whatafit Resistant Band Set Review

The whataFit Resistant Bands Set makes Fitness easy and enjoyable, each of the exercise bands is made to resist snapping, breaking, and very intense daily use.

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WhataFit Resistant Bands Set

WhataFit Resistant Bands Set(11pcs), exercise bands with door anchor, handles, waterproof carry bag, legs ankle straps for resistance training, physical therapy home workouts.

WhataFit Resistant Bands Set
WhataFit Resistant Bands Set

Product overview and detials

  • Brand name: WhataFit
  • Manufacturer: WhataFit
  • Item dimension L /W/ H : 7.87/ 6.69/ 4.33 inches
  • Model name: Resistance band set (11 Pcs)
  • Color: Multi Color
  • Material: natural latex
  • Part number: 43383-38113
  • The material used: natural latex
  • Product type: Fitness equipment
  • Included component: bands links, door anchor, handles, ankle belt, bag
  • Package weight: 1.11 kilograms
  • Item package dimensions L W H : 8/ 6.7/ 4.5 inches
  • Bestsellers rank:162 in sports and outdoors and 3 in exercise bands
  • Customer reviews BY FEATURES: Easy to use 4.9 / for working out 4.8 / for traveling 4.7
  • Global rating: 4.6 out of 5 of 13, 776

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whatafit resistant bands set

Exercise your body at any time you like, save your self-time and money enjoy the non-expensive but well designed with a natural latex resistance band.

With 100 % latex material you get a value for money easy to use exercise equipment to train and strengthen your body anywhere.

Diffrent colors and Stackable band

The whataFit resistant bands set comes with different colors, stackable and can be adjusted.

Yellow color

The yellow resistance band has about 10 lbs


Blue color has about 20 lbs


The green color is about 30 lbs


The back color is 40 lbs


While the red color is about 50 lbs respectively, however, each one of them has about 36 in length and can be used alone with stacked in any combination to a maximum equivalent of 150 lbs enough to take your workout to the next level.

Target various muscle groups on your body

WhataFit resistant bands set allows you to target and train your entire muscle on your body your limitation only depends on the lack of creativity. This a multi-exercise portable resistant band that can be maneuver very easily create different types of exercise to target various muscle groups on your body.

The resistance bands are perfect to train your entire body including your legs shoulders, chest, glutes, core, abs, arm, and many different exercises doable to tone, strength, and transform your body.

Whatafit resistant bands set comes with a carrying bag so it is very easy to take them with you anywhere you go.

WhataFit Resistant Bands Set
WhataFit Resistant Bands Set

Eco-freindly Natural latex material

Another thing that distinguishes this product from the rest is the good, high quality, and eco-friendly materials that were used to produce them.

Natural latex and environmentally friendly strong wear and an unbeatable elasticity, the Stackable resistant bands has a non-slip handle to ensure you a comfortable, absorbent, and perfect grip during the performance.

Enough bands to keep Fit anytime any day

The set includes 11 great fitness items to keep your body alive at anytime every day. Set includes five exercise bands, on door anchor, two cushioned handles, one door anchor, two cushioned handles, carrying case, and user manual guide that gives you more opportunity to do various kinds of exercise, workouts, and training whether home, gym, or anywhere anytime.



100% good customer service guarantee, for example, if you have any issue with the product you can get in touch with them via their customer service for help.

Plus 100% money back guarantee incase you are not satisfy with product.

Save money and time while keeping fit at your comfort.


Creative ability for more exercise needed

what included in the package

Here is what is included in the package here is what you get :

  • 5 workout bands set
  • 2 handled
  • 1 door anchor
  • 1 travel carry bag
  • 1 ankle strap

Check out what buyers are saying about this product here:

Buyers reviews

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Shockingly good, like a gazillion other people I started building a home gym when covid started. ordered early and was lucky to get all the main pieces but I didn’t order any dumbbells.

once I went pieces but I didn’t order any dumbbells. once I went to add them, zero luck. I was hoping to score a set of adjustable like the bow flex ones, but they are out of stock most anywhere unless you are willing to pay double retail via eBay.

when I saw these I thought there is no way they actually work but they had a ton of positive reviews and amazon makes returns so easy I figured why not, they will probably suck, and will just send them back.

so I ordered last night, got them today and I am happy to say I was totally wrong!

They are not dumbbells so it a different experience. the resistance gets harder as you go through the range of motion, versus with a dumbbell, it is the full weight from the moment you pick it up.

so if you are doing a curl, for example, you don’t start to, really feel it until you are maybe 1/3 the way through the range of motion and it gets progressively harder as you get towards the top of the rep.

that said, they are a pretty amazing alternative. you can do a legit workout with them and the exercise you can do is really only limited by your creativity.

In the picture I posted I wrapped them around one of the stands on my power rack to do seated rows. if you want to go heavier just clip both ends to the same handle and do them one arm.

I can’t speak to how long they will hold up, but I also only paid $50 so I am not that concerned.

added bonus, my five-year-old son thinks they are totally fun. I threw the whole thing over the pull-up bar on the rack and he spends an hour being a gymnast on them. they are worth the price just for that!


Great so far! I have had these for a week so I feel that a longer period of ownership and use is necessary to give a more accurate review of the durability of these bands. that being said, they are held up great so far.

They have been awesome to use for resistant training and especially my leg workouts, I have arthritis in both knees from my time in the army and struggle to do heavyweight on leg day.

so I opted for resistance training instead and these have been perfect for it. I also injured my left shoulder in the military so I have been using these in place of the cheap physical therapy bands I am always issued by the VA.

excellent product so far and with the accessories, you can do a wide variety of exercise. the ankle bands are a bonus, allowing me to target leg muscle I couldn’t normally do with other resistance bands.

Amazon customer

Great price very durable.


very durable material. tolerates good stretch/ tension portable exercise equipment wide variety of exercises possible com with suggested exercise, but you can make your own variations, too.

stackable – you can add the tension bands together for more resistance both color-coded and resistance level written in pounds on each band.

comfortable, sturdy grips.

quick change out clicks are excellent comes with ankle straps.


I have a couple of competitor tension band products from prior purchases (spirit band ) that have a bit more length and so offer a bigger range of motion for certain exercises. I use both but can probably get away with one product.

I like working out at home because it saves time and money. I am in the best shape since my 30s with these and I am very soon 51.

I am genuinely impressed that these, along with Pilates and a doorframe pullup bar have given me a better physique than I have had in twenty years.

less wear and tear on the joints, too, which is important as we age. give them a try! if I come up with any concerns or problems I will add that to this review.

Is the whatafit Resistance band set worth buying

From what I have learned I would say it worth it and more to that is what the buyers are about the product. buyers ratings are good enough and I think that is very important.


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