

I have had it for almost a month now maybe longer and it’s still going strong.

34 people found this helpful



5.0 out of 5 stars Loving it!

Reviewed in the United States on September 19, 2021

Color: B. Cardio Twister – Black/RedVerified Purchase

I love these little twisters! I’ve been using this just for a week with my weights and kettle bell and the next day, I can feel that my body is sore as if I’ve been to the gym. Its a fun little addition to my workout equipments and it’s my favorite right now! I highly recommend it.


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