KLB Sport Kettlebell Weight Review

Are you looking for high-quality and value kettlebell weights to keep fit from home?  if yes, then the  KLB Sport kettlebells is what you need,  the multi-exercise fitness equipment comes with 3-Piece Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Weights Set with a tray which makes it a  perfect ideal for both beginners and experts.

In this topic, we do a  thorough review on it to help you find out if it is really worth it.  but let’s take a bird’s eye view of what you get here before jumping into the full review.

What do you get

What you get is 3 kettlebells of varying weight sets including  5, 10, and 15 pounds with a tray.

The  KLB   sport kettlebell is vinyl-coated,  constructed of heavy-duty HDPE, and filled with cement, these kettlebells can be used at home gym indoor or outdoor to perform many different exercises like cross-training, MMA training, home exercise, and total body fitness workout.

KLB Sport Kettlebell Weight Full Specifications

  • Brand Name ‎KLB Sport
  • Manufacturer ‎KLB Sport
  • Material High-Density Polyethylene
  • Outer Material ‎HDPE
  • Fill Material Type ‎Cement
  • Handle Material ‎HDPE
  • Grip Material ‎Soft
  • Grip Type ‎Extra wide
  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎21 x 12.5 x 9 inches
  • Package Weight ‎14.92 Kilograms
  • Suggested Users ‎Women’s
  • Style ‎Infield
  • Size ‎medium
  • Sport Type ‎Exercise  and  Fitness
  • Skill Level ‎Advanced
  •  Users: unisex
  • Color ‎Black
  • Warranty included

Why do we Recommend this kettlebell?

The reason why we recommend this kettlebell is its quality, the diverse design, and the fact it’s very easy to use.

Plus, the multi-exercise equipment comes in  3, not just a  single one, which means you have different options to target and keep your body fit while saving more time,  money, and space for yourself.

You get a set of 3 kettlebells of different weights  5, 10, and 15 pounds ready to power your routine versatility to the next level.

 is  it a Durable quality kettlebell set

It’s designed to last longer,  5his  kettlebells feature a heavy-duty HDPE  construction and are filled with cement inside, so,  can be used for many years to come without any issue,  even for everyday use.

What can you do?

There are a plethora of things you can do with  KLB Sport Kettlebell Weight you can target and train your calves to your arms and shoulders, ab,  chest, and more it depends on how creative you are in the world,  this weight gives you more possibility to perform many different exercises.

 is it comfortable and easy to grab

The  KLB Sport Kettlebell Weight is one of the most comfortable in the market, it comes with an extra-wide to it and a comfortable grip which makes the weights easy to hold.

Thanks to the secure grip handle you can easily maneuver these kettlebells around without falling off your hands during performance.

KLB Sport 3-Piece Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Weights Set with Tray for Cross Training, MMA Training, Home Exercise, Fitness Workout
KLB Sport 3-Piece Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Weights Set with Tray for Cross Training, MMA Training, Home Exercise, Fitness Workout

KLB Sport Kettlebell Weight Vs. Kettlebell Weight in the  markets

Perfect for a full-body workout

Thanks to the 3 varying weight sets of weight included  5, 10, and 15 pounds allow you to focus on different muscle groups,   by changing the weight for a full-body workout. It’s perfect for strength training, Crossfit elite, and overall strength degree levels, you can choose the appropriate weight for your exercise.

 Other  important features  included

Other  important  features included that make  the LB Sport Kettlebell Weight   standout  among the rest of them include:

  • Material: HDPE, concrete-filled design
  • Grip Diameter:1.2″,Max Holder Width: 3.7″/4/”4.3″
  • Vinyl-coated to reduce floor damage and noise,
  •  HDPE, cement-filled design
  •  Comfortable, extra-wide grip
  •  Perfect to keep fit and do strength training
  •  A great option for getting a whole body workout in a short time
  •  Different weight levels: 5+10+15 LBS
  •  Comes with a tray for easy storage

Money-back and customer satisfaction

The Money-back and customer satisfaction warranty included give you the possibility to return the kettlebell and get your money back in case you are not satisfied with what you purchase.

The KLB Sport Kettlebell Weight Customer Satisfaction Program is designed to keep your training and gear in quality shape, so you just get in touch with them anytime if there’s an issue or questions.

Pros and Cons of the KLB Sport Kettlebell Weight


  • High quality and sturdy design
  • Easy and safe  to use
  • Strong and durable
  • Warranty included

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  • Limited edition
  • No the sexiest

Is KLB Sport Kettlebell Weight worth buying: Final thought?

In our in-depth research carried out on this multi-exercise workout kettlebell, we found out that this is worth buying and it is from a reliable brand,  plus, it scores good ratings and reviews from those that are using it,  you can find out here << ===.


Hope this post helps you and  If you have any question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Please use the social buttons to share this post with others thanks.

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