How To Train Upper Body-Chest-No Equipment-Bodyweight Exercise-3 Pushups!

How Can Your Train Your Self Without No Equipment ?

Train your upper body, most primarily your chest, no equipment is needed, use the weight of your body to train yourself, “no weight no-hassle”! .. do more! .

Train upper body- chest-no equipment needed-pushups-doable anywhere!

image of a man doing pushups
image of a man doing pushups

The gym is a cool place to train, you can perform different types of exercise and you get all the types of equipment that you need to do

them, but if you couldn’t afford to go to the gym or maybe you have no or less time hit the gym all the time?

Don’t too worry, I am not  telling you here not to go to the gym,  don’t get me wrong, going to the gym to exercise your body is great.

It is the most important thing that you can ever do to manage your health.

If you have time and you have the opportunity, go!,  and keep your body fit!.

Here is exercise, push-ups, to be precise,  that you can do to keep your body fit.

These are the exercise that you can go down on any one of them and begin doing it at any time you like.

Pushups! that you can do anywhere whether you are at the comfort zone of your home, or you are outside.

Follow these guide here and maintain your body whenever you like, at any time you feels like:

Do The Normal Pushups

The normal push-ups is a class exercise you can do to train your chest, it is easy to do and anybody can do it.

image of a woman and baby doing pushups
image of a woman and baby doing pushups

It is one of the great body weight exercises to train, it is  doable at home or anywhere you are.

Doing the normal pushups doesn’t require for any equipment, no need to worry about.

It a great exercise that when it is done correctly can help to train “pectoralis”, the muscle at the front of your chest.

How can you do the normal pushups?

The normal pushup is very easy to get started, the very first thing you want to do,  if you are in-home or outside, is to find a good and level ground to lie your self upon.

If you have a fitness mat, you might want to put  that on the floor.

So lie down with your arms straight on the floor, let your palms flat and still on the floor throughout, extend your hands slightly to be at shoulder-width apart.

image of two ladies doing pushups at the beach
image of two ladies doing pushups at the beach

Now your upper body has set. the next thing to do is to also set your lower body, you might let your feet be slightly apart or put your feet together, now you are set to go.

So,  inhale and contrast your ab, then slowly, bend your elbows so that your torso will come near to the floor, without hollow back.

Slightly hold that position for a second or 2 then push your self back to the beginning position and exhale.

You can then repeat the same process to prior your reps. Here is a quick guide to makes sure that you perfectly in line with the correct performance:

Advice And Guide

Do not hollow your back for a better performance

 Let  hips be still,  let it move along when you move

Your palms and your legs must remain still on the floor throughout

Let your hands be should width apart

Move slowly,   don’t rush yourself when you move.

Follow those guides for a better  performance to train your body

Continue With The Modified Pushup


The modified pushup is carried out with the same move use in the normal pushups.

It a great chest exercise that can help to isolate the “pectoralis”

muscle, it can be done at any time anywhere, and with zero equipment needed.

What Is The Different Between The Modified Push-Up And The Normal Pushup?

The both are performed on the ground and using the body weight to train, but the difference is the fact that, your ankle is crossed upon each other when you move up or  down.

What that does in that particular type of positioning is that,  it makes the training to be more effective.

You will feel  more of the effectiveness right on your pectoral, you can build more definition doing this exercise regularly. 

How Would You Perform The Modified Push Up

Follow these guides here to properly perform it without any hassle or momentum:

Get started after you have get a  level ground wherever you are.

Go down, lie on the floor with your hands planted on the floor firmly.

Extend  your hands a little, let them be at shoulder-width apart or slightly wider.

image of a girl doing modified pushups
image of a girl doing modified pushups

Then cross your ankles, hang one on top of the other, so that only one of them is planted on the floor.

Lower down slowly toward the floor, lower down till your chest lightly touches the floor.

Hold that position for a second or 2, the reason for this is that you want to makes sure that,  your chest muscle is fully contrasted

before you now push your body back up again slowly and exhale as you go.

Repeat the same process again to prior your reps.

Follow these quick guide for a better performance whenever you want to embark on this exercise :

Quick Guide To Follow

Position yourself on a perfect leveled floor

Let your palms remain still on the floor throughout

Let you body still,  let them move along with you at the same time, keep you still.

Contrast your ab and don’t twist hips

Keep the position of your hands to be shoulder-width or slightly wider

Then go the hardest push-up

Single Arm Push Up

As it is known to be the one of the hardest push up great to help train chest and heating harder,.

You are going to be using one of your arms to train, one at a time.

Great exercise doable anywhere but is the hardest and effective, all

your body weight will be used efficiently to train your chest and abdominal muscle better.

Follow these guidelines whenever you want to do it.

what is different between the single-arm pushup, he modified pushup and the normal pushup?

The single arm pushup  is performed planting  only one of your arms on the floor with your two-leg slightly spread apart.

You will also have  to angle your core a little, you will be using only one of the hands at a time to push yourself up.

While you use only one leg for the modified pushups.

The normal pushup is a normal classic exercise for you are using both of your hands and both legs to train. 

How to do a single-arm pushup

Lie down on the floor on level ground, put your feet closer or slightly spread apart.

Let the one of your hand  be on the floor below your shoulders level.

Let it be shoulder-width apart, put  the other hand on your back.

Then lower your body down toward the floor using only one of your hands slowly.

image of a man and a woman doing one arm pushups
image of a man and a woman doing one arm pushups

Lower down? and angle your torso slightly,  low slowly till your chest  slightly touches the floor.

While still maintaining your balance, let your chin be about where your hand is.

Push your body back up from the floor while still keeping your body back straight.

Push up till your elbow at the top movement is lock, repeat the same process again to prior your reps. Here is the quick guide to a correct performance for you to follow:

Quick Guide

keep your body straight throughout, let your body move at the same time.

keep your back straight don’t  hollow your back

Use one of your hand at a time to train and keep the other one on your back.

Benefits doing the normal, the modified and the single-arm pushups.

They are good at training and keeping body fit without having to go to the gym.

What they do primarily is to help train “pectoralis” muscle and boost more strength.

They also good for ab and help to strength core 

They can be done anywhere and without any equipment needed 


Train your upper body your chest with no equipment needed the bodyweight-only exercise 3 pushups doable anywhere.

Follow these guidelines that have shown  there and your body, even though your equipment or you have less time to hit the gym or maybe you couldn’t afford it, these are the exercise that you can do without any hassle, that will keep your body fit.

What are the disadvantaged on these exercises 

As far as these tree exercises is dew there are no disadvantages of any sort, there are huge advantages on them with no any disadvantages.

Training your self with the modified pushup, the normal pushup and

the one-arm pushup will give more benefits and keep your body fit without  stepping out of your comfort zone, isn’t that great?.


Your thought

If you ever have any question, comment or anything concerning this topic or maybe you have got more chest exercise or how you do your

own pushups that you want us to know about, feel free to leave your

comment and questions down below and I will more than happy to hear from you all, thanks.


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