Organic Milk Benefits to Health.

Organic milk are Eco-Friendly, it is a process by  which milk produce is highly sustained agricultural and natural breed of the livestock.

Milk produced has to be very organic and natural,  so,  to get on  with this article let really get down on it, to know ways and how livestock are bred, know more about the words being organic.

Meaning of organic milk pasture.

Organic milk pasture is a process by which before any organic milk products produced must undergo the actual process that follows, and that is, milk produced must comes from live stocks that  are  raised accordance to the organic farming methods.

All the rules must be follow in accordingly though those rules may different geographically  to each  other, for example,   the organic farming method rules,  uses in Belgium may not be that used in Austria.

In some country the authority of food and regulations has stated that organic pastures must be ECO friendly and BIO at the sometime, they had stated that live stocks must not be injected or even treated with any kinds of antibiotics.

livestock are  bred naturally in accordance to their natural cycle there must no byproduct of live stocks,  or try  to simulate or bypass the normal natural process, it is illegal to do so.

why organic milk are Eco friendly?

Organic milk is more saver it is not harmful and it is rich of good health benefits because:

  1. Live stocks are treated without antibiotics and drugs.
  2. Live stocks are breed and fed organically.
  3. Live stocks are allow to graze freely.
  4. Live stocks are fed with a certified organic fodder which may base on compound feed.
  5. Live stocks are treated good welfare.


Organic pasture milk certification

For any organic pastoral milk to be really certified it has to abide by all this rules that follows:

Livestock must be bred in a healthy condition in accordance to their own natural life cycles.

Animal must be pasteurized naturally  they must received at least their percentual  pastoral feed of up 120 days out the year.

Livestock must not be treated with any sought of antibiotics at all.

Livestock must not be given {HG} also refers to as hormones growth

Livestock must be respected and treated humanely.


Organic milk farming challenges and obstacles.

Organic farm owners are subjected to  challenges they tend  to be facing obstacles about the organic rules and regulations that guide process to produce organic milk those problems may includes:

High expenses,  too cost to operate.

Lack of clinical studies.

Organic farming may leads to less milk per cow in organic milk  produce or milk shortage.

Confusion and contradiction   in differences studies about the nutrient contents.


Lack of real evidence for examples in studies  2012 meta analysis study concluded that the evidence for the superiority of organic milk doesn’t suggest any health benefits from consuming organic or conventional milk.

Changes in chemical composition due to the transport conditions.

Differences in measuring the chemical between organic milk and non organic milk and to actually know the health benefits.

The treatment used after the initial gathering tend to change the chemical composition.

Indifferent in vitamin content,  according to the 2012 meta-analysis of the scientific literature concluded  and argued that there is no significant differences in vitamin content of organic milk  and that of conventional milk, plants and order animals.

Benefits of organic milk to man’s health

There are many factors that makes organic milk to be more safer and most importantly more beneficial to man’s health:

organic milks are ECO-friendly

organic milks are ECO-friendly
organic milks are ECO-friendly

It means that organic milk are certified is not harmful to be taking, with the process in which livestock are bred healthily and organic natural  way,  this played an important role that makes it leading  to   animal welfare, it  makes organic produced milk to be more saver and  beneficial though,  not only to the man’s health but it also of benefits to livestock.


Organic milk contain high omega 3 content good for our health

Studies  has found out that organic milk is rich in beta carotene and vitamin E that are of highly benefit good and it also has the capability to boost immune system according to the study that was carried

out in University of Liverpool in England United Kingdom to be preside explained that the semi skimmed and whole organic milk contain 68 percent higher level of good-fatty omega 3 acids that are very useful to control the balance ratio of omega 6.

It is produce without antibiotics

livestock in organic farm are breed naturally without pesticides or given antibiotics 90 percent of all normal organic farms do not use pesticides which is of great benefits.

It help to reduce eczema

According to the study that was carried out by British Journal Of Nutrition Up to 36 percent of eczema in human reduced when consuming organic milk. A research carried out also showed that the rates of eczema in children was said to be reduced.

organic milk  are  pesticide free

Organic milk are pesticides free product, livestock has   no exposure to the pesticides.

It is an organic breed animal welfare Bio and Eco

organic breed farm practice leads to animal welfare that lead animals are tends to be more healthier and also live more longer an organic farms.

It is last longer

Organic milk may kept for at list 3 to 4 weeks if it put through the process called Ultra High Temperature {UHT}.. but,

How long does organic milk really last?

organic milk is tend to last longer as long as follows:

7 to 10 days after open

40 to 60 days when it is unopened

15 to 17 days if it is pasteurized.


Organic milk is said to be of great benefit only if , it  can  maintain the level and follow the rules that is assigned to the process.

Livestock organic products milk must not from livestock  that are treated with  antibiotics.   Livestock  are  to be  treated with welfare,  it is illegal to maltreated   or by production and given  hormones growth.

Other health benefits of organic milk  are :

Organic milk is rich in calcium

Organic milk has higher iron and iodine that our body needed to produce Tyrone hormone.

It also contain selenium that help to protect our body cell from damage.

According to study omega 3 found in organic milk are link to the reductions in cardiovascular disease it is also improved the neurological development

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  1. I was not aware that the cows also intake antibiotics into their diet as well. Even though I’m not a regular milk drinker since I was young, I figured the pasturized product was fine in one way or another. Your educational research today has made me think that his is the best original intended way that humans are meant to intake the mils from cow product. 

    • Hi Andrew G,
      It is of great pleasure that this article is of help, that the chief reasons this website was build and designed. yeah you can add dairy milk from the pasteurised cows to meals for an extra nutritional boost.

  2. Thanks for the informative about organic milk. I agree that organic milk is somehow. Better than regular milk we consume. As a person that drinks milk regularly, I tried organic milk a few times and find that its tastes are a little different from the regular milk I consume. Due to the high price tag, I only take them a few times a month. It is good how the world is turning more awareness to health in diet and doing exercise, thanks for the post about organic milk.

  3. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say it was really entertaining going through this article. I must say seeing the benefits of these organic milk really makes one want to try this out. I just wanted to ask if there are any side effects to this, thanks.


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