Tricep kickbacks.

Tricep kickbacks and how to correctly perform it, this  is a very interesting triceps exercise that,  if done in a correct way,  it can help us to train triceps more better.

On this post i am going to be showing you, how you can perform this exercise correctly, so that  we can actually target our triceps muscle, by performing this

exercise correctly, you  are also helping  the  back of upper arms that are involved in as follows;   forearm shoulder and elbow  so that they can be able to move freely without no stress.


Why Perform  Tricep Kickbacks

The tricep kickbacks is a effective triceps exercise that helps in the development of more muscle on the triceps, it help in stabilize our  arms, and it is also an important triceps muscles exercise,  that worked the rear deltoidi and core muscles.

This exercise can really help to train our upper side of the triceps, with more concentration,  triceps kickback is an exceptional  and it has the higher capacity to train triceps very effectively.

This is  an exercises that is based in high intensity and it to be performed with  smooth and in full control of it, it is an exercise of one of it kind and when it comes to performing it,

It can be done with a dumbbell  hold with an underhand grip and a flat bench, the tricep kickbacks can also be performed using a  pulley or with the cable machine.

Tricep kickbacks overview

Type of exercise: strength

Target  part muscle: triceps

Equipment needed: Dumbbell and a flat bench or  pulley/ machine


How To Perform Triceps kickbacks With Dumbbells And A Flat Bench

Find a good position, and position yourself  correctly tight , what you wanna do at the start is to stand, on the left side of the flat bench, or the right side of it.

So,  you want to also makes sure that you bend your knee, and rest it on the flat bench, that should like this,  let say  you want to start  from the left side,   you should bend your right knee and rest it on the flat bench.

To have a good position and  correct support  during the performance,  place your left  right hand ahead in front of you.

Then grab a dumbbell, and you are going to be using an underhand grip for the performance, with your left hand make sure that the dumbbell is hold  tight to your left hand.

Don’t hollow your back during and throughout the performance but,  you just going to  flat your back, bend your arm, raise your elbow up to your shoulder height slowly,

Tricep kickbacks.
Tricep kickbacks.

press it back again until your  forearm  is parallel to the floor  pause  briefly in that position for a seconds  or 2, the reason for that is to actually makes sure that triceps contract fully well,  before return back,  so return your arm to the starting  position.


Important Notes

Make sure that you make a correct  position.

Hold the weight with an overhand grip.

Don’t overweight your self so that you perform correctly.

Don’t hollow your back throughout.

The weight must not fall off from your hands.

Then, you are very good to go,  use the same method for the other arm, and repeat the same position again prior to  the desired reps that you  intends to do.

You might need to be observed by an expert  or your personal trainer on this exercise.


Precautions To Take When Perform Tricep Kickbacks

You must be  in total control always and remember that, the weight must stray-off or  fall from you hand be  concentrate through the performance.

Don’t hollow your back, let your back be flat throughout the exercise,  look straight forward don’t look down on it.

Don’t create any difficulty or momentum that can ostacolate you  from performing the exercise, concentrate and focus yourself  in target your triceps muscle.

Trcicep kickback is  an effective exercise but , if it  perform in correct way is more than effective.

Do not perform this exercise abnormally it is advise to   maintain the intensity and the perfect control on it.

If your are starting from  the left side ben your knee ,  place your right hand ahead in front of yourself on top of the flat bench so that you can have a good support for a correct performance,  put your knee on top of the plat bench.

Load the weight that your power can be able to control,   do not overweight your self,  the reason  to this is that you may  not be able to go along correctly with the exercise,  if you are using too much weight for it, it is advise not to perform this  exercise with  too much of weight.

The  returning position  should be slightly slower than the  pressing position, when you move your hand.


Health Benefits In Doing Tricep Kickbacks

Triceps kickbacks is one of the best exercise to train muscles more effectively, it help to isolate our triceps muscles.

It is an important exercise that help to increase triceps muscles and tissue.

Tricep kickback allows you you to be able to add more weight during performance, but my advise is this , do not exaggerate on it so,  to maintain the level of correctness.

This exercise is capable enough to  train , add more size, and strengthen our arms.

This exercise also help us to focus in training one arm a time for more effectiveness.

It helps to worked and strengthen the rear deltoidi and core muscles way more better.

It is required for less equipment and it is easy to carried out.



Triceps kickbacks is great it is one of the best triceps exercise you have to be doing to manage and maintain your arms and you look great, healthier and stronger.

If you have any comments or question concerning this article or you have other ways to perform this exercise that you want us to know about please leave all your comments and questions down bellow i will be very happy to hear from all of you, thanks.


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