3 Chest Exercises Doable Anywhere

You don’t always need to be stuck inside the gym when it comes to chest workouts. In fact, plenty of different exercises can help you build chest muscle and strength wherever you may be.

Here are three chest exercises that is doable anywhere; no equipment is needed. The first exercise is the standard pushup.

Pushups work your entire upper body and can be modified depending on your fitness level. Adding variations such as incline or decline pushups will also help target different areas of your chest muscles for more significant gains.

The second exercise is wall presses. Wall presses require you to stand with your back against a wall and bring your arms up outwardly like a regular press-up movement.

List Of 3 Chest Exercise Doable Anywhere

  • Pushups
  • Diamond Pushups
  • Wall Presses

What Are Pushups Chest Exercises Doable Anywhere?

Pushups are one of the most popular chest exercises that are doable anywhere. They require no equipment and can be done in the gym or at home in a small space such as your living room.

Pushups work multiple muscles in your upper body, including the pectoralis major (chest), anterior deltoids (shoulders) and triceps brachii (back of arms). 

The great thing about pushups is that they are pretty simple to do, and you can vary the type of pushup exercise to make them more challenging, depending on your fitness level. The standard pushup exercise focuses mainly on your chest. Still, variations target different muscles, such as diamond pushups that concentrate on the triceps or wide grip for targeting shoulders.

How To Do Pushups Chest Exercises?

Pushups are a classic exercise that can help strengthen and tone the chest muscles. When done correctly, they can be an effective tool for building upper body strength.

Regular pushups are a great way to achieve the desired look in your chest area and improve overall health. 

We will guide how to do pushup chest exercises correctly, so you get the most out of them. First, you must get into the correct position: hands shoulder-width apart with your feet together.

Ensure your back is straight and your core is engaged throughout the exercise. Next, lower yourself close to the ground until your elbows reach a 90-degree angle; then, lift yourself back up with control.

3 Chest Exercises Doable Anywhere

What Are The Benefits of Pushups Chest Exercises?

Pushups are one of the most popular and practical chest exercises. They provide a range of benefits that can help improve overall health and fitness levels. Pushups strengthen the chest muscles and target several other areas in the body to increase strength, flexibility, and endurance. 

A well-rounded pushup routine can offer many advantages for individuals looking to tone their upper body or become more physically fit.

Pushups work out the pectoral muscles in your chest and strengthen your triceps, core muscles and shoulders. Regular pushups can build muscle mass and sculpt your arms, back and shoulders while improving balance, coordination, and stability and helping people develop overall body strength.

Additionally, regular pushups will help boost metabolism, increasing fat burning throughout the day and making it an excellent exercise for weight loss.

What Are Diamond Pushup Exercises Doable Anywhere?

Diamond pushup exercises are incredibly effective in toning and strengthening your arms, chest, shoulders, and core. As the name suggests, these exercises are performed with your hands in a diamond shape.

Whether you’re looking for a full-body workout requiring minimal space or want to add variety to your routine, diamond pushups are perfect for anyone of any fitness level. 

Diamond pushups involve using your body weight as resistance while performing a modified version of the classic pushup.

The critical difference between a regular and a diamond push-up is. You form them into a diamond or triangle shape by placing both thumbs and index fingers together on the ground.

How To Do Diamond Pushup Exercises?

Diamond pushup exercises are a great way to get an intense upper-body workout. This exercise targets your chest and triceps muscles and engages your core.

With proper form and technique, diamond pushups can help you build strength and power in these areas. To start this exercise, you only need your body weight and a bit of space. Here’s how to do diamond pushup exercises correctly:

First, begin with the standard plank position, extending both arms below your shoulders. Ensure your back is flat and evenly balanced over both hands throughout the movement.

Next, bring both hands under your chest to form a diamond shape, with the index fingers and thumbs touching each other. Your elbows should be pointing outwards at 45 degrees from the sides of the body when in this position.

What Are The Benefits of Diamond Pushup Exercises?

Diamond pushups are a great upper-body exercise that can help tone and strengthen your chest, shoulders, arms, and back muscles.

They are an effective way to build strength and stability in your upper body while providing numerous benefits. So what are some of the benefits of diamond pushup exercises? 

For starters, diamond pushups require less space than traditional pushup exercises because you only need to be able to set up a small area for them.

It makes them ideal for people with limited space or needing gym equipment access. Additionally, they can help target specific muscle groups more effectively than regular pushup exercises due to their unique hand placement.

As such, this exercise is excellent for targeting smaller muscle groups like triceps and shoulder stabilizers, which can be hard to target with traditional practices.

What Are Wall Presses Exercises Doable Anywhere?

Wall presses exercises are an efficient and easy-to-body workout that can do anywhere. With the correct form, wall presses can work out the muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, back and legs to help you build strength and tone your body.

Whether beginner or experienced athlete, wall press exercises are a great way to exercise your whole body without needing much equipment or space. 

Ensuring proper form throughout the exercise is the key to performing wall presses correctly. To do this, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, facing away from a wall. From here, lunge forward with one leg while keeping the other foot flat on the ground behind you.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, chest exercises that are doable anywhere are a great way to stay active and build strength. With the three exercises outlined in this article, you can effectively target your chest muscles no matter where you are.

Ensure good form and control throughout each movement for best results. Start by mastering the basics and gradually increase intensity as your body adjusts.

Finally, always listen to your body and adjust accordingly – if you’re feeling any pain or discomfort, discontinue the exercise immediately.


Other Exercises that you can do

There are some certain exercises that you can perform also at home to train and keep your body fit. These are exercises that are easy to get into, and the better part of it is that anyone can perform it.

whenever you get the opportunity, train your chest and stay strong from the comfort of your home, has never been this easy.

Continue with the decline pushups

This is what i am talking about when i said “positioning”, the decline pushup position is a decline way of pushups.

The decline pushups can be perform planted your feet on top of a bench or anything that can give an elevated or a decline move.

Once you have finished with normal pushups, you can go along and continue with the decline push up. This exercise will target and train the upper chest (upper pectoral) and even train your triceps partially.

Follow these east steps to perform it whenever you want to do it.

Decline pushup performance and guide

Find a good position for yourself and arrange the table that you want you to use, or any other objects that can give you a better and correct elevation. Just make sure that it can reg your weight on it.

So place your feet on a bench, position your hands on the floor very tight,

Then go down lower your chest down word till it slightly touches the floor. At that point, movement pause briefly for a second or 2  for your muscle to fully contract.

Push your body back up afterward to the starting position and exhale, here are the quick note to follow when performing this exercise

Quick note to follow

Place your feet very well on the bench, or find a good object that can reg your weight throughout.

Let your legs be straight through and plant your hands still on the floor tight

keep your core and abdominal stiff do not bent at all

Don’t let your hips turn or move . Let it be moving along strictly with the rest of your body.

Let your chest nearly touch the floor when you go down

Dumbbell floor chest press

For this exercise, you only need a pair of dumbbells and your fitness mat. The dumbbell floor is one of the great exercises you can perform at home if you have the possibility.

It will help in training all the muscles in front of your chest, it very easy to do and you don’t need any more equipment s, try it. Follow this process whenever you have time to do this exercise.

Dumbbell floor chest press exercise guide

To get started, find a better position then, lie down on the floor or on your fitness mat if you get one, the grip you want to use for this exercise is an overhand grip, so grab your dumbbells.

Let your upper arms rest on the floor, hold up the dumbbells in front of yourself, then slowly extend your arms to nearly touch the floor. Hold that position for at a second.

Let the muscle on your chest fully contract, and bring back up your hands again to the beginning position, you can then repeat the process again to prior your reps, upon doing this exercise here are what you should take into the considerations, these are very important points here:

keep note of these

Move slowly and carefully, do not rush your self

Be concentrated and focus on targeting your chest muscle

Keep your back on the floor throughout for a better performance

Hold your hands down for a second at the lower position to fully contract your muscles

Let your legs remain still on the floor throughout the performance


Follow these easy steps here to train yourself whenever you want, anywhere, and keep your body fit. Make sure that you do not overweight yourself. Be sure to grab the weight that your power can be able to control. Throughout,  hold the weight tight don’t let weight fall on down from your hands or stray off your hands.



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