How To Do Butterfly Press.

How to train and strengthen  the pectoral muscles with  butterfly chest exercise.

 This exercise is one of the best exercise that help to train and strengthen  pectoral muscles and it is one of the best chest muscle builder, a butterfly machine is needed to start with this exercise. It is advised to  perform this exercise after the barbell bench press.

The machine should be  adjust so that your elbows are at your shoulders height. The butterfly   is a great exercise that help to train protect shoulder.


How to do  butterfly press to train and strengthen pectoral muscle.

position yourself correctly and adjust the butterfly machine seat in a way that your elbows are at the same height to your shoulders or slightly below.

Then sit on the butterfly machine with your back flat on the back line. It is advise  to keep  your shoulders low and close to the back line throughout the entire exercise.

when  you are using one of those machine that don’t have elbow rest or forearm that only have handles instead, be sure that your hands and your shoulders always stay in a horizontal line or keep your elbows slightly below shoulder height.

How To Do  Butterfly Press.
How To Do Butterfly Press.

Put the levers together slowly in front of your chest,  Squeeze your chest muscles to fully contract.

Hold that position for a second or 2 second so that your chest muscle is fully contract.

 Bring your arms back to the beginning position slowly to not hot your shoulders perform this exercise slowly and carefully, repeat the process for your desire repetitions.  The butterfly  is good for the  isometric chest contraction and it is helps build good definition.


Precaution steps to take when doing  butterfly.

Adjust the butterfly machine and position yourself correctly.

 Adjust the machine and position yourself Your elbows.

Your shoulders should be of the same height or slightly below.

Your shoulders, they should be in a horizontal line and keep it lower throughout the entire exercise.

Concentrate and focus.

Push the levers together slowly and carefully.

Slowly bring back your arms to the beginning position.

Hold the squeezing position for some seconds.


Butterfly press benefits to health

It also helps women with more breast lift and increases the size of  chest.

Its help build more chest muscles.

The butterfly train  muscles like the front of your arms,  front of your shoulders and your biceps muscle.

It help to train the synergistic muscles.

 It is also good for isometric chest contraction.

It help to makes you physically fit.

The butterfly is one of the best machine chest exercise that train, build and give you more chest muscles.

 It is one of the best exercise that train the pectoral muscles and helps prevent shoulder injuries.

It helps build good definition to the  chest.

It help to  boost more power behind the swing.


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